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5 Reasons to Use the PooVault

Sometimes I feel like I’m the Poop Fairy. My dogs poop A LOT.

I always pick up after them, but sometimes it’s difficult juggling two leashes and 2 or 3 USED poop bags.

This is especially entertaining (I’m sure) when someone decides to let their dog barge up to us as I’m bent over trying to pick up poop with one hand while holding two leashes in the other.

Which brings me to … the PooVault.

The PooVault is a hard-sided container that can hold used poop bags until you get to a trash can. It’s hands free and odor free. It traps in the odor, and it really works. It also clips to your belt loop or leash. I prefer to use the carabiner to clip it to my belt loop.

This post is sponsored by PooVault. 


I’ve featured the PooVault on That Mutt before, and you can read my full review here: PooVault review.

The PooVault is available HERE.

Here are 5 reasons you might want to use the PooVault:

5 uses for the PooVault

Uses for the PooVault

1. The PooVault for professional dog walkers.

If you’re a professional dog walkers or pet sitter, you might want to consider the PooVault for certain routes or clients. Some dogs poop more than others (Ace), and some routes have more trash bins than others.

The “vault” is also nice if you know you might be stopping to chat with clients or potential clients. Nothing like shaking someone’s hand while holding a used poop bag in the other! The PooVault is more professional!

One of my readers, Keith, is a dog walker and I asked him if he would send me a photo of his dog Emma Lou with their PooVault. Keith said he usually carries it, however Emma Lou is carrying it for the photo:

Emma Lou with the PooVault

Thank you, Keith and Emma Lou!

2. The PooVault for walks with no trash bins.

I’m lucky to live in a very dog friendly area with trash bins and dog bag “stands” everywhere. However, there are a few parks and routes we take that don’t have as many garbage cans.

I keep the PooVault clipped to my belt loop with the carabiner it comes with:

Uses for the PooVault

Walking with the PooVault

3. The PooVault for hiking in rural areas.

There aren’t as many trash bins on the trails we visit compared to our urban walks. I try my best to get the dogs to “go” as soon as we get out of the car because there’s usually a trash bin there. Once on the trail, we might not see another garbage area for a couple of miles.

My dog Ace moves very slowly … and poops a lot, so it’s nice to have the PooVault handy until we get to a trash bin. With a slow-moving senior, that can take quite a long time!

Remember this beautiful photo we took last year in Yosemite?

My dogs in Yosemite National Park

Well … here we are about 90 seconds earlier …

Ace defiles Yosemite National Park

My dog defiled Yosemite National Park.

Kind of ruins the moment, doesn’t it? Haha.

4. The PooVault for walking multiple dogs.

If you’re walking multiple dogs, you can only carry so many used poop bags along with your leashes. One of That Mutt’s readers, Janis, uses the PooVault for dogs Kee and Syd.

They sent us this picture:

The PooVault for multiple dogs

Thank you Janis, Kee and Syd!

5. Bringing a “sample” to the vet

A few of That Mutt’s readers commented on our last post that they’d use the PooVault for bringing in a stool sample to the vet. You know, less smelly that way!

Believe it or not, but I’ve actually transferred used poop bags in the trunk of my car after a dog walk because there weren’t any trash bins where we were hiking. Call it dedication, I guess, but boy was it smelly without a PooVault!

Order a PooVault HERE


Giveaway! Win a PooVault for your dog!

Update: This giveaway has ended.

PooVault is giving away one FREE “vault” to a reader of That Mutt! *Congrats to the winner, Debbie S.!

Just leave a comment below to let me know your dog wants IN on the drawing. What is your reason for wanting a PooVault?

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Reasons to use the PooVault

Are you interested in a PooVault?

Let me know in the comments!

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