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Bison Liver Treats for Dogs from Ageless Paws!

I want to let you know about the high-quality, freeze-dried bison liver treats for dogs from Ageless Paws.

Although I don’t have any personal dogs at the moment, I still get excited whenever I find out about healthy, single ingredient dog training treats.

The two little pups I’m watching for a few months as a professional pet sitter have had the immense pleasure of taste-testing the Ageless Paws freeze-dried bison liver bites for a few weeks now. They also got to try a few samples of the company’s freeze-dried turkey heart slices and chicken breast bites.

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Ageless Paws bison liver treats for dogs review

Sampling Ageless Paws treats - bison liver treats for dogs

What I think about freeze-dried treats

Freeze-dried treats were always my first choice when it came to picking up snacks for my raw-fed boxer mixes Missy & Buzz. That’s because it was simply not practical walking around with raw cuts of meat in my pockets! And, I consider dried raw protein the second best nutritional option you can offer your furry friend if the real raw deal isn’t available.

That being said, it’s actually completely irrelevant whether a dog eats raw meat, cooked food, canned meals or kibble. Freeze-dried treats are an enticing, delicious, and, most importantly, healthy snack option for all dogs! Even the more finicky pups seem to be drawn to freeze-dried treats.

The Ageless Paw bison liver treats are perfect for training, and they also make great meal toppers for dogs who need a little encouragement to dig in at mealtime.

Sampling the bison liver treats

What Rocky and Lila thought of the bison liver treats

I knew that Rocky, my gourmand guest, would devour the bison liver treats as well as the turkey heart and chicken breast I offered him in a heartbeat!

Even his sister, Lila, Miss gourmet who’s a lot more selective when it comes to food than him, gobbled hers up greedily. Needless to say that both pups weren’t shy about asking for more!

Visit Ageless Paws here

Bison liver treats for dogs from Ageless Paws

Please remember though to resist your pups’ pleading eyes once they’ve had about 10% of their daily caloric intake of these treats. Overfeeding dogs can lead to obesity and digestive problems.

What makes Ageless Paws bison liver treats irresistible:

  • They consist of one single source of protein – USA raised bison liver
  • Bison liver is rich in minerals, vitamins and the vitamin-like substance Coenzyme Q10 which supports cardiac health and has antioxidant properties
  • The bison is raised without the use of any antibiotics or added growth hormones
  • The treats don’t contain any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, fillers or any other additives such as sugar or salt
  • Bonus: The treats are small in size, which makes them great as training treats for all size dogs!

The turkey heart slices and chicken breast bites also consist of only one freeze-dried protein, and they don’t contain any artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Ageless Paws turkey heart slices

How much do the Bison Bites treats cost?

The Bison Bites are $12.50 per bag on the Ageless Paws website.

Order the treats here – use code THATMUTT15 for 15% off

(free shipping all orders over $49.99)

Ageless Paws Bison Liver Treats

More about Ageless Paws

These particular bison liver treats are created by dog lover Dr. Stephen Sinatra and distributed through his company Ageless Paws out of Manchester, CT.

Sinatra is a cardiologist and nutritionist with over 25 years of experience formulating nutritional supplements for people. He transferred his understanding of what’s keeping people healthy and aging well to pet health products. Just about all of Ageless Paws’ supplements are veterinarian-formulated and evaluated by the company’s very own vet consultant.

In addition to the freeze-dried treats for dogs, some of the company’s products include:

  • Probiotic chews for dogs
  • Calming chews for dogs
  • Nutrition chews for dogs
  • Freeze-dried treats for cats

View all products here.

Use code THATMUTT15 for 15% off your first order (sitewide). And there is always free shipping on orders over $49.99.


Ageless Paws logo

Are you interested in trying healthier treats for your dog?

In the comments, let us know if you have any questions about Ageless Paws or its products. We’ll get them answered for you!

Barbara Rivers writes regularly for That Mutt. She is a blogger, raw feeder and professional dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee