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Mighty Paw Traffic Leash Review and Coupon Code

A traffic lead is a short leash designed for people to have more control of their dogs and keep them close in “tight” scenarios like at the vet or walking in urban, crowded areas.

short leash is also nice because you can let your dog run around as though he’s “off leash.” It’s so short that it’s unlikely to catch on something and won’t drag. Yet, it’s there to grab if you need quick control.

For this reason, the traffic leash can be helpful for transitioning to off-leash obedience and is also useful for quick control during other types of training such as agility, hunting or maybe even service dog training.

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Mighty Paw traffic leash review

Mighty Paw traffic lead review

My thoughts on the traffic leash:

This is a very well-made leash, and you really can’t go wrong with any of Mighty Paw’s products.

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The traffic leash is high-quality with a modern design and padded, comfortable handle. It comes in an 18″ length or 30″ length. I have the 18″ length and it works well for my 55-pound weimaraner and my 70-pound Lab mix. I would recommend the longer length for shorter/smaller dogs.

The leash is heavy duty with a carabiner clip, and I have no doubts at all that it can hold up to my crazy, 55-pound weimaraner who PULLS HARD.

My dog Remy with the Mighty Paw traffic lead

People use traffic leads for different reasons such as for keeping their dogs close in congested areas (like the vet).

For me personally, the main benefit of a shorter leash like this is for gaining quick control when I don’t want to drag around a full leash (think agility practice or hunting).

I also like the idea of letting my young dog drag it around when he is “off leash” so I at least have something to grab if needed. Obviously not at a dog park but on more rural hikes.

Mighty Paw traffic lead

What is the cost of the leash?

Use code MP20Mutt for 20% off anything on Mighty Paw’s website or Amazon store. Click here.

The traffic lead is available on Amazon now for $13.99.


What’s unique about the product?

There are a couple of features that make this traffic lead unique. For example, it has reflective stitching, the handle is padded and it has a swivel leash attachment (to prevent tangles).

Pros of the leash:

  • Well made
  • Comfortable, padded handle
  • Stylish colors (gray and green or black and orange)
  • Very sturdy/durable
  • Reflective stitching
  • High-quality carabiner clip
  • Comes in two lengths (18” or 30”)
  • Nice leash to keep in your car just to have a small leash handy at all times
  • Works to loop through the door handle if you need to keep a dog on one side of the car. (I would use this for transporting foster dogs.)

Here is one of our Patreon members modeling her new Mighty Paw leash!

Using the Mighty Paw traffic leash


  • Only two color options (I love the green/gray and the orange/black but others might prefer another option)
  • Not ideal for short or tiny dogs because the leash just won’t be long enough for them

I would recommend this leash for …

I recommend the Mighty Paw traffic leash for those times when you need to keep your dog closer (like at the vet). It’s also a nice leash to just keep on hand in your car, and it gives me some peace of mind when I want to let my young dog be “off leash.” I can let him drag the traffic lead around and quickly grab it if needed.

This leash would be good for walking well-behaved dogs in busy, congested areas. I would also recommend it for quick control during sports like agility. Order the traffic lead HERE.

Here are more of our Patreon members modeling their new Mighty Paw traffic leash:

The Mighty Paw traffic leash

Where to buy this leash!

This traffic lead is available through Mighty Paw’s website or Amazon. Use code MP20Mutt for 20% off.

Click here to order. Cost is $13.99.

Are you interested in this leash?

Let me know if you have any questions and we’ll get them answered for you. Please share this post with anyone who might be interested in a short leash. Thank you!

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Mighty Paw traffic leash review


Sunday 9th of April 2017

Good morning,

Personally, I recommend against leaving a leash attached when in a dog park or any area where unleashed dogs are present. Aside from the tripping hazard that the 30" leash may present, leaving a leash attached to the collar can present a choking hazard or give an aggressive dog something to grab onto.

Aside from that, in my experience dogs simply don't act like themselves when a leash is attached to them - even if no one is holding the other end.

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 12th of April 2017

Right, this shouldn't be left on in a dog park. I use it for transitioning to off-leash training in areas without other dogs around.

Barbara Rivers

Wednesday 5th of April 2017

Yay, Buzz boy got featured :) Thanks so much for sending us this awesome leash. I totally love it. It made keeping Buzz away from other dogs while waiting at the vet's a breeze. I'm looking forward to this month's Patreon "treat"!

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 12th of April 2017

Thanks for the great pictures!