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Hiking With My Weimaraner Off Leash

Remy has gotten to go on a couple of off-leash walks.

I’m proud that he seems to stick close and checks in often. So far, anyway.

He’s not even 6 months old yet, so not very brave. That might be the main reason why he sticks close.

Remy my 5 month old Weimaraner

In typical Weim fashion, he did take off after a bird once, leaving me standing there with my heart pounding.

And then, several yards out, he stopped to look for me, like, “Hey human, I’m doing my job here pointing at this bird. Where the heck are you?”

And then he came running back. Lots of praise!

I believe in giving dogs as much freedom as I can, within reason.

Part of that means you have to trust them and take some risks. It was hard to unclip Remy’s leash the first time, but it’s so rewarding to hike with him and see him so happy.

Someone emailed me once to tell me dogs should never hike off leash, that I’m irresponsible to think otherwise. She’s probably right.

I’m glad I’m not one of her dogs.

Hiking with my weimaraner off leash

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Saturday 3rd of August 2019

I hike with my weim off lease every day. I trust him and he trusts me . He is 5 so we have been together for a long time . He will run come back check and go . I can call him back anytime. He is exception to the rule . He never leaves my side . I have never met a dog like him before . He is the best my baby boy .

David W

Thursday 21st of December 2017

I am about to inherit a 6 year old male and 4 year old female. They have been living in the core of the city whereas I am on the burbs. Leash training isn't in their vocabulary but they are smart and once I can find someone local to train the three of us that will be one item off the list.

A close friend has a lab and we always go into the forest behind his house and let it go. Its like a guided missile into the bush but whenever we beep it it then appears within seconds. I would love these two to participate but not sure how there natural curiosity will play out. They are fine in the dog park (4 times a day) but the female is nervous and they deserve to enjoy the great outdoors

Kimberly Gauthier

Tuesday 9th of August 2016

I could never hike with all four of my dogs off leash, but I would love to do it with one or two of my dogs. I took Rodrigo and Sydney on a walk five years ago, but they had to remain on leash because we were in a different city and I worried about them taking off. We rented a house and when we were "home" the dogs got to play in the yard and on the beach; they loved it and I loved watching them.

I get nervous about letting my dogs off leash too, but when I see how happy they are, it's hard to reign them in. I hope to make it to the beach before fall this year.

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 9th of August 2016

I haven't had Ace and Remy off leash together yet because it's a lot to keep track of even though Ace would never run off. I can't imagine trying to keep track of four! I'm impressed by the professionals who go on off leash pack walks with groups of dogs without losing anyone. I would be too scared to risk it! I hope you get to the beach with a dog or two (or 4) this summer.

Amanda Buchmann

Monday 8th of August 2016

Glad Remy got to explore! He looks happy, and big! My one dog does well off leash, but on the trails in my area I keep him leashed all the time to protect the wildlife and because we share the trails with horseback riders and mountain bikers. My other dog does well off leash too, but she is big and slow and mostly just wants to go home :)


Monday 8th of August 2016

At certain times and in specific areas where we normally walk I can let Zeus off his leash. He trots along next ot me or he can run free, chasing whatever smells his nose picks up. Sometimes he returns to me within a minute or so. Othertimes my heart begins to beat a little faster and there is that sense of "now where did he go?!?" Zeus of course has always returned, tongue hanging and in the fall his coat full of seed stuff. He has been in the creek bed having a great off the leash dog experience. He is most cerrtainly a happy pup on his return. I will brag a bit though. I have managed to train Zeus to respond to a special rocket recall signal. When he hears "Zeus. Shazam! " he comes running at full speed. He knows he is to stop whatever he is doing and return to me immediately. And I better have a special treat in my pocket. Since he has come to have a consistent 98% reliability on the recall, I feel much easier about him running around being a dog in the wooded, walking public space we are very fortunate to have. The best is when one of his dog buddies shows up and they both head out running and chasing. But I am very aware of the sounds of other people coming and bring Zeus to heel and leash. No one wants to meet a big dog running loose at full tilt. And two big dogs is even worse.