CBD Dog Treats – Canna-Pet Review and Giveaway

Canna-Pet makes natural and organic CBD dog treats as well as CBD supplements for pets in capsule or liquid form.

The products are made from industrial hemp, a non-psychoactive plant. This means the treats and supplements from Canna-Pet contain CBD (cannabinoids) but not THC so they won’t get your pet “high.”

CBD dog treats and supplements can potentially help your dog with pain, allergies, anxiety, seizures and more, Canna-Pet says. The products are not pharmaceuticals. They are organic, plant-based products.

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CBD dog treats – Canna-Pet review

CBD dog treats - Canna Pet Review

Canna-Pet sent my senior dog Ace some Canna Biscuits and CBD capsules. View all of their products for dogs here.

CBD can potentially help a pet with a huge variety of issues such as pain, anxiety, allergies and seizures. In our case, I was hoping the CBD products could help reduce Ace’s joint pain and stiffness.

Ace has had joint problems for years, and he’s been taking a nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drug called Rimadyl. There are potential side effects to this drug such as damage to the liver or kidneys. I love the idea of a more natural option for managing Ace’s joint pain.

I decided to give him CBD treats and capsules instead of Rimadyl for one month as a trial. If it didn’t seem to help, we could always go back to Rimadyl.

It’s been about a month now, and I have not noticed a dramatic change in Ace’s joints. This tells me that the CBD supplement seems to give him just as much relief as the Rimadyl.

Since the CBD treats and supplements are more natural and have no known side effects, this is a better option for Ace long term.

CBD dog supplement

My plan is to give him the CBD supplement with each meal and to keep Rimadyl on hand if he ever has an especially active day or if he seems extra stiff or sore for whatever reason. Canna-Pet’s products are natural and can be taken with most other medications and supplements.

What I like about the CBD dog treats from Canna-Pet:

  • The Canna Biscuits come in several flavors
  • There is a capsule or oil version available too (these contain a higher amount of CBD)
  • Can be taken with most other medications and supplements, ask a vet first of course
  • No known side effects, according to Canna-Pet
  • No prescription needed
  • Ships worldwide
  • Products available for cats & horses (and even for people)
  • 30-day money back guarantee

I would recommend CBD dog treats for any dog that is dealing with mild pain.

Canna-Pet typically recommends that pets start out with the biscuits or capsules before trying the Max CBD oil. The CBD Oil is typically used for severe cases, such as dogs that just had surgery.

CBD oil for dogs

Potential cons:

  • It’s not always obvious if the CBD treats and supplements are helping the dog
  • The dosing is pretty general, hard to know exactly how much to give

The CBD dog treats might not be for your dog if he has a potential for allergies to the ingredients in the biscuits. If that is the case, you might want to try the capsules first. You can view all of Canna-Pet’s products for dogs HERE.

Cost of Canna-Pet’s products:

Canna-Pet has a variety of products including biscuits, capsules and oil, but here are some general prices:

Canna Biscuits: $16.99 (40 treats)

Canna-Pet Advanced capsules for large dogs: $33.99 (30 capsules)

Advanced MaxCBD liquid: $79.99 sale price (10ML)

Browse all of Canna-Pet’s products for dogs here.

CBD dog treats review from Canna Pet

You can get a discount on any of Canna-Pet’s products by signing up for their auto-ship program.

What’s unique about the CBD dog treats from Canna-Pet?

The company says it produces the only legal, veterinarian-recommended, non-prescription CBD products for animals. Its products are also available for purchase worldwide.

The company has a lot of information and resources about CBD oil on its website. For more information, check out its helpful FAQ page here.

CBD dog treats Canna Biscuits

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Canna-Pet is giving away a FREE assortment of CBD dog biscuits to one lucky reader of That Mutt.

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To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below.

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Would your dog like to win some CBD dog treats?

Let me know in the comments!

Please share this post if you think CBD supplements would help a dog you know. Thank you!


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31 thoughts on “CBD Dog Treats – Canna-Pet Review and Giveaway”

  1. I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he has extremely high anxiety. I kennel him during the day and he’s about 12 lb but he’s fully grown would you recommend this as a de-stresser

  2. I have a sweet chocolate lab that has food allergy’s. We have her on a special diet but still have to give her allergy medicine 2 times a day daily. I would love to try this.

  3. My dog Coco Is nine years old. She has a few problems that these treats my help.she definitely would like to try them. She has a lot of anxiety from being attacked by a stray dog stiff joints and some pain from a fatty tumor on her leg if this product would help her that would be great

  4. I have tried other brands of CBD and seen results. I gave CBD oil to my 14 year old before he passed and it seemed to help him. Now I have a high anxiety dog who I cannot get to eat the CBD oil at all. Would love to try it for him if I could get him to take oil. Maybe the treats would be a better option.

  5. We have a Shiba Inu/Chihuahua from the Humane Society. We love her, and she has a sweet personality. She has a few faults probably developed with the previous owner. She has separation anxiety, and cries, and howls when we leave. We don’t want to be kicked out of our apartment. She also tends to bark at, and run up on people, and other dogs. She never bites anybody, or their dog. She wants to get their attention (i.e. petting, hand to mouth, etc), or play with the other dog.

    Would CBD products help? We have been trying recommended training methods, but she is stubborn, and slow to conform.
    She is a strong willed girl.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Continued training is what’s most important but CBD products can potentially help a dog with anxiety, yes. It’s not going to be a magic solution but could potentially help in combination with training.

  6. Suzanne Simmons-Johnson

    We have two Chihuahuas and they love their dog treats. We have one with joint knee issues and sometimes seizures. Then the other one has high anxiety issues. I think they both could benefit from this. We won’t do Rimadyl for our dogs anymore because we had our pomeranian Bubba pass from Side affects of Rimadyl, liver kidney issues. Would Love To WIN these for our two chihuahuas.

  7. Our Teddy would totally benefit from this product!! He has exteme anxiety and pain from arthritis to boot! This is something that we have been searching for!

  8. Our 51/2 year old Max has such terrible dysphasia and allergies..the poor guy has chewed so many sores onto his legs, ankles,legs..we have tried everything!. His dysphasia is so bad he’s barely walking..he’s such a sweet guy I cry thinking he’s either going to leave us MUCH earlier than he should b/c we can’t keep up with each new infection, hotspot..pain level. Our Vet bills are high but we are trying to give our guy the life he derserves!. He’s too young to be in so much pain and total discomfort. He’s a trooper but we can tell it’s wearing on his mind and body. He’s a PBTerrior mix (we think Bulldog). He’s the smartest, sweetest boy around, loves his family, friends and life!. It just breaks our heart to see him try to keep his happy go lucky attitude while dealing with so much pain 24/7. It would be great if Max was chosen, it’s really our last resort..for real.

  9. I truly think CBD supplements would help my senior dog. He came from the animal shelter a few years back with severe allergies. Just sneezing mucus everywhere. We have him on twice daily Benedryl. We also give him a daily treat with supplements to help his joints. To have one solution to help with both problems such as CBD would be extremely convenient.

  10. We would like to try the Canna Pet CBD treats for Ronan, our 5-yr- old wolfhound/Newfoundland/collie mix. As the weather gets colder his joints get stiffer and painful. He is a BIG dog. Thanks.

  11. I would love to try these! My 13yr old is on rimadyl as well as another pain med to help his arthritis and degenerative Myelopathy. It would be great to have the same benifits without the blood tests and worry that his liver numbers will suffer.

  12. I work at a vet clinic and the owner of our practice, our main veterinarian, recommends CBD for a lot of her patients. We have seen it help with a lot of different things: joints, pain/inflammation, increases appetite, anxiety issues, seizures, cancer, etc. It’s really an amazing product

  13. I work at a shelter and have seen numerous people come in swearing that CBD helped their dogs and I’d like to see if it would be beneficial to my senior dog, Mia.

  14. This would benefit both of my dogs. Maya, 6.5# 17 year old toy poodle suffers from not only skin issues, but allergies and arthritis as well. It would also be helpful for my almost 4 year old mastiff done Pitt mix for his nail and hose anxiety.

  15. My dog would love CBD treats. She gets super anxious when we are away. She gets into things that I know she doesn’t actually have an interest in, like the recycling and climbing on the counters.

  16. My dog Suki has very high anxiety and seems to be anxious with everything. I think that these treats may help her. I would definitely like her to try them.

  17. I bought these from another company and they have helped my very anxious standard schnauzer. She is afraid of cars, people and other dogs! These haves helped her not have such a reaction. And she is able to calm down much quicker. I would say to anyone that has a nervous or reactive dog that these are worth a try. I will continue to purchase these for my girl.

  18. These look great. I’m a huge proponent of CBD oil. My three-year-old GSD could really use these for his separation anxiety and panic attacks.

  19. wow, I’ve only started hearing about CBD for pets recently, but I’m impressed by what you have shared. I think I will have to get some for us both 😉

  20. Thanks for the great post and the opportunity to try them out! I have been thinking of trying something like this! Our Bluetick Coonhound has some anxiety during long car rides and fireworks, and my Australian Cattle Dog sometimes limps a bit after working hard. [The vet has looked at it, and his is fine.]
    Everything I seem to read about CBD for dogs, and people, has been positive 🙂 YAY 😀

  21. I have a 7yr old Chihuahua that has hipjoint issues since his accident a year ago.would love to try something new and see a difference in him

  22. My sister’s therapy dog has moderate to severe anxiety, I think these treats would be a great help for him. Everything I read and hear about CBD for humans is 100% positive and I’ve never heard of it for animals until this review

  23. My 12 yr old lab is now taking Meloxidyl and Tramadol for her arthritic shoulders, not crippling by any means, but does cause some limping on certain days. I wonder if these treats would be just as effective.

  24. The treats taste like cardboard…trust me I tried it after my dog wouldn’t touch it. If your dog is even the slightest bit picky or even has taste buds I wouldn’t buy these. If you have a dog that will eat ANYTHING give it a try. They have a refund policy but paying for shipping both directions expensive.

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