Keep Your Dog Contained With the Motorola TravelFence50 – Review And Giveaway

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We all like to give our dogs a little off-leash freedom in the yard or when we take them places like to a park or camping.

Some dogs naturally stick pretty close while others try to run off if they’re not on a leash the whole time.

Long leashes/tethers are annoying because then you’re untangling your dog EVERY TEN SECONDS to prevent Grandpa or little Timmy from tripping, right?

There are other options to help you give your dog a little more freedom while considering safety.

Today I’m reviewing the Motorola TravelFence50, a wireless containment system for your dog with a handheld remote trainer. The system can be used in your yard OR for traveling to places like the beach, a park or Aunt Betty’s house.

I know some people are nervous about electronic collars, so I tried the TravelFence50’s highest correction level on the underside of my own wrist. It feels slightly stronger than a “ping” you’d feel when you “shock” yourself on a car door. It’s startling but not painful. The lower levels are more like a vibrating cell phone. All levels are meant to get a dog’s attention.

Motorola Wireless TravelFence50

Overview of the Motorola TravelFence50

Here are the three main things you should know:

1. This is a WIRELESS containment fence designed for EASY travel – take it anywhere!

2. It comes with a handheld remote with a push-to-talk “walkie-talkie” feature so you can praise or correct your dog from up to 300 yards away.

3. Everything packs into a small bag for seriously easy travel.

The system is available on Amazon for $349 currently on sale for $289. Click here.

Here’s a video we made so you can see more:

Key features:

  • The wireless fence & handheld remote can be used together or separately
  • Base and collar come with rechargeable batteries
  • Handheld remote comes with two AAA batteries
  • 15 levels of correction and a warning tone feature
  • Comes with 50 flags to mark boundaries during training
  • Has a tone-only mode

Ace using the TravelFence50

If you have any questions about the product, let me know and I’ll make sure to get them answered. Just leave them in the comments or email

The TravelFence50 handheld remote push-to-talk feature

The Motorola TravelFence50 is the only wireless fence on the market designed for both containment and training.

The handheld remote can be used with the wireless fence unit or for other training beyond the fence.

Josh and I are likely getting a weimaraner puppy this spring, and these dogs have a serious prey instinct. Believe me, we are now more interested in electronic training collars than we have been in the past! This handheld remote could come in handy when we’re working on off-leash training with our future dog.

Also, while handheld remotes are often associated with corrections, this particular system has a push-to-talk “walkie-talkie” feature that allows you to give your dog commands or praise from a distance.

My dog with the Motorola TravelFence50

The handheld remote allows you to use these options:

  • A push-to-talk “walkie talkie” feature to give praise or commands to your dog from a few hundred yards away. Things like “No!” or “Come!” or “Yeah! Good boy!”
  • Warning tone or vibration to warn your dog or get his attention
  • Static corrections (up to 15 levels)

Consider using the TravelFence50 if:

1. You like to take your dog along on picnics, to various parks, camping or to the beach. I love to do all of these things with my dog.

2. Your dog travels along to your sister’s house or your parents’ house and they don’t have a fenced yard.

3. You’re like me and don’t have a fenced yard but would like to give your pup more freedom.

4. You need to protect your dog from running into the road.

5. You need to keep your dog out of certain areas such as a pond, a compost area, a garden, etc.

How to train your dog on the wireless fence system

The Motorola TravelFence50 comes with a very helpful step-by-step training guide to teach your dog how to react to the system’s warning tones.

I trained my dog Ace on a similar electronic fence system at my parents’ house. This allowed my dog many years of off-leash freedom on their lakefront property, most likely Ace’s favorite place on earth.

The first training step is to play with your dog on a leash and then walk him towards the boundary (marked with flags) while he wears the collar set to warning tone. Once you hear the tone, you would say “Get back!” and happily reward him for doing so with treats or praise. “Yay! What a good boy!”

Black Lab Motorola TravelFence

After a couple of days, you would introduce a correction on a low level so your dog understands something follows the warning beep. You would again move back with your dog away from the boundary and reward him.

It’s very easy to set up the boundary zone, which has a maximum coverage area of 1 acre. When your dog gets within 2 or 3 feet of the boundary zone, he will receive a warning tone from the collar.

The system comes with 50 white flags you can set up to mark the boundary while your dog is in training.

What I like about the TravelFence50
Motorola TravelFence50 base

  • It’s a high-quality, well-made product at a fair price. It should work well with almost any dog 20 pounds and up.
  • I love that it comes with the handheld remote. This is very useful, depending on your training needs.
  • I thought the walkie-talkie feature sounded a little silly at first, but I actually really like the idea after trying it. Great idea!
  • It’s so convenient that you can pack up the whole system and take it just about anywhere. Dogs really do learn to respond to the warning tones and the visual flags help as well.

What’s not so good

 Motorola TravelFence50 collar
  • The collar might be too big for dogs under 20 pounds.
  • You will need to recharge the collar every 3 or 4 days, depending on how long you use it (not a big deal).
  • Obviously no “fence” is 100 percent guaranteed to keep a dog confined. Dog owners need to take that into consideration and supervise their dogs as needed.

Win a FREE Motorola TravelFence50 valued at $349

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Motorola TravelFence50 review

Ordering information

The Motorola TraveFence50 is available on Amazon for $349, currently on sale for $289. Click here.

If you have any questions about the product, just leave them in the comments and I will get them answered for you.

Where would you use the Motorola TravelFence50?

Let me know in the comments below!

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99 thoughts on “Keep Your Dog Contained With the Motorola TravelFence50 – Review And Giveaway”

  1. This would be so great for when we travel to our parents homes as they do not have fenced in yards and our dogs don’t ever get to run!

  2. I have a white Siberian Husky 15 months old. She loves to go and we rarely leave her at home. This would allow her more freedom without having to be tethered out.

  3. 3 Girls Animal Rescue

    We would love to have the electric fence at our transport office! Since we are run solely by volunteers, most of the time no one is there. The electure fence would give us peace of mind.

  4. Carolyn Hamialton

    Having a wireless fence would ease the worry I consistently carry whenever I or my grandkids take my doodle out. At times we all day dream and that is always the time Luke darts after a squirrel, cat, or even a leaf dragging his leash behind him.

  5. Nessie would love this! We rarely leave her at home when we travel be it to our kids homes or on RV trips. This would give her the option to be off leash and run!

    Thank you for the chance to win this system.

  6. This would be great for Lambeau when we visit our daughters, neither of whom have fenced yards. We also travel a bit and take him with us when we can. This would be great for use then, as well.

  7. Connie Campbell

    What a great idea. I hadn’t heard of a wireless system like this. Cooper loves to run in the yard but is not always responsive and gets away to greet a dog or chase a squirrel!! This would be a life saver!!

  8. We just bought a house and would love an electric fence. Hoosier sticks around pretty closely but some days he’s wandering. I worry that he will run in the road some day.

  9. My pup loves to be able to explore in our woods which makes being on a leash “tangle some”. Would love to have this system so he can have his exploration and boundaries in a safe manner.

  10. Thanks for opportunity to win and your newsletters. This containment system would help keep my wonderful, stubborn lab from going out into road without me or wanding into neighbor’s yards or even onto US highway.

  11. Kimberly Reising

    Since adopting Beans a year ago, he goes EVERYWHERE with us! He’s a quick little guy and loves to run, so this would be great for our own yard as well as at Mom & Dad’s, Grandma & Grandpa’s and Aunt Kris’s house!
    Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  12. I had seriously considered something like this as a primary or secondary containment assist for my ~2.5 year old husky mix Okami. I know she doesn’t challenge the fence at the off leash dog park, but I am concerned that she would aggressively try to get out of my yard if I fence it in and take her off the cable run. A system that discourages her from even testing the fence would give me a lot of piece of mind while I am at work.

  13. I would love to take this when camping. I usually leave my dog home as I worry she would run off after something. I know she would love to come with us, and we would delight in having her with us, but being an active border collie she would be so frustrated on a lead all the time..

  14. As a “positive-based” trainer (as in, not a totally uptight person who things all tools are ABYOOSE – just someone who depends on positive reinforcement) – I would really love to get this tool. I’d consider saving up for it even if I don’t win, because all of the features and options would give me so much peace of mind.

    I’d use it with Cow – the dog my neighbor acquired and left in our shared lot, without any love or training – of COURSE she became ours, and now I feed, train and love on her. The only way I cannot make her life better is the fact that our lot is open so cars can come and go. This means she can come and go as she pleases, and she’s so used to that freedom that there’s no much I can do to convince her to stay in the lot.

    The fact that she’ll know any correction is coming from me, that’s a huge benefit. I considered the electric fence option in the past, but I knew there’s a risk of her just getting shocked and shocked over and over, only to think the corrections are coming from strangers passing by – oh god, that’d be a nightmare. Reading your instructions and the features – that really, REALLY makes me feel better about these tools.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Interesting to hear your take and I’m glad you’re open to the idea. It’s definitely nice that it has so many options so you can use it in a way that’s best for your unique dog.

  15. Roxanne Bernard

    Our brand new rescue beagle mix, Buddy, would love to be able to run around in our woods! Thanks for ALL of your tips!

  16. Sandy Weinstein

    it would probably be too big for my dogs to use since they are under 16 pounds, however, i have a friend that has a goldendoodle that this would be perfect for. it would keep the dog out of the road, they would use it in their front yard, they live in a neighborhood, and the road is one of the main roads but it is not very busy. they have tried many things and still their dog cant seem to learn to stay out of the road, she races out of the house and goes into the road. she has been to training and they have tried a collar but she still cant learn not to bolt and run, she is still young, abt a yr and lots of energy. i would have loved something like this for my oldest dog when she was young. she would wonder in the woods and over to the neighbors. i would spend hours looking for her, she is a terrier and with the scent of rabbits, deer, it was too hard to resist. but now she is too old, deaf, partially blind and she does not wonder much anymore. i think i would wish for the older days now b/c she is 14.5 yrs old and has a little dementia as well.

  17. I’ve been wondering about these, but cost is a factor for me. I’d love to have one and would be very beneficial for my German Shepherd. Babee is full of energy and curiosity, and with my military related injuries it is impossible for me to keep up with her. Would love to win. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  18. I am really disappointed to find this product being promoted here, I’ve been following this blog for a while and have enjoyed every post… I’m trying hard not to sound like the dog police or other troll comments I’ve read in the past… But shock collars are simply cruel and it is irresponsible of you to promote them. Unsubscribe.

  19. J. A. Zeigler-Wentz

    I have a underground wireless dog fence on my “bucket list” to purchase. Unfortunately, I have so many medical bills from having cancer that I don’t foresee it happening soon. I actually need the fence because I have neuropathy in both feet as a side affect from chemo and the winter months are dangerous for me because I can’t feel my feet. I have my lottery tickets purchased so I’m hoping in the winner to pay off all my medical debts and then spoil my pack with abundance of the best treats, food, toys, doggy daycare, regular grooming, and the underground wireless fence 🙂

  20. Jennie loves to roam especially when she see’s a squirrel and deer. We live near the woods and all the smells keeps her away. This would be great to have.

  21. Kado maybe older but that doesn’t stop him from chasing the stray dogs that come into his yard or the stray cats that wonder onto our property. I would love to win this and keep him contained and safe.

  22. Ally is 7 months old now and she loves to run. She hasn’t mastered the stay, stop command yet. If she see’s any woodland creature she’s gone. The she comes back eventually and full of ticks. I would love to keep her contained to our yard. The fence we have now she has figured out how to escape it and I still can’t figure out how she does it.

  23. My dog would benefit from this fence by coming home! I moved this past July back to the country. I absolutely love it here, there’s always wildlife wandering in the yard or by it (deer, bunnies, bald eagles, etc). The downside is I’ve got a gravel road lining the property on the north and a tar road boarding the property on the east side. We were told both were quiet roads and having a dog would be very doable. We learned very quickly that’s not the case. The tar is fairly busy with day and night, and now snowmobilers ride in the ditch. Between the wildlife, the vehicles, and the snowmobilers the only way I feel safe enough having a dog is to have a fence. The problem is not wanting to up something up that would keep the wildlife out as I’ve found the deer use our grove as a stopping point between state wildlife areas. So, invisible fencing has been discussed as the best option. I so desperately want to fill that hole in my soul only a dogs love can fill. This fencing would provide me the ability to do that.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      It can work for up to two dogs. You’d have to buy a separate collar for the 2nd dog but it can be programmed for two. I find that with “soft” dogs like Ace, they don’t even need the collar after they are trained.

  24. Elizabeth Lichty

    I NEED this is my life! I have two labradoodles who require a ton of exercise. Throwing a tennis ball is one of the ways I do it. I have no fence and worry they will take off. It’s happened when they spot a deer or turkey.

  25. I used to have an electric dog fence on the ranch and when rabbits, skunks, deer you name it would enter our pasture our dogs would not chase after them and possibly do harm to our other small/large creatures. Should you purchase or win this prize be aware of the time commitment needed to truly train your animal. You just don’t install it and think your animal is going to stay inside the inclosure. I estimate it will take more than a month of training and then every few weeks a follow up training.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Yes, I think a lot depends on the individual dog, the location, etc. You can never be too careful. This comes with a helpful training guide.

  26. This would be so perfect for us. We have 3 pups & travel quite a bit with them. Being able to have them come to the beach house & use this would be a huge help. Will def need to look into this system.

  27. Ughh This would be great for my Cupcake. I live in an apartment and I would love to just let her run outside but I can’t put in a fence of my own! We’re crossing our fingers we’re chosen!

  28. We have a fence that 3/4’s of our backyard but is open along the house. So it would be nice to give our a dog a little more freedom. Lindsay, have you used a system like this with a willful dog? We haven’t done the best with training and he listens really well for food but we didn’t train him well enough with distractions. So it’s a crapshoot if he listens when we are playing and hardly ever listens when we have company.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Hi Jeremy. With a more willful dog, you would want to be more consistent with the training over a longer period and probably use a higher correction level and also higher rewards. I personally don’t like to leave my dog in the yard when I’m not home whether it’s an electronic/wireless fence or a physical fence but each dog and situation is different.

      My dog is very “soft” and doesn’t need firm corrections, however he is obsessed with chasing a tennis ball and will absolutely not chase his ball across the boundary of the electronic fence.

      My parents also use a similar system for their English springer spaniel who has a strong prey drive and is not so concerned with “pleasing” her owners like my retriever is. She runs along the boundaries chasing small critters and even chased a black bear through the yard but doesn’t cross the boundaries as long as she’s wearing her collar. Without the collar, she will cross the boundaries if she’s chasing something.

      I think it’s about knowing your dog and doing lots of consistent training.

  29. I love that this can teach the doggies to reel in their perimeter a bit. Living in an apartment complex it can be nerve racking to see your dog wanting to run off everywhere…this would really help!

  30. I have a GSD who is pretty great off leash. However, she recently discovered that chasing my neighbor’s mule along side their fence is more fun than listening to me. She’s even made some rather great efforts at jumping the fence. As I worry that she might actually clear the fence and end up getting kicked, she’s lost most of her off leash freedoms. This would be a great way to help teach her that the fence is a boundary, period, and to leave the mule alone – even though he offers play behaviors to her. Ultimately, I would love to train her without ever having to resort to the corrective mode.

  31. Belynda Byerley

    This would be awesome for my grandkids dogs.. They just moved and got into their new home and aren’t able to afford a fence to keep their dogs safe at this time. It would truly be a blessing!

  32. We have a rescue pittie, the sweetest dog ever, but every time our neighbor sees her, he’s scared to death she’ll atack his grandkids. We live out in the country on three acres with a small fenced in aa, but not big enough for her to run. This fence would be an excellent solution for her!

  33. I love this idea! I already use a handheld correction collar, which works great, but this would allow my Libby to have an area set up so we can BOTH relax!

  34. I would love to win this for my Scottish Terrier Lucy. We had to leave our large fenced in yard for a townhouse backyard. She still doesn’t understand why she can’t run around like she could before. Plus when we move from here we can take it with us!

  35. I’d love to win it for my son’s weimerimer, she had been running a little since they had a baby and he could really use something like this.

  36. Our Sadie Mae would LOVE this! She is a 3yr young shepard mix, although we live in a rural area in New Hampshire just when Sadie Mae is getting some much needed playing around time *snag* her lead us caught on something! Our yard cannot be fenced due to wooded area and other issues, we have looked into these methods of giving our girl a way to have the freedom she needs and deserves but we cannot afford a quality product such as the Motorola Travelfence 50! It would mean so much to our girl Sadie Mae and us her mom &dad for her to be able to run free without getting carsick driving 40 mins to the nearest dog park to have TRUE fee time! Thank you for this opportunity! Have a wonderful day! Jude Lorman, Wilton NH

  37. This product would allow my pup, Bea to learn boundaries and the opportunity to be off leash when the situation allows (I don’t have a fenced yard, so she has to be on leash when we go outside). This would be a great tool for us!

  38. This would be creative my dog, she is a lab Rottweiler mix and she loves running out the door every chance she gets and we live by a road. It makes me so nervous I have trained her better to not run out the door, though I would love her to have an area she can be “free” to roam off a leash

  39. I just fosteted a dog and he needs training and I want to go camping with him this summer could really use this and would love to win because the dog is already using what extra funds I have

  40. We’ve had an electric fence for a couple years now. Training them to turn back when they hear the tone was fairly simple. They pick it up quickly.

    We have a camper that we spend a lot of weekends at in the summer. We’d bring it up there and teach the dogs the boundaries so they could have more freedom than 20 feet of line that’s anchored into the ground.

  41. I have two dogs that could really Benefit from this device. One is a three year old black lab Molly. And the other is a German Shepard/husky mix. Duncan who is two years old. They both love to run free. This would be awesome if I win this!!

  42. I just adopted a rescue dog to go with my other two. This would be so helpful and greatly appreciated if I win. Thanks!

  43. I live in a neighborhood with many cats. While my Boston Terrier has never hurt one, he will chase them, potentially out in traffic. He would like to play outside off leash which just is not possible right now. He”s very active and I would like to enable him to stay that way.

  44. Even for people who think e-fences are appropriate for dogs often miss one problem–they don’t protect you dog from other people, dogs, wild animals from getting into the yard with them.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Of course not, similar to if a dog were tethered. This particular fence is more for traveling, camping, picnics, the beach, etc., when the owner would be with the dog.

  45. We travel to Florida for the winter with our 2,Golden Retrievers. Would LOVE to have this fence to Kerp them near our house!!!! And keep them safe!

  46. We just bought our first house and it has a 2 acre yard with no fence! Our two sweet old lady dogs love to spend time outside, but we need a containment system so they can enjoy our big new yard while we save up for a nice fence for the back.

  47. I would love to win this for my son’s yellow lab. She is a year old and loves to run, we have a large yard but she often goes across the road when she sees them. I’m afraid one day when she isn’t on her leash she will get hit and that would break my son’s heart. This would allow him to feel comfortable without having her on the leash every time he takes her out.

  48. I would love to have this for my Jack Russell terrorist Odie.She is a Hunter and tends to chase her victim’s away from our property and always stresses Us out looking for her safe return.

  49. Christine Vosher

    This would be a great training aid for my heeler. Maybe I can finally keep him out of the duck pond in the winter.

  50. I would love to win this for my mutt even though we have a fenced in yard she jumps it we’ve done everything to keep here so we have to put her on chain so she don’t get out and get hit by a car or my neighbor kills her then I would go to jail cause I would shot him

  51. My son has two big doga and loves his invisible fence. I just got a new puppy and really need one, but can’t afford it right now. I would love to win one and tell everyone I know about how great they are.

  52. I have 3
    Rescue dogs and the newest has discovered she can jump the fence. I am disabled and though I wish to keep this pup this jumping is areal problem since she runs and I live near a very busy road.

  53. I would use this in my backyard. We live in a rural area and there are bobcats, coyotes, foxes, and numerous other animals my dog loves to chase.

  54. Well even though it’s not January I think this is pretty cool. If containment field is adjustable, can work with multiple dogs at once, and was waterproof there would be no way yo beat it.

  55. Ok, so the remote can work to collars. This thing just keeps getting better. Remote works 300 yards, not bad. Fence up to 120 foot radius, wish that was a little more since I live on 5 acres. Just wish I knew what you can turn that radius down to for camping reasons. Some how I am getting this thing. Also would like to know if any of it is water proof. I know if it’s motorola it is tuff.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Yes, it’s waterproof. The fence radius can work in a small area. I tried it set around a picnic table area and it works great. Once trained your dog doesn’t really even need a correction from the collar but the flags show him where the boundaries are.

  56. Not sure if the contest is still available,as I just came across it.
    I would love this as I have 5 dogs and would love for them to learn some boundaries as well as commands.

  57. We bought it for our Weim bc we moved to a new home; close to a road w fast cars.

    I find that it beeps randomly and scares our Weim, Keen. He is nine and likes to lay around in the garage w us as we work on bikes. However, just randomly, without him moving, it beeps. Loudly. Keen skittles to the front porch and sits by the door.

    Unfortunately, the collar has the opposite affect so far. Keen won’t leave the front porch. He will no longer wander freely around the property.

    The setting is at the farthest radius. What are we doing wrong? The random beeps within the boundary are too startling to make it fun for him.

    Thanks for your time.

  58. I have been waiting to get my American Tamaskan for nearly 12 years. I love him so very much and it pains me to worry he may cross the street by accident because of my back surgery! It would mean the world to me to own this to ensure his safety!!

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