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Win a De-Shedding Brush for Dogs – MIU PET Review & Giveaway

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Five lucky readers of That Mutt will win a brush

Note: Today I’ve partnered with MIU PET to bring you this post and giveaway.

My dog Ace sheds so much worse than other dogs!

I don’t know if it’s the short coat or if it’s because I don’t brush him enough but – My God – our carpets are always coated in black hair from that dog!

For this kind of extreme shedding, a standard dog brush is worthless, at least for my shorthaired Lab mix. His coat is smooth, like a beagle or a wiener dog. (Hey, his DNA test did suggest wiener dog!) He also sheds year round.

So what works for coats like this? A de-shedding tool. I can’t tell you what a difference a de-shedding tool makes. You just have to try it if you haven’t. You gently brush your dog with it and the loose hair easily comes out.

Do you have a serious shedding problem at your house? MIU PET is giving away a FREE de-shedding tool to 5 readers of That Mutt. More info here.

MIU Pet de-shedding tools

What is a de-shedding tool for dogs and cats?

MIU Pet deshedding brush for dogsMIU Pet deshedding brush for dogsA de-shedding tool is a pet comb with a stainless steel “blade” that uses fine bristles to remove loose hair and dramatically decrease shedding.

It can be used for dogs AND cats.

I use the same size (large) for my cats and my 70-pound dog so you probably don’t need multiple brushes for different-sized pets. It comes in medium, large and extra-large.

The de-shedding brush from MIU PET works just as well as the FURminator and generally costs around half the price. Order here for $13.99.

Brushing each of my pets for just five minutes once a week makes a HUGE difference in decreasing the amount of loose hair floating around on my floors, furniture and clothes.

Beamer and Ace

It also cuts down on my dog’s MAJOR dandruff. Ace, I love you, but you’re gross!

[quote_center]it makes a HUGE difference in decreasing the amount of loose hair floating around on my floors, furniture and clothes.[/quote_center]

Some primary features of the MIU PET de-shedding tool

  • Works to remove loose hair on cats & dogs
  • Removes dead skin too
  • Has a push button to release the hair from the brush
  • The brush’s “blade” comes in sizes ranging from medium (2.7″ wide) to large (4.1″) to XL (5.1″)
  • Highly recommended by me for cats or dogs with short to medium coats (Labs, pitbulls, pointers, German shepherds, even a husky!)
  • Works just as well as other brands such as FURminator

MIU Pet de-shedding tool

More details on the MIU PET de-shedding tool

My cat Beamer with the MIU Pet de-shedding toolWin a de-shedding tool for your catThis particular tool has a button you can push to remove the dead hair.

One reason this could be helpful is it allows you to brush with one hand and hold your pet still with the other hand instead of constantly using your free hand to remove hair from the brush.

When you’re trying to brush a squirmy cat or a puppy, you need a free hand to help hold him still!

The push button didn’t work all that well for me, and that might be because of my pets’ coat types. That’s OK though, because the main thing is it works really well as a de-shedding tool.

By the way, I’m lucky my cat Beamer loves to be brushed!

Order the MIU PET de-shedding tool on Amazon here

Some of the other products from MIU PET include a retractable dog leash and a pet shower.

What I like about this de-shedding brush:

MIU Pet[check_list]

  • The large size should work for most pets, even cats. It’s what I use for my cats AND my 70-pound dog.
  • Works REALLY well for removing loose hair!
  • Reasonable priced at $26.99 on Amazon. Currently on sale for $13.99. Order here
  • No negative reviews on Amazon because it works great!


What’s not so good:


  • With any de-shedding tool, you don’t want to brush too hard or you could irritate your dog’s skin.
  • Seems to work better on short and medium coats than longer coats.
  • The “self cleaning” push button didn’t seem to work all that well for me. Regardless, the brush works really well as a de-shedding tool.


MIU Pet de-shedding tool

Consider a de-shedding tool for your pets if:

MIU Pet logo1. You feel like you’re constantly pulling pet hair from your clothes, blankets and furniture.

2. It’s as if fur just keeps “falling off” your pet constantly!

3. You’re shocked by the amount of pet hair every time you vacuum!

4. You’d like to have a nice de-shedding option between professional grooming appointments.

Order the MIU PET de-shedding tool here

Win a FREE MIU PET de-shedding brush for your pets

*Congrats to the winners: Allison H., Jude, DJ, Bill K. and Mary B.

MIU PET is giving away a FREE de-shedding tools to five lucky readers of That Mutt!

To enter the giveaway:

Just leave a comment below and you’ll automatically be entered into the giveaway. Let me know what the shedding situation is like at your house!

I’ll choose five winners at random on Sunday Feb. 7. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

Win a MIU Pet de-shedding tool

Would you like to win a de-shedding tool?

Let me know in the comments and you’ll be entered into the giveaway.

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Win a de-shedding brush

Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 8th of February 2016

Congrats to the winners: Allison Hoffman, Jude, DJ, Bill Kenney and Mary Bacon!

Stephanie Serafino

Sunday 7th of February 2016

I would love to try one of these for my dog and cat.

Nita Haas

Sunday 7th of February 2016

I have a slightly broken coated Jack Russell who sheds like crazy all year round. She has under coat also. Nothing I've used helps control her shedding.

Deborah Delorme

Friday 5th of February 2016

I have a Newfoundland that sheds like crazy. Also a Sheltie and Old English Sheepdog and 2 cats. I can vacuum and sweep constantly yet it never looks as if I have done anything. This brush sounds like it would truly make a difference.

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 5th of February 2016

I can only imagine all the Newfie hair!

Stacy D.

Thursday 4th of February 2016

This would be super awesome to win for my mom! She has 4 pets! 2 cats and 2 dogs!