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My dog is not a rescue dog

My mutt Ace is not a rescue dog.

That is not his story.

Ace has a great life. I am his world. He is mine.

I love him. I train him.

He teaches me about patience, acceptance, peacefulness.

I do not need to see him as a “rescued” animal in order to love him.

I don’t have to “rescue” a dog in order to be a good dog owner or the right kind of dog owner.

Ace does not think about his past life, and his past life was not a bad place. I am grateful for his previous owner. She provided my future dog with a safe place, consistency, security. He came to me with, literally, zero issues.

I have opened Ace’s world, yes. Given him my very best. He does the same for me.

We laugh together. We sing. We dance and run. We joke around a lot, Ace and I.

Our story is a good one. Always has been.

Some people, it seems, need to believe they “rescued” a dog in order to love that dog.

That is not how I choose to view my pets.

They do not want my pity. If anything, they feel sorry for me.

There is no “rescue” story in Ace’s story. There’s no room for that. I am no hero.

My dog is a mixed-breed dog.

A big, black dog.

A “hand me down” dog.

Not a rescue dog.

He is a dog.

I love him because he is mine.

Black lab mix walks in the fall leaves


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