PooVault Review and Giveaway – Holds Poop Bags Hands Free

Hi there! Some of you might remember the PooVault from the original review I posted last summer. The PooVault is a hard-sided container to hold used poop bags until you reach a trash can. Hands free and odor free! Visit its website here.

I have made some updates to this review to reflect the PooVault’s new, easier to use latch. This post is sponsored by PooVault.


My mutt Ace was one of those dogs who would shit 3 times on a walk … never when we were right by a trash can … always in the most inconvenient places. (Love you and miss you, Ace!)

Then I’d be blessed with carrying my dog’s used poop bags until we find the nearest trash bin. Might as well call me the Poop Fairy.

The PooVault solves this problem because you just drop the bag in the “vault,” clasp it shut and continue on your walk. It comes with a belt clip and a carabiner. I find the product the most useful for when I’m hiking with my weimaraner Remy on the trails and we might not see a trash can for miles.

PooVault review – Holds dog poop bags hands free

PooVault review

My PooVault review:

The PooVault is a straightforward product and it works really well. It traps in the odor and allows you to carry your dog’s poop bags hands free. It comes with a belt clip and a carabiner clip so you can attach it to your belt, your dog’s leash, your backpack, etc. It’s about 5″ wide at the top and 3.5″ tall.

I’m lucky to live in a dog friendly area near San Diego so we have trash bins for dog bags nearly every half-mile on our urban walks. But this was not always the case when I lived in North Dakota.

Sometimes I’d be out running and I could go 3 or 4 miles before reaching a trash can (often buried in snow). And when you’re wearing gloves or mittens, it’s even more difficult to carry used bags!


Here, you can see the PooVault is hanging from my belt loop on my right side using the carabiner:

The new, updated “easy latch”

Since my original review of the PooVault last summer, the product has undergone some design upgrades.

It now comes with an easier to use latch, recreated in April 2018. I didn’t notice the latch being an issue before, but once I received the updated latch I agree it is easier to open and close. The “tab” is a bit longer and easier to use, yet it still locks in place (so no leaks!).

It’s a subtle difference, but in the picture below I have the new lid and latch on the PooVault and the old one hovering above. You can see the new latch has a longer “tab” making it easier to use.

**If you have an older PooVault, you can get a new latch at no cost by ordering just the latch here for $0. Once you have it, it takes about 3 seconds to swap the new for the old.

Any new PooVault you purchase from its website now comes with the upgraded latch.

PooVault new latch

On PooVault’s website, there’s also a new option of ordering a pack of odor absorbents for inside the lid. Each pack comes with a sticky strip and five odor absorbents.

PooVault review

Pros of the PooVault:

  • Traps in the odor
  • Allows you to carry poop bags hands free
  • Less chance of germs (or poop!) getting on your hands!
  • Has a built-in belt clip + comes with a carabiner
  • Great price just $10.99!
  • Easy to clean if needed
  • Helps when you’re walking multiple dogs
  • Great for hiking
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Comes in two colors – black or red


  • One size available (5” wide, 3.5” tall). Some people may want a smaller or lager size.
  • It’s a bit clunky, of course

Holds used poop bags hands free

PooVault review

A PooVault is also helpful for multiple dogs

The PooVault is helpful when you’re walking multiple dogs because it’s hands free. One person can only handle so many leashes and so many used bags! I’ve been seen carrying two used bags in each hand! Ahh!

Helpful when hiking with your dog

I take my weimaraner Remy out on trail hikes on the weekends. We’ve been hiking 6+ miles and plan to increase our miles each week.

It’s very, very temping not to pick up after my dog when we’re out on the trail because we won’t see a trash bin for over an hour. People not picking up after their dogs is a very emotionally charged topic for hikers and backpackers!

See my post: What to know about off-leash hiking with your dog.

The PooVault is a great product that will encourage dog owners to pick up after our dogs because we can carry the “load” hands free.

I don’t like having anything clipped to my dog’s leash, but I clip the PooVault to the outside of my trail pack. It’s also small enough (3.5” tall by 5” wide) to fit inside my pack. It truly does trap the odor and seals tight so there is no “leakage.”

For walks around the neighborhood, I just clip it to my belt loop. You can barely see it on my right side:

I would recommend the PooVault for …

The PooVault is great for anyone who hikes on trails where you won’t see a trash bin for over a mile. I also recommend it for walks around the neighborhood if your area does not have a lot of trash bins or if you walk multiple dogs and struggle with managing multiple leashes and bags.

It’s recommended for dogs 55 pounds and under, but it really depends on the individual dog. Ace was about 70 pounds and it worked for one “load.” Two if we were lucky. It’s probably not going to be large enough for a great dane, but every dog is different.


PooVault review

Giveaway! Win a PooVault for your dog!

Update: The giveaway has ended. Congrats to Sarah P.!

PooVault is giving way a FREE vault to one of That Mutt’s readers!

To enter, just leave a new comment below to let me know why your dog needs the PooVault. How many times does your dog poop on an average walk?!

(Comments from 2017 will not be counted as entries into our new giveaway. I recently updated this post, so just leave a new comment to enter!)

I’ll choose a winner at random on Tues July 17, 2018. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

All of That Mutt’s $7/mo Patreon members receive an automatic entry into this giveaway and free products from Mighty Paw. Join us on Patreon here.

Would you benefit from the PooVault?

Let me know your “poop struggle” story in the comments!

Read more about the PooVault from some of That Mutt’s readers here.

84 thoughts on “PooVault Review and Giveaway – Holds Poop Bags Hands Free”

  1. Teresa Brackman

    This is a real interesting product. I would love to try it out. I dont know what it is but even if my puppy goes right before we leave he always has to poop on the walk as well haha

      1. annette sanders

        This would be easier for my service catahoula who does needs occasional breaks from his trips outside with me and would be much easier for my RA to instead of gripping the bags I could load & go with this new improved product.

  2. I’m really interested in this product, I will most likely be purchasing one in the near future. The places we walk or bike normally do not have trash cans and I don’t believe in leaving my dogs waste for others. Carrying a bag of large breed poop for miles really sucks, he never poops near the end ever.

  3. Nancy Ventresca

    I like this idea! I don’t mind picking up after my golden doodle but then my husband won’t hold my hand!

  4. This would be so handy to have for the longer walks we’ve been trying to take Lambeau on. Some parks have trash barrels and even poop stations, but a lot of the trails don’t. And he always seems to find the need to poop while we are out walking on those!

  5. Bethany Hancock

    I have two little pups and I sometimes help with walking a friends puppy. It doesn’t matter how close a trash can is, with three puppies tugging and pulling in different directions, there is bound to be some squishing. I love the idea of tucking the poo away somewhere safe.

  6. Hope they come out with additional colors soneday! Great idea though. Would be nice to not have to smell the “deposit” as I’m walking!!

  7. My dog poops so much every walk, and I always have to wrangle two dogs while holding poop and trying to enjoy the day. I would love a place to hide the poop and my worries away!

    1. I am more embarrassed when I am walking 3 dogs and they all decide to poop, one after another, as I start to pickup the poop, And keep walking crossing the street Cannot Stop staring at my 3poop bags .

  8. Margaret Ratchford

    This would be great for my best furry friend “OSO”, as he does his stinky poop a few times during our walk!!!

  9. This would be great for our hikes! Double bagging only gets us so far. I love the hands free idea. I can hook it to Bella’s backpack and let her pack it out. Lol!

  10. Hi I have a dog walking and pet sitting business and while I’m out and about people inquire about my services most of the time I’m reaching for a business card with one hand and a bag of dukeee in the other
    Of course comes with the territory but this is a lot more professional

    Thanks Have Great Day!!

  11. Sandy Weinstein

    it is not so much that my dogs need one but their mom does. with 3 little gals, i really need one. i pick up a lot of poop. it would be great when we walk/run in my fields b/c i pick up the poop. leaving it only attracts more wild animals and i may walk in it while working in the yard.

  12. I find that my girl poops at the beginning of our walk/runs and I am stuck with my bag the whole time. I have placed it in the gutter so that I can pick it up on the way home, but find I have to go out of my way to retrieve it. This looks so smart and simple!

  13. Lynne Steinhoff

    I could definitely use a PooVault. I walk dogs for my local Humane Society and it always seems that they poop when we are the furthest away from home. I have tried leaving it to pick up later but I inevitably choose a different route back so that doesn’t work. There are definitely no garbage cans in the neighborhoods I walk through either.

  14. I do short-term foster care for German Shorthairs and spend a lot of time walking them. This would be very useful! I hate carrying poo around with me!

  15. Christina Moran

    I live in MN and sometimes carry poop for miles. I can’t wait for this area to get more dog friendly until it does this might be a nice to keep the smell down.

  16. We have a dog rescue. When we travel, we travel with a MINIMUM of 2 dogs, usually up to 6 dogs at a time.
    We use poop bags religiously, but like everyone else, we hate carrying them around until we come upon a trash bin.
    I’d love to win this!

  17. We go on so many hikes with our pup and have to carry his doggie bags for miles at a time. This would be so useful! What a great idea 🙂

  18. Diane Meireis

    My pup and I run several times per week. Often he takes this time to drop a load. I carry bags so I can pick up his gift. But running with a poop bag is challenging. The smell definitely is an impact on breathing. Nothing like inhaling the aroma of his poop instead of the clean surrounding air. Definitely adds an additional challenge to running. The PooVault would go a long ways in adding a clean small free run.

  19. I always pick up after my dogs and actually have gone back to a corporate park when I was out of bags or one of them had issues. I have also carried for miles due to lack of receptacles on maintained hiking trails in Eastern PA so could really use this…please and thank you…long time follower

  20. Some of my neighbors are not so good at cleaning up after their dogs. So, this would be helpful on days that I get frustrated & clean an area of a large amount of poop.

  21. While on hikes, Elly always does her business about 5 minutes after we pass the last trash basket where we like to hike so I have to carry the bag for the full hike. This would be a great addition to our hikes

  22. What a wonderful Idea. I’m always carrying bags of my dogs poop every time we go for a walk until I get home so I can deposit it and that’s not always the best when we leave in the car for a trail walk. Sometimes it gets quite stinky. I’d love to be able to just deposit it upon pickup and not have to worry about the smell until we get home.

  23. I take my dog for a walk at the park near us and there is almost no trash cans this would be so useful to us !!

  24. This is very interesting. I have two dogs–a beagle and border collie. We walk twice a day and they poop a lot, sometimes 2-3 times during walks. We walk in a forested area so trash bins are far away from each other. It gets frustrating when you have to carry around 4-6 bags of poop.

  25. LizaJane Johnston

    My crazy pup will only poop when we walk, we go on multiple walks a day and often for 2-3 miles. Unfortunately my neighborhood is not as dog friendly as they think they are and neighbors don’t like you to drop poop in their cans. This would be great for us.

  26. I need a Poo Vault to make sure my husband participates in the “fun.” We have two dogs that I think wait for the walk to do their “business” and my husband looks at me to gather up because I’m the “mom” I guess. Also, we have many dog walkers in the neighborhood and they are always checking out my latest gadgets for my furry kids.

  27. I always pick up my dogs poop. The only time I don’t is if it is to dark and I didn’t bring a flash light. In the morning we went to get it and it was gone. That is something that passed on to me. If someone else didn’t get the poop, get it for them. I am now teaching my dog to carry it.

  28. Sometimes my dog goes two or even three times on a hike or walk and some of those hikes/walks are pretty long. There are no trash bins anywhere, so having a means to carry out a full bag or two without it being in my hand would be great. Not having the smells in my trunk on the ride home is an added bonus.

  29. I like The Poop Vault. I bought a poop Vault a few months back. If you walk dogs you need this.I use mine on every dog walk I take.I would like to get another one because I leave the I have in my truck so I will not forget it.It would be nice to have one at home too.Once you put the poop bag in The Poop Vault you con not smell.Its very well made too.

  30. Pick me! I have put used poop bags in my car to take home to throw away! Icka..too disgusting and my car is newer not some old beater car

  31. Madelyn Kelley

    My daughter has a weak left side due to cerebral palsy and mainly can use her right hand only. Poo vault would be really help her. by having a place to put used poo bags while she finish her walk with our puppy Midnight. When she carries the bags he thinks She has a treat for him – don’t know why- and tries to get the bag out of her hand. Poo Vault would greatly help her in walks. Thank you for considering us.

  32. Patricia Smith

    This is an interesting concept and I’d love to try it, but I think the size would be a limitation walking 2 weimaraner. Sure would be handy tho!

    1. Patricia Smith

      I did notice you have a weim photo in the above write up! It is sometimes an handful (in the worst sense of the word) to carry a bag that develops a hole and manage 2 leashes….needless to say I have had handful of poop a couple of times and would love to avoid that in the future.

      1. Lindsay Stordahl

        It depends on the dog. It’s recommended for digs 55 pounds or less but works for my 60 pound weim or my 70 pound lab. Only holds one “load” though!

  33. I have two PooVault’s.I really like them.A lot of times, out walking you can not find a trash can to put the bag in.I almost never go Dog Walking with out it.You can not smell anything too.Good Job PooVault.

  34. My pupper pretty much only poops on walks. She will hold it in the morning and wait for the walk, which results in 3-4 poops. This would be amazing for that, always juggling stinky poop bags trying not to lose them.

  35. This product looks great! I would love to try it! We have three dogs in our household so that is a LOT of poop on one walk. Sometimes are walks take us a mile or two away from the nearest can and this would be super beneficial!

  36. I think the pop vault is a great idea and have wanted to get one. My 22 month old Aussie goes poop at least once on a walk and believe me it isnt small!

  37. Beverly Scott

    Oh, to have this smell-free vault while walking with my pup. It would make it much more pleasant when I need to pick poop up!

  38. I have two PooVaults, there great. I keep one in the truck and one at home. I take them on all my walks. It works really great. No smell and no leaks.

  39. WOW!! What a great idea! I live in a retirement community where there are places for garbage but are few and far between. Not only that, the garbage is not collected every day! So, this sounds like a wonderful invention and I would love to try it … my neighbors would sure appreciate it …

  40. I’ll be honest I first thought the product was a bit silly when you debuted it last summer. But I just came back from a vacation w/the dogs on Martha’s Vineyard which is super dog friendly but public trash cans are scarce. I biked all around with the dogs and it was a pain to handle the bike, the 2 dogs, the backpack w/water etc and a poop bag! having something to clip to my bike would have been really really handy!

  41. Debra A Stewart

    Poo Vault would be amazing to have! Wrangling 3 dogs AND their poop bags is always a challenge. Poo Vault would be a great help!

  42. Chessey Lynn Kristoff

    This would totally come in handy since we walk four miles every walk! Of course my dog always poops in the first mile so I carry it the other three!

  43. I like this idea. We have the small bags in the container hooked to the dog’s harness. But nowhere to put the used bags. Having this would help out a great deal. With my handicap there are so many other things to have to take along. A walk isn’t a quick jaunt out the door. It requires so much already.

  44. Patti Struchynski

    There are occasions that when I take my dog hiking there is no garbage can to dispose of filled poop bags. This requires me to have to transport the bag back home in the back of my vehicle. I would love to try this out to see how well it contains the odor – especially if I forget about it until the next day. Ugh!

  45. The PoopVault is a fantastic idea and much easier to carry when, I normally walk up to 3 to 4 dogs at a time, making it difficult to hold on to the poop bags after they defecate. Then continue walking the rest of way back to their home. Before I can get to a trash.

  46. Who wouldn’t want one of these? Being able to transport the stink in a handy container that clips to whatever you want it to clip to leaving hands free? Genius. If I don’t want the giveaway I am buying two (I’ll be buying one anyway to give to our son because I’m that sort of a big-hearted mummy)

  47. Sandy Weinstein

    i would love to have a poo vault, with 2 little gals, that poo and pee a lot, i do pick up lots and have to carry lots of poo bags. so this would be wonderful, would not make my car stick, as well as not have to carry around baggies of poo. even though i live in the country, i still pick up my poo, it keeps animals away and i dont want to walk in it either. great for going to dog events, because sometimes you cant find a trash can.

  48. Carol A Lofgren

    If I only had three hands, there would be no problem. But I don’t, so this vault is a great substitute!

  49. I really like the idea just not sure if one little Poo vault will carry all of my two dogs poo on one trip ha ha Ha

  50. This looks awesome and I’d love to win this for walking my two boys. It would be especially great in the winter during bad weather.

  51. I ‘d love to win this. It does stink carrying around bags of poop until your lucky enough to find someplace to dispose of it. I have two dogs of my own and pet sit for a few friends and family members. My mother is disabled so I primarily walk her 7month old Rottwieller. They all have to poop at least once while I walk them.

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