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Why Does My Dog Avoid Me When I’m Sad?

Does your dog try to comfort you when you’re sad?

Recently my senior dog Ace has been doing well healthwise.

However, in early 2016 things weren’t looking so good and on one of those evenings I knelt down on the floor, held my dog and wept.

That was the first time I’d cried since Ace had been ill. I let myself sob for 2 or 3 minutes, my face in his fur, then pulled myself together.

Ace is not one of those dogs who tries to offer comfort.

If anything, my crying makes him uncomfortable.

He doesn’t lick my face or nuzzle me.

Why does my dog avoid me when I'm sad?

That night, he actually turned away from me and grunted a little. Like he was annoyed.

Oh, Ace. Not a cuddler.

My cat Beamer, however …

If Beamer sees me crying, he always tries to sit in my lap and get really close. He purrs and purrs, and he did so the night I was sobbing over my dog.

Tan tabby cat Beamer

Beamer lets me hold him as long as I want. He loves to be held. It may not be so much about comforting me but taking advantage of someone willing to hold him! Either way, it is nice. Beamer has offered comfort many, many times.

And then there’s my cat Scout …

I’m pretty sure Scout doesn’t even notice when I’m sad.  Either way, he really doesn’t care.

My cat Scout

They’re all individuals, I guess.

So I thought I’d bring up the question here.

Do your pets try to comfort you when you’re sad?

Let me know how it goes down at your house when you or a family member is sad.

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