What are Royal Ramps?

Royal Ramps are modern, high-quality pet stairs and ramps designed to help dogs and cats hop on and off the furniture without stress to their joints.

The ramps are made with senior dogs in mind, as well as any pet with joint issues. The company says the ramps can even help prevent future injuries or stress on the joints related to jumping on and off of furniture.

The ramps and stairs range from 7″ tall to 21″ tall.

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Royal Ramps review

Royal Ramps review - My dog Ace with his Royal Ramp

My thoughts on Royal Ramps:

I am really impressed with the ramps and stairs.

They are made with high-density foam, and the covers are made with furniture-grade upholstery fabric, according to the company. The stair and ramp pieces attach to each other with heavy-duty Velcro.

I love the modern look, and the covers zip on and off. Royal Ramps said the covers are machine washable, and all parts are made in the USA.

My senior Lab mix is 10 years old, and his back legs are stiff due to arthritis. He normally has a hard time jumping onto our bed, and the stairs really do make it easier on him.

Ace is about 70 pounds, and Royal Ramps are sturdy enough for him. He is slow and takes his time.

I can’t get over how well the ramp matches our couch!

Ace modeling his Royal Ramp

How much do Royal Ramps cost?

Royal Ramps

Prices start at about $90 for a 7″ step – currently on sale for $76.99. Most people will probably need the 14″ steps, currently on sale for $156.99.

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Height options include: 7″ tall, 14″ tall or 21″ tall

Color options: platinum gray, charcoal gray, oyster brown and chocolate brown.

What’s unique about the ramps?

I’ve never seen “pet stairs” as modern and nice looking as these. I don’t think you’ll find better quality anywhere else.

Royal Ramps said its covers are hand sewn in the United States, and the furniture-grade fabric is durable enough to last tens of thousands of uses.

The other factor is how the ramps and stairs can potentially prevent injuries in pets. They’re not just for pets with existing joint problems. Royal Ramps has several quotes from veterinarians on its website saying why they recommend the ramps.

What I like about Royal Ramps:

  • They’re made with industrial-grade, high-density foam, according to Royal Ramps
  • Washable, zip-on covers
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight and easy to move, yet sturdy
  • Covers made with furniture-grade upholstery fabric
  • Helpful for senior dogs like Ace or dogs prone to joint issues
  • Modern colors
  • Sturdy enough for my 70-pound dog


  • They may not be sturdy enough for extra-large dogs
  • Depending on the height you need, you might spend $150+ (they are worth the price)

Royal Ramps pet stairs

Would I buy these ramps?

No. My pets are not allowed on our couch because I’m a mean dog mom. They’re allowed on our bed occasionally with permission, and that’s where the stairs would be most helpful for Ace.

Would I recommend the ramps to others?

Yes. The majority of dog owners allow their dogs on the furniture and it makes sense to have a good-looking ramp to help them up.

Royal Ramps really do make a big difference for Ace, and they are so attractive and modern looking. I highly recommend them if you are in need of pet stairs.

Royal ramps pet ramps

Ordering information

For more information, head on over to RoyalRamps.com.

Remy with the Royal Ramps pet stairs

Would your dog or cat benefit from a ramp?

In the comments, let us know if you have any questions about the products or the company and I’ll get the answers for you.