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Review: Salty’s Own Nautical Leashes – Paracord Dog Leashes

Salty’s Own Nautical Leashes is a company that makes beautiful hand-tied dog leashes and collars from USA-made paracord.

The company sent each of my dogs a leash. I chose an 8-foot orange “float leash” and a 6-foot double-braid leash in black.

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Review of Salty’s Own Nautical Leashes

My dog Ace with his paracord leash

What I think of the leashes from Salty’s Own Nautical Leashes

I’m really impressed with the leashes from Salty’s Own. They are beautiful, durable and comfortable, and I highly recommend them. The paracord is extra soft on my hands, and these leashes are high quality.

Elizabeth Strazzulla (pictured) is the owner of Salty’s Own, and she tells the story behind her company on her website:

“Long ago, my great uncle made knot leashes while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. As a young girl, I found these both beautiful and fascinating. How could such lovely patterns be created out of rope? Now years later, my own daughter has become interested in nautical knots and animals, so we decided to revive this craft in our family. I hope you and your animals enjoy these leashes!”

Salty's Own

Salty’s Own leashes are made using 100% USA-made paracord. Each strand is strength tested to 550 lbs, and the leashes are hand tied by Elizabeth and her daughter in Newburyport, Mass. The solid brass hardware is marine grade and corrosion resistant.

I like how Salty’s Own also gives you a lot of flexibility on the colors, lengths and styles you want.

The leashes I chose are the standard 6-foot double braid leash in black and an 8-foot “float leash” in orange.

Our 6-foot leash came with a traffic lead loop which I think is helpful when walking a dog.

Braided paracord dog leashes from Salty's Own Nautical Leashes

The float leashes (below) are designed to float when your dog goes swimming. They’re made from floating marine safety line, according to Salty’s. The handle and clip ends are secured with reflective military grade paracord. And, according to the company, these leashes are “strong enough to hold a boat!”

Float leash from Salty's Own Nautical Leashes

The only downside that I could think of with these leashes is the paracord is naturally a bit stretchy. So while the material is very comfortable on my hands, it also gives strong pullers like Remy a little extra “give.” On the other hand, you can also use that slight stretchiness to your advantage because it absorbs a bit of the “shock” when a dog pulls. And these leashes are seriously very durable!

What is the cost of a leash?

Use code MUTT10 for 10% off all products. Click here.

Most of the 6-foot leashes are about $39.99 but the price ranges a bit due to the different lengths.

Smaller lengths for small dogs and puppies are usually about $28.

Pros of Salty’s Own leashes:

  • Small, family-owned company in Massachusetts
  • Mother/daughter team
  • Excellent quality – these leashes are “strong enough to hold a boat!”
  • Made with USA paracord and hand tied
  • Comfortable on your hands
  • Huge variety of color options
  • Smaller sizes available for small dogs and puppies
  • $1 shipping in USA

I recommend these paracord dog leashes if you’re looking for a good-quality 6-foot leash that will last several years. There are also unlimited color options, and it’s nice to know the leashes are hand tied!

Order a leash here – Use MUTT10 at checkout for 10% off

My dog Ace with his float leash from Salty's Own Nautical Leashes

Cons of the paracord dog leashes:

  • These paracord dog leashes stretch a bit, not quite like a bungee but there is some “give”
  • So smooth on your hands that it’s hard to get a good grip for extra strong “pullers”
  • I know $40 seems like a lot for a leash but the quality is worth it

These paracord dog leashes might not be best for you if your dog tends to lunge or jump at other dogs due to the way the leash stretches a bit. However, you can request your leash to come with a traffic lead loop for extra control (see the example below). I highly recommend that option.

Salty's Own Nautical Leashes

Giveaway information – Win a free leash for your dog

Salty’s Own Nautical Leashes is giving away a free leash to a reader of That Mutt. (Update: The giveaway has ended.)

To enter:

Just leave a comment below so I know your dog wants IN on the drawing. Let me know why you’re interested in a new leash.

I’ll choose a winner at random on Tuesday Feb. 6. I’ll notify the winner by email and will post here as well. Update: Congrats to Ken S.!

Salty's Own Nautical paracord leashes

Is your dog interested in a paracord leash from Salty’s Own Nautical Leashes?

Let me know in the comments.

Please share this post with anyone who might be interested in paracord dog leashes.


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Keith Amdur

Thursday 20th of September 2018

Salty’s Own Nautical Leashes are beautiful and strong too. I bought the Taos leash and collar for my yellow lab. Boy, does she look good. Awesome stuff, very well made.

Kerry Schwidde

Monday 5th of February 2018

Please add Fritzel & Colby Dog to your wonderful giveaway. We haven't tried the Paracord style leash yet. They look stylish, strong, light & perhaps a go to leash. Thank you for the chance!

Mallory H.

Monday 5th of February 2018

Our dogs would love to be in the drawing! And for the reason why...well because I love leashes! All the different kinds!!

Alice Turcotte

Sunday 4th of February 2018

Sadie and Jake say "me too"

Yolanda York

Sunday 4th of February 2018

Just adopted a dog and I would love one. They look so pretty and durable!