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Will My Dog Be Sad if I Get A Puppy?

A couple people have told me they’re concerned I’m getting a puppy.

They’re worried about my 10-year-old dog Ace, that I’ll hurt his feelings, break his heart or that our puppy will be too much for him.

But I know my dog very well, and Ace will be just fine.

Ace has had a good life.

He is a very easygoing guy who goes with the flow. He is accepting of people and dogs and as long as he continues to get plenty of love and attention (which he will), he will adapt.

Remember, we’ve had over 60 dogs come and stay with us over the last 9 years. Ace and my cats are very good with accepting other dogs; they’re used to it.

Most likely what will happen is Ace will engage very little with the puppy, mostly ignoring him. They might play on occasion, and I’m certain Ace will snarl as needed but for the most part he’ll ignore.

This won’t be because of a broken heart or from spite or jealousy.

It will be because Ace is fine with his life as it is. He sleeps most of the day now; he’ll do so in April too.

Will my dog be sad if I get a puppy

This doesn’t mean all older dogs would be fine with a puppy. Some might be very traumatized by it. I’m just saying I know my own dog well as each of you know yours.

I have zero expectations for Ace and my cats. They are free to react to the puppy however they do, and that’s fine.

I have no expectations for any of them to play or cuddle. Most likely they will all ignore the new guy. It will be my job to entertain the puppy.

A puppy will demand a lot of my time and yes I will be stressed and tired and wondering what the hell I’ve done.

As long as I remember to RELAX, have fun and not get too upset with the puppy, Ace will be OK too.

We’ve had about 12 foster dogs and over 50 of my clients’ dogs stay with us over the years.

Ace is used to sharing his space with dogs of all ages and energy levels.

Sammi the cute pitbull mix and Ace

Perhaps he’ll wonder when the pup is leaving, but I don’t think dogs sit and ponder those types of questions.

The puppy is more about me than Ace. Maybe it’s selfish to get a puppy as my current dog is now 10, but I rarely do anything for myself and I want a young dog in my life again.

I don’t have a running buddy, hiking buddy or a dog I can take to agility or obedience classes. (Here’s a cute video of Ace and I during agility years ago!)

Ace is retired from these things and has been for more than a year now.

That’s OK, and he and I have other things we do like short “strolls” or sitting in the grass at the park.

But I miss a young dog.

Some have suggested Ace will see me with the puppy and feel he’s being replaced.

I can’t imagine my dog could comprehend that level of complexity. Those are human issues and emotions, not a dog’s.

Will my dog be sad if I get a puppy?

I doubt it.

Ace knows he is loved. He knows he’s safe and has the things he needs.

He is simply not capable of creating stories of drama and conflict.

Ace is a good boy.

Ace is loved.

That’s all there is to it.

Do any of you have “multiple generations” of dogs in your family?

Let me know in the comments!

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