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5 Real Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Life This Year – Trusty Tails Treats

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Note: That Mutt has partnered with Trusty Tails Treat Kitchen to bring you this post.

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We obviously all want our dogs to be happy and to live as long as possible, but there is only so much we can control.

That’s why I wanted to come up with 5 useful, down-to-earth things we can all do to help improve our dogs’ lives in 2016.

I have my 5 ideas below. Please add your own goals or suggestions in the comments to give the rest of us some ideas to brainstorm from.

5 simple ways to improve your dog’s life this year

5 ways to improve your dog's life this year

1. Feed high-quality, healthy treats.

Cheddar Cheese flavor Trusty Tails Treat Kitchen

You have a choice. You can feed your dog junk food or you can feed him healthy snacks. Which will it be?

Trusty Tails Treats are a good choice because they’re healthy treats made with real, fresh ingredients. My dog finds them motivating!

Most of us buy treats for our dogs of some kind for training and snacks so might as well choose goodies that are both healthy and interesting for our dogs.

Trusty Tails treats are made without corn, soy, gluten or wheat.

Order Trusty Tails Treats here.

2. Improve your dog’s diet by 10 percent.

It’s difficult to make multiple changes all at once. Most of us would not be very successful if we tried to cut out all sweets, bread and alcohol from our diets. Instead, it’s more realistic to make small, consistent changes.

The same is true with changing our dogs’ diets. Think of one small way you can improve your dog’s diet.

[quote_center]Think of one small way you can improve your dog’s diet.[/quote_center]

For example, how about switching from an average dry dog food brand to a slightly higher-quality brand? Or, if you’re feeding a commercial raw diet, how about buying the option with organic ingredients every other time you shop? That way you’re improving your dog’s diet a little without totally breaking your budget.

Or, how about eliminating one lower-quality ingredient from your dog’s diet, such as corn?

3. Play with your dog every day.

How many days go by where you don’t play with your dog at all? It happens, right?

Let’s make a point to play with our dogs every day!

I’m not talking about hours of playing. I mean, spend even 2 or 3 minutes here and there but just making sure to engage with your dog in a fun way every day.

Ace with Trusty Tails Treats

Some ideas could include:


  • Playing tug or fetch
  • Getting your dog to chase you
  • Hiding with treats and encouraging your dog to find you


It’s important to play with our dogs because it improves our bond and makes us fun and interesting!

4. Plan for future vet costs.

It’s easy to put off conversations or planning about how you might handle expensive veterinary costs that come up for your dog. However, it’s better to plan ahead for how you will handle such expenses vs. making decisions in the spur of the moment when you are more likely to be worried, emotional and stressed.

Is pet insurance worth considering? Should you start saving money? Will you rely on Care Credit?

These are important things to start thinking about before any issues come up.

5. Choose one dog training goal to focus on.

I’m sure your dog has all kinds of behavioral issues he could improve upon, right? 🙂

Rather than wishing you could change six things about your dog, how about choosing one to focus on for now?

Perhaps it’s finally mastering loose-leash walking or finally getting your dog to be calm when people visit or maybe it’s teaching him to stay on his dog bed.

Whatever it might be, try to pick just one and come up with a plan that will work for you and your dog. Once you’ve made progress there, add another training goal.

And of course, the majority of dogs will be much more likely to pay attention during training if we use highly valued treats!

Trusty Tails Cheese Please

More info on Trusty Tails Treat Kitchen

Trusty Tails Treats are crunchy biscuits that come in three varieties:


  • cheddar cheese
  • apple & coconut and
  • peanut butter & honey


The treats are made in the United States with human-grade ingredients in small batches. This means they are safe for people to eat as well (trust me, I’ve eaten them).

My dog Ace with Trusty Tails

The treats are made with no gluten, corn, wheat, soy, eggs, added sugar, added salt or any additives or preservatives.

They include ingredients such as garbanzo flour, potato starch, peanut butter, flaxseed, coconut oil, honey and cinnamon.

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Just leave a comment below to let me know what you’re planning on doing to help improve your dog’s life in 2016. Will you be working on more exercise? Feeding healthier treats? Let me know!

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You can also order Trusty Tails Treats here

What are you doing to improve your dog’s life in 2016?

Let me know in the comments!

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Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 20th of January 2016

Congrats to Tiffany Smith!

Daniel Scott

Sunday 17th of January 2016

My dog and I are doing more events this year. We loving going on adventures.


Sunday 17th of January 2016

My English Mastiff needs these..he's allergic to life!❤️

Peggy westbrook

Sunday 17th of January 2016

Howie would love these


Sunday 17th of January 2016

Awesome website. Can't wait to get updates and more information. Have 3 dogs of my own and a senior foster.