Primalvore Bone Broth for Dogs Review & Giveaway

My dogs Ace and Remy were super excited they got to try the organic bone broth for dogs from the new company Primalvore. I love the name Primalvore, and this is a new brand I’m eager to share with you.

This is the first time my dogs have actually had bone broth, and they seem to love it. Primalvore’s bone broth is made with organic ingredients and without artificial flavors or preservatives.

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The company is giving away a 12-ounce pouch of organic bone broth to two readers of That Mutt. Just leave a comment at the end of this post to enter.

Primalvore Bone Broth Review

Primalvore bone broth review

Primalvore’s bone broth is made by slowly simmering bones and water for up to 20 hours. This achieves a rich flavor. The company uses bones from certified organic sources. The company also adds organic turmeric and collagen to the broth. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Learn more on Primalvore’s website here.

The broth currently comes in four flavors: free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, duck or free-range turkey. We received the chicken and the beef.

Primalvore bone broth review

The packages are 12 ounces and resealable (refrigerate after opening). The recommended serving size is about 1 ounce per 10 pounds so I split the pack of 12 ounces between my two 60-pound(ish) dogs. The product is packaged in BPA free standup pouches.

The broth contains no additives or artificial ingredients and is made from human grade ingredients and processed in a USDA/FDA approved facility, Primalvore said. The broth has a shelf life of 18 months.

Cost of Primalvore and ordering info

The cost is $10.99 per 12-ounce pack. They’re currently on sale for $9.99.

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More ways to save:

  • Get 20% off if you sign up for a subscription.
  • Order 6 or more pouches and get free shipping.

Primalvore review and promo code

More info – Primalvore bone broth for dogs

Bone broth is a natural source of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Primalvore said it can support mobility, gut health, digestion and a healthy coat and nails.

Bone broth is a supplement that can be fed to your dog between meals or added to your dog’s food. The broth can be mixed in with dry dog food, raw food or cooked food. Or, you can just feed it cold or warm on its own, depending on what your dog prefers.

Primalvore bone broth for dogs

Primalvore also suggested using the broth to re-hydrate freeze-dried food, and I recommend using it if your dog is a picky eater. It smells yummy!

I like Primalvore’s suggested to use the bone broth as a hydration before or after hikes, long walks or dog sports. Since our pup Remy is a distance runner now, clocking 11+ miles in a stretch, we thought this would be healthy treat for him after his Saturday long runs. He loves it!

Organic bone broth for dogs

And our senior dog, well, he enjoys the bone broth too of course!

Primalvore is a new company, and I’m really glad to be a part of spreading the word about them. The brand’s vision is:

“… to promote carnivorous and healthy eating for our canine companions. The approach is simple: Create delicious and functional supplements, meals and treats made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients that are always wholesome, sustainable and human grade. Premium ingredients and uncompromising quality are what sets Primalvore ahead of the pack.”

Primalvore video

Here is a video we made about Primalvore:

Ingredients in Primalvore bone broth for dogs

The ingredients in the bone broth are on the website and packaging. As an example, here are the ingredients of the chicken version:

  • Organic bone broth
  • Collagen peptides
  • Organic turmeric

Primalvore bone broth for dogs review

What I like about Primalvore’s bone broth:

  • Organic
  • Source of amino acids, minerals and vitamins
  • Supports healthy joints, gut health and shiny coat
  • Dogs love!
  • Human grade
  • Grain free
  • Made in USA
  • Free-range chicken & grass-fed beef

I recommend the Primalvore bone broth for anyone who wants to give their dogs a nutritional boost or a healthy treat. If you feed your dog a homemade raw or homecooked diet, this would be a great supplement to add. If you feed your dog dry food, this is a way to add additional nutrients to his diet. ORDER HERE.


  • Cost: $10.99 for 12 ounces. (Get 20% off on your first order with code THATMUTT)

This product may not be for you if you’d rather make your own bone broth. I’ve never made bone broth, but I know people who enjoy making it for themselves and their dogs.

Giveaway – Win Primalvore bone broth for your dog

Primalvore is giving away a 12-ounce pouch of bone broth to two readers of That Mutt.

Bone broth for dogs

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment below and I’ll choose the winner at random on Tuesday April 3. (U.S. mailing address required to win.) Let us know why your dog would love some bone broth!

We’re also offering a separate giveaway through our Instagram page. That info will be available here very soon.

Finally, That Mutt’s Patreon members receive automatic entries into all the blog’s giveaways, including this one. Click here to join us and support the blog. Thank you!

Is your dog interested in Primalvore bone broth for dogs?

Let us know in the comments. And please share this post with anyone who might be interested in Primalvore.

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45 thoughts on “Primalvore Bone Broth for Dogs Review & Giveaway”

  1. Nancy Eckstrom

    My Native American Indian Dog pup loves a little bone broth for breakfast. I try to keep some in the freezer but plan to try this product for back up.

  2. My two would love this. With the long shelf life, I think this would be a good addition to my “pet emergency bag”. It is also nice to have a reliable back up to home made broth.

  3. I was so excited for this until I realised a us shipping address was needed. Anyway, what an amazing product!! Im going to try and source it here in Australia for my two pooches!

  4. allison hoffman

    this is an amazing giveaway! I would love to win this for my dog Talou. Bone broth is a great supplement for dogs

  5. I’ve had a finicky pup eater the last 2 months and he’s finally decided that chicken and it’s broth is a good meal. Ied be very interested in trying this product as it may also help with his appetite and well being.

  6. Mr. fussy eater Shaggy would probably love this. He has a home cooked meal every day, either liver, a “Shaggyburger”, or chicken. Enjoy your blogs … have learned a lot!

  7. Kristi Chapman

    This is great for dogs who are under the weather as well. I’m so glad to see bone broth catching on, it should be a staple in all homes. I make it when I can for myself and my arthritic Great Danes.

  8. Michele Venuti

    I would love to try this with my 5 mo. old puppy! IF Loki likes it, it will become a staple with his food.

    thanks and love this blog!!

  9. My 11 year old Shepherd mix Cookie, 2 year old Aussie mix Sunshine and the newest member of my zoo, 2 1/2 year old golden retriever Murphy would love to add bone broth to their raw diet! I’m so dedicated to their health and I know proper nutrition is first and foremost…important and vital!!!

  10. Carol Peterman

    Would love to win some bone broth for my 4 year old golden cocker mix. Think she would love it. Enjoy your wonderful blog!

  11. Our three pups love bone broth and I would love to try this product. Our family has two rescues, a lab mix, a Border Collie mix, and an Aussiedoodle (in training to be a therapy dog).

  12. We’d love to try the bone broth! I know they love chicken broth when I make it, but I worry it’s too salty for them.

  13. My dog and I could use something like this. Sounds like something he would like. I have tried a lot of different things, but this might work.

  14. Kado is 12 years old and has joint problems and I bet he would love this. Sounds interesting to try and I bet that he would love it if froze them into ice cube trays for a nice cool treat on Summer days.

  15. We make our own bone broth, but it sure would be nice to try this and have it on hand for those times we fall behind.

  16. Steel would love to try some Primalvore bone broth because she loves bone broth and variety is the spice of life.

    On a side note, I love your bowls. It’s hard to find something that deep that isn’t huge.

          1. I appreciate it! I think they will be perfect here. My lab, Steel, occasionally springs a leak. I believe this will help contain it!

  17. Molimo comes to the kitchen every morning looking for her “morning shot.” I’m sure she would love to try another flavor and brand.

  18. Angela Jackson

    Kyree Skye and Miya bear would love to win this to try because they have trouble with there knee joints like some small fur babies do . I just want them to feel the best they can , I love them to the moon and back ! Thank u

  19. My dogs love when I give them homemade chicken broth as a treat; bone broth would be much more flavorful since it is cooked longer, so I bet they’d love it even more.

  20. I have been making “carcus soup” for years during the Thanksgiving holidays. I throw all the scrap meat on the bone into a large pot and boil the mess out of it. It makes for a great turkey broth for soup.

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