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Hiking With My Weimaraner Off Leash

Remy has gotten to go on a couple of off-leash walks.

I’m proud that he seems to stick close and checks in often. So far, anyway.

He’s not even 6 months old yet, so not very brave. That might be the main reason why he sticks close.

Remy my 5 month old Weimaraner

In typical Weim fashion, he did take off after a bird once, leaving me standing there with my heart pounding.

And then, several yards out, he stopped to look for me, like, “Hey human, I’m doing my job here pointing at this bird. Where the heck are you?”

And then he came running back. Lots of praise!

I believe in giving dogs as much freedom as I can, within reason.

Part of that means you have to trust them and take some risks. It was hard to unclip Remy’s leash the first time, but it’s so rewarding to hike with him and see him so happy.

Someone emailed me once to tell me dogs should never hike off leash, that I’m irresponsible to think otherwise. She’s probably right.

I’m glad I’m not one of her dogs.

Hiking with my weimaraner off leash

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