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My Senior Dog Ace

Ace of Spades

My senior dog Ace seems to be doing really well. I try to remember how lucky I am to have him still and wanted to share this picture from a recent walk.

Last winter I truly did not think he would be around for another holiday season. But here he is! Feeling better than he’s felt in more than a year!

Ace and I walk together every morning (right after I walk the wild-child puppy). It’s a nice way to start my day. Yesterday, we even ran for about 45 seconds. He loved it!

And while he’s not a fan of our puppy Remy, Ace seems to tolerate him OK.

I am no longer concerned about any aggression issues like we were having earlier. Ace will occasionally snarl or even bite Remy, but it’s always deserved and it’s always my responsibility to keep Remy in line.

How are your dogs doing?

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Ace the black Lab mix -

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