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My Dog Tries to Chase Turkey Vultures

My dog’s nemesis

Baxter loves most things. People. Animals. Soft surfaces—even hard surfaces sometimes. However, there is one thing he despises. Turkey vultures.

Occasionally also known as buzzards, these birds are relatively plentiful around the farm. Every so often they swoop down and perch on the roof of the barn. And Baxter loses his mind.

Hackles go up. There is barking, growling, charging. The only problem is that he is on the ground and they’re on the barn many, many, many feet up in the air.

Yes, my dog is ridiculous.

If he can convince them to take off and leave the barn, he will pursue them. Once again, him on the ground and them in the air.

Watching Baxter run through the fields while looking up at the sky is one of the silliest sights I’ve seen.

Once he’s satisfied the birds are a safe distance away from the barn, he will return to the house, happy to have run off the marauders.

My dog tries to chase turkey vultures

Turkey Vultures

Baxter and turkey vultures

Who is your dog’s nemesis?

Does your dog ever chase anything that’s unattainable?

Julia Thomson is a blogger at Home on 129 Acres where she writes about her adventures of country living and DIY renovating. She writes regularly for That Mutt.

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