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What’s the Best Collar for a Puppy?

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What’s the best collar for a puppy?

The best collar for a growing puppy is lightweight and adjustable.

My 9-week-old puppy Remy wears an adjustable nylon collar from dogIDs. As Remy grows over the next couple of months, we’ll be able to adjust his collar.

We’ve had him for five days, and his collar is about as small as it can go. Too bad Remy won’t stay miniature forever!

Since his collar is lightweight, Remy seemed to get used to wearing it right away.

He says, “I don’t need a collar. I’ll go nekkid.”

Uh-huh. Sure you will.

What's the best collar for a puppy?

Nylon collars for puppies (and dogs)

Best collar for a puppy - nylon collar from dogIDsEmbroidered puppy collar from dogIDsRemy’s nylon collar has personalized embroidery that includes his name and my phone number.

This is nice because I didn’t have to worry about ordering ID tags quite yet. Remy would probably just try to bite the tags anyway.

I love how easy it is to read his name on the collar.

If you’d like to order a collar for your dog or puppy, the collars come in 15 different colors and the embroidery comes in even more colors.

See them all here.

The collars aren’t just for puppies. We have the exact same collar for our older dog Ace.

Ace with his embroidered collar

What’s the best collar for training a puppy?

For training your puppy, you probably won’t need anything more than a nylon collar at first. And you will start training him right away, right? 🙂

I’ve already started taking Remy on leash walks around the neighborhood and we’re working on basic training like sit. Actually, I need to set aside some time every day to work with him even more.

Order a collar here – use code THATMUTT to save 10%

Embroidered collars from dogIDs

Remy’s nylon collar works perfectly for walking and training now. We will start puppy obedience classes next month, and Remy will wear his nylon collar for “dog school” as well.

What’s the best collar to stop a puppy from pulling?

If you have an older puppy who’s starting to pull or if you have a large-breed puppy you might need something more than a regular collar for extra control such as:

a nylon martingale collar or

a slip lead

dogIDs carries several slip leads made with soft material (vs. chain). This would be a good option for a puppy who’s already starting to pull.

Once Remy gets a little older I will most likely start using a slip lead for his training and walksand of course running!

Slip lead from dogIDs

I can’t wait to go running with Remy! He’s already doing 1.5-mile walks and could easily walk even further if I let him. I’m facing the challenge of trying to tire out a crazy Weimaraner puppy while not working his joints and muscles too hard.

He loves prancing around the neighborhood, struttin’ his stuff. He’s a confident little thing. He’s going to be trouble!

What type of collar did you use for your puppy?

Sleeping Weimaraner puppy

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Wednesday 20th of April 2016

My girl wore flat nylon collars for awhile. When she was tiny, they had the plastic clips but once she got stronger, I switched to buckle collars. I bought her a rolled leather collar when she was closer to full size - better on the thick fur around her neck, keeps the hair from breaking. It was like $40 though, hence the wait.


Wednesday 20th of April 2016

We always use flat nylon collars with our puppies. If there was a perfect collar for me it would hold the id tags close to the collar. I've had several puppies (not all) chew on their tags. If you look at my second pup, Derby's guide dog tag you can barely make out his name because as a pup he chewed on the tag. The embroidered collar is brilliant! I wonder if I could use the embroidery to remove tags completely. Do you think I could just put the county ID# directly embroidered on the collar and chuck the tag?

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 20th of April 2016

Exactly what KL said. I think the ScruffTag collar is best for getting in the most info without a tag:


Wednesday 20th of April 2016

If you get the dogIDs collar with the engraved plate meant to sit at the scruff of the dog's neck, you can! I managed to get my dog's name, a phone number, her city license #, and her vet and rabies tag # onto one of those!