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Our New Puppy – Choosing to Buy A Weimaraner Dog From A Breeder

My husband and I made the commitment to buy a weimaraner puppy.

The puppy is not even born yet, which gives us a couple of months to prepare.

If all goes well, we will bring a puppy home in mid-April just in time for my 33rd birthday.

This has been a very careful decision.

I’ve been working with this breeder since May, emailing back and forth. We’ve been on a waiting list since then, and she screens her buyers closely. I had to show her I’m truly an active person and will be active with the dog (we live in a 2nd-floor, 2-bedroom apartment).

We considered adopting a dog through a local rescue. We looked at other breeders and also seriously considered buying a Belgian malinois from an old friend.

None of these other options felt quite right, although we were very open to all possibilities.

We kept coming back to these weims.

Adding another dog to our family is a very important decision, one I’ve spent hours and hours (years) thinking about.

Buying a weimaraner puppy

There will be some challenges. Trying to potty train a puppy on a 2nd floor apartment will be one. Caring for two dogs a decade apart in age will be another. Both dogs will need me very much in the coming months, for different reasons. My patience and stress levels will be tested greatly.

But the decision feels right.

I know the question will come up, why didn’t you ‘rescue’?

Why buy when there are so many dogs in need?

I expected I might feel guilty for our decision, but I don’t.

I am very proud of the work I do with rescue dogs, and I will continue that work.

What it comes down to is we are getting the dog we want – an athletic dog to be my running, hiking and agility buddy.

This puppy will be raised while Ace is hopefully still around, which is important to me. We are getting our dog responsibly and will provide a good home.

This does not mean a shelter dog would’ve been a poor choice. All three of my current pets are “hand me downs” and there are thousands of shelter and rescue dogs that might be a good fit for our little family. This puppy is also a good fit.

I will continue to work with good breeders and good rescues throughout my life with dogs.

It feels good to have made our decision and to have some time to plan and prepare.

We’re in for a wild ride.

Do any of you have plans to add a new pet to your family this year?

buying a puppy from a breeder

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