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When I’m Walking My Injured Dog – Mind Your Own Business

My dog had surgery in December.

He had scar tissue removed from his hip area and the result was a shaved butt and back with a bandage around his rear end (difficult to keep clean) and drain tubes sticking out.

We were a sight!

We live in an apartment complex with probably 100 dogs. And while I took my dog out at quieter times (5:30 a.m., 11 a.m.) people were still out and they noticed.

And sometimes they’d say directly to my dog:

“Oh, poor baby. What happened to you?”

People love dogs. People have big hearts. People care.

But I generally don’t want to talk about my dog’s health problems with strangers.

My dog Ace

And, strangers, here’s why:

Maybe it’s none of your business. Maybe my dog’s health issues make me sad.

Maybe his problems are difficult to explain. Maybe the location of his wound is embarrassing.

Maybe I don’t know what’s wrong and I’d rather not talk about it.

Maybe you should mind your own business.

If I had just had surgery I wouldn’t want random strangers saying, “Oh, poor baby. What happened to you?”

Most likely I wouldn’t want to explain.

With my dog, I just wish random strangers would not ask me what’s wrong with him or what happened.

It’s different here on the blog where I openly write about personal issues and encourage feedback and questions. That kind of support is helpful.

It’s another thing when I’m just trying to enjoy a little walk with my best friend and people want me to explain.

I’m sure some dog owners would love to be asked about their dogs’ problems and would love to talk about them.

That’s fine.

It’s just that I don’t.

Can any of you relate to this on either side?

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