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Remy’s Energy

Some people tell me my dog Remy will settle down eventually, and … what they’re saying is fine. I know he’s obnoxious. His energy and immaturity are shocking to most, even to “dog people.”

So I try to hold him back, most of the time … but I don’t really mind that he’s “wild” …

Because one day my dog will grow old, and that’s if he’s lucky enough to make it to 9, 10 or 11. And I will miss these days.

I love Remy’s exuberance and how he does not take me seriously. I love his joy, goofiness and excitement about life!

Remy thinks being a dog is awesome! He reminds me to crash up mountains, to climb, play and joke around. Why be so serious?

I smile when he goes nuts around visitors and when he races up the trail with 110 percent effort! Or when he refuses to sit, stay, give up his toys or come back to me.

Someday my dog might not be able to keep up on the trails. So today is special. For a flash, right NOW, we get to be young together.

But time does not sit still.

So we will go for a run. And we will walk with and sit with our favorite people and dogs.

We’ll give the world our best.

“He’ll settle down,” they say.

Maybe. For now, let’s just enjoy today.


“For nearly their whole lives, we try to hold them back, try to stop their pulling. Then, in their final years, we just wish they’d pull, pull again.” -Me

A quote with my black Lab mix Ace

Remy and Ace 2017

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