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How to Stop A Dog’s Barking

Hey, guess what? Dogs bark!

Their barking has helped people for thousands of years by alerting us to intruders. Barking is their job!

But … today, a dog’s barking can obviously be a bit of a nuisance, especially if you’re starting to get complaints from neighbors, a landlord or roommates.

Heck, the barking is probably annoying YOU too!

So today I’m going ot share some tips on how to stop a dog’s indoor barking.

5 tips to stop a dog’s indoor barking

How to stop a dog's barking

1. Try to figure out why he’s barking.

People always say, how do I stop my dog from barking? Well, it depends on why he’s barking in the first place. If your dog barks & you’re not sure why, leave a comment below and I’ll help you brainstorm.

Could it be …

A fear of being alone? A negative association with being in a crate? Boredom? Reacting to noises or things he sees outside?

Or maybe he’s not getting enough interaction, physical exercise or training?

Does he have certain “triggers” like people walking by in the hall of your apartment, dogs walking by outside or maybe just you picking up your keys to leave makes him anxious?

2. Change his environment.

Sometimes the barking is a habit and if you change the dog’s environment or routine a bit, you can take away his usual “triggers” and stop or decrease the barking.

For example, if his barking is triggered by people walking by the window, block him from the window by leaving him in another room or possibly a kennel/crate or even just closing the blinds.

If noises trigger his barking, can you block some of the noise by leaving a TV on, music or a loud fan?

How about simply moving his kennel/crate to a different room?

3. Double his exercise.

Increasing a dog’s exercise will not solve a dog’s behavioral problems but it sure does help. If your dog has the energy to bark all day, I’m guessing he’s not getting enough exercise.

I’ve had people tell me, “We walked a mile today, and he’s still not tired.”

One mile?

Outward Hound dog backpack
Try FIVE miles, with a dog backpack and some running. And then do another mile or two in the evening.

I realize not everyone has the time for this. I realize others are not physically capable of that kind of movement.

But you just have to find a way to provide exercise. You just have to.

If you can’t afford dog daycare or a dog walker, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to get up early and exercise your dog for 90 minutes before work and another hour in the evening.

If you physically can’t walk or run, then you’re going to have to drive to the dog park every day or pay a dog walker.

Or maybe you’re broke, physically disabled and working overtime with four kids, but you still have to find a way! 🙂

4. Find ways to work your dog’s mind.

Working your dog’s mind by providing him with training, new experiences and challenges is just as important as physical exercise.

Dogs are intelligent and emotional creatures, and they get a bit crazy and frustrated if they have nothing to do!

Here are some simple ideas for providing games and challenges for your dog:

Dog puzzle toy

  • These really awesome dog puzzles by Nina Ottosson!
  • Feeding his meals in Kongs
  • Taking him to a training class once a week such as obedience, agility, etc.
  • Attending dog daycare or going for walks with a dog walker
  • Wearing a dog backpack
  • Teaching a new trick and practicing for 10 mins a day
  • Playing games like fetch and tug
  • Teaching your dog to sit, climb on or crawl under different obstacles

Some good ideas in this post: Exercising your dog indoors

5. Use an anti-bark collar.

I mention this last because it’s not fair to use a bark collar if your dog’s needs are not being met. (Also, I wouldn’t use an anti-bark collar on a fearful/nervous dog.)

However, if you’re providing your dog with plenty of interaction, exercise and training every day and he’s still barking, then sometimes an anti-bark collar is a good solution for certain dogs.

I’m planning a post soon specifically about anti-bark collars and whether or not they’re right for different situations. If you have any questions about bark collars, leave them in the comments below.

Also, if you’re still not sure how to stop your dog’s barking, let me and I’ll help you brainstorm some ideas.

We all love dogs but boy is barking annoying at times!

Do you ever have issues with your dog barking too much?

What’s worked for decreasing the barking? What hasn’t?

More resources:

How to stop your dog from whining for attention

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Wednesday 23rd of June 2021

Our poochon is 9 months old. He hates us leaving him and just barks. Do you have any suggestions? We only leave for a maximum of 2 hours as our family walk him Whilst we are at work. The problem is he just loves people!!

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 23rd of June 2021

Not sure if you mean barking in the yard or in the house. Here is my article on separation anxiety:

In general, I recommend at lest three long, long walks every week (6o mins+) that are either off leash or on a long leash with a harness. Let him just sniff and run and be a dog. This is important for exercise and for decompressing. I also recommend using puzzle toys or Kongs instead of bowls for meals. This will make him think and work.

Joy Olson

Sunday 29th of September 2019

My dog barks like crazy when it’s time to eat. Nothing I can say or do stops her until the food is on the floor. I’m positive she can tell time. People even yell at her when she does it at another home. So I’m so embarrassed.

The only way I can stop her is hold her but she is really to big to hold and make her meal at the same time. She won’t obey “quiet” or “stop”. Please help, Joy Olson

Liz Brooks

Tuesday 30th of July 2019

I have a rescue 100 pound black lab with a deep LOUD voice. When he barks it is generally because he has seen a squirrel or someone is at the door........except when he is in the car. He barks loud and ceaselessly. I have to wear ear plugs. How can I get him to stop? I want to take him with me, but my hearing cannot take it.

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 30th of July 2019

Is he excited while in the car? Or nervous/scared? Are you comfortable going the e-collar/bark collar route? Another option is to give him something else to focus on, maybe a Kong stuffed with peanut butter.

Does he ever settle down in the car? For example, my weimaraner whines until we get on the interstate, then he settles in.


Sunday 5th of August 2018

There are citronella bark collars. They don't shock, just spray a burst of citronella, which most dogs don't like. I borrowed it from my local humane society many years ago.

Ruby Perez

Monday 19th of March 2018

The easiest way to stop your dog barking and control them by using ultrasonic dog bark control. There are no side effects, I have used this device personally & I have observed the positive results, also I am the breeder of pomsky dogs. so I am quite aware of this.