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Do I Have to Be Present When My Dog is Euthanized?

Did any of you catch this post on the blog Puppy Leaks?

It’s about how some dog owners choose NOT to be present when their dogs are euthanized and that’s OK.

This is the kind of post that makes you stop and think. Read it here.

Not everyone wants to be there when their dogs are euthanized, and some people literally just can’t handle being present. We all process death and grief in our own ways.

I didn’t realize some dog lovers are so judgmental that they would actually criticize someone who chose not to be present or who could not be present. How terrible.

From Jen Gabbard at Puppy Leaks:

Some of us don’t handle euthanasia well, and some of us faint when faced with it. It doesn’t mean we love our pets less. It might be a lack of resilience or constitution, or it might just be our own anxiety, fear or post traumatic stress acting up. Whatever it is it feels terrible, and being told that we’re selfish for choosing not be there rips right into the heart.

We would love to be there, but some of us can’t. I wish I could have, I’d be filled with so much less regret if I could have stayed. But I couldn’t, and I have to accept that.

Read the full post here.

What did you think of Jen’s post?

Do you personally prefer to be there when your pets are euthanized? Pictured is my golden retriever Brittni, the dog my family had before Ace. I’m thankful my dad and I chose to be present when Brittni was euthanized.

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