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I like having a slip lead on hand for my older dog Ace because it’s so easy to slip the leash on and off for those quick potty breaks or days spent at the beach or park.

Slip leads for dogs

A slip lead is a simple leash that loops through itself (like a choke collar or slip collar). It creates a 2-in-1 leash/collar system but you can also just leave your dog’s normal collar on.

This type of leash is a good option for dogs that are trained but still need a few gentle reminders every now and then. For example, Ace knows how to heel and pay attention but he’s still 70 pounds and overly interested in greeting other dogs or following his nose at times.

Slip leads gently tighten under tension and quickly loosen again once tension is gone. For this reason, it’s a great leash for obedience training and for walking a dog who already has some leash skills.

dogIDs sent me this picture of one of its dog models. Sort of resembles Ace!

A slip lead would be a terrible leash for my 4-month-old puppy Remy! It would be too tight on his neck the whole time because he has no sense to stop pulling! But, the slip lead is perfect for my older dog Ace who knows how to “heel” with an occasional, gentle reminder. See my post: how to stop my dog from pulling.

Mendota slip leads for dogs from dogIDs

Below is the slip lead I ordered for Ace (just $16 at dogIDs). I plan to use it for Remy once he becomes, um, less of an idiot!

The Mendota slip lead is:

  • Water resistant and resistant to mold and mildew
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in about 40 color options!
  • Often used for hunting dogs or show/agility dogs but perfect for everyday use
  • Has a leather stopper for safety (to prevent the leash from becoming too loose)

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Mendota slip leads for dogs from dogIDs

I went with the 3/8-inch width because I wanted a lightweight leash I can stuff in a bag or pocket.

Reasons to consider a slip lead for your dog

Is a slip lead a good choice for you?

1. Extra control while walking your dog.

A slip lead is a good option if you want a little more control over your dog than the standard buckle collar and leash you’re using. For most dogs, a slip lead is not going to stop the pulling as much as a prong collar or Gentle Leader would, but not all dogs need those types of tools.

2. Helpful for training that involves off-leash work.

Sometimes you need a leash that can quickly and easily slip on and off your dog such as during agility practice or competitions, field work, dock diving, etc.

A slip lead is a good option if you do any sort of off-leash exercise or adventures with your dog where you need to quickly slip the leash on and off. For example, if you visit a dog beach or dog park often.

Ace modeling his slip lead

3. Great for general obedience training.

Slip leads for dogs come in handy for working on obedience like heeling, especially when walking in circular patterns (like an obedience class). It’s not the best for outdoor power walks where you’re walking in a straight line (right, Remy?) unless your dog has some training already. (It’s a good choice for my senior dog Ace).

4. Safety.

The rescue I volunteer with uses slip leads for its dogs at adoption events to prevent the dogs from slipping out of their regular collars. The reason a slip lead is safer for them is because it gently tightens around their necks under tension. This prevents the dogs from accidentally slipping out. Believe me, this happens way too often on normal collars.

5. It’s nice for quickly leashing a loose dog.

Yes, you can quickly slip this on your own dog, but it’s also helpful if you need to leash any other random dog you come across. It’s not always safe to reach down and grab a dog’s collar, not to mention fumbling around to clip a leash to the D-ring.

Sometimes it’s just quicker and safer to loop a slip lead around the pup’s neck. I know I’ve helped a couple of lost dogs get home and there was one little dog who tried to bite me if I reached for his collar. However, he wanted to remain close enough so I could’ve easily thrown a slip lead over him.

Mendota slip lead

Do any of you prefer a slip lead?

What other benefits would you add to this list?

If you’re not sure if a slip lead is right for your dog, let me know what questions you have.

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