Waterproof Dog Collar and Leash from Mighty Paw

My Mighty Paw dog gear collection has been steadily growing over the course of the last 12 months! My latest additions are their new waterproof collar and leash in bright orange.

Pekingese mix Lila, one of my current canine house guests, has actively worn the collar for several weeks now and gone for plenty of walks on the leash.

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Update: Congrats to the winner, Chris D.

Lila wearing the waterproof dog collar and leash from Mighty Paw

Features of the waterproof collar & leash:

  • Smell-proof & waterproof
  • Soft & bendable PVC-based coated nylon material
  • Comfortable grip
  • High visibility reflective stripe
  • Available in orange or green
  • The leash is 6 ft long and 1 in wide
  • The collar’s buckle is made of durable thermoplastic and the D-ring is made of nickel plated iron, both of which will hold up to longterm use in salt water
  • The collar comes in small, medium, and large sizes

Order a waterproof collar here.

I didn’t get to test the leash and collar in saltwater, but they passed my waterproof rain test with flying colors.

I figured I’d really put Mighty Paw’s waterproof claim to the test. I tossed both the collar and leash onto my patio during a recent storm. They got exposed to heavy rain for about an hour. As I went to inspect the collar & leash after the downpour, I was happy to notice the following:

  • The material withstood the rain 100% and didn’t feel soggy or stiff
  • It was easy to dry both collar and leash with a towel
  • Neither had a funky smell to them

I also made it a point to let the leash drag across some rain puddles while out on a walk in my neighborhood, and the material remained as intact as it did in the pouring rain on my patio.

Cost of the leash & collar

The leash retails for $19.99, and the collar is $15.99, regardless of size. You can use code MP20Mutt for 20% off either or both products.

View waterproof collars here.

I recommend both for outings in wet weather and on low light walks.

Obviously both the collar and the leash are the ideal dog gear during wet, rainy walks, but they also come in handy during our humid North Carolina summers.

Lila modeling the waterproof collar and leash

Just like I was able to do with the rainwater, the sweat from my hands wiped off easily, didn’t leave any residue or smell on the leash, and didn’t make the material feel or look stiff. I can see how this leash and collar will come in handy in snowy conditions during wintertime as well.

They’re also practical during low light walks because of the integrated reflective stripe. I tested its visibility during a late night walk with Lila, and the stripe became really visible both in an approaching car’s headlights and in my smartphone’s flashlight and camera light.

Waterproof reflective leash

Any cons?

I’ve written many dog gear reviews since I started blogging in 2014, and I’ve always come up with at least one or two cons, but in this case I honestly can’t think of one. Mighty Paw’s collar & leash combination is truly the perfect dog gear for all types of weather, and this is coming from my professional dog walker perspective!

Remy modeling the waterproof dog collar
Remy modeling the waterproof collar

Perhaps the only con is they are currently available in just two color options – green or orange.

Giveaway – win a waterproof collar and leash for your dog

Mighty Paw is giving away a waterproof collar and leash to one lucky reader of That Mutt!

You have two options to enter for a total of two entries:

  1. Leave a comment at the end of this post (1 entry).
  2. Join Mighty Paw on Facebook messenger (1 entry). By clicking this link you will be automatically signed up to receive updates from Mighty Paw about new products, special offers and sales about twice a month.

Lindsay will choose one winner at random on Thursday Nov. 15. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. Update: Congrats to the winner, Chris D.

Mighty Paw waterproof collar and leash review

Barbara Rivers writes regularly for That Mutt. She is a blogger, raw feeder and professional dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee

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37 thoughts on “Waterproof Dog Collar and Leash from Mighty Paw”

  1. Water proof would be perfect for Miss Sydney. She always dragging the leash around the yard, we live right next too a watershed, and it is constantly soaked! Orange is bright enough to see her in the dim light this time of year too.

  2. Zelva would love a waterproof collar for all the swimming and dock diving training we do. She also loves to roll in puddles and play in the rain…if it’s water, she’s in it.

  3. I like the features of these. Usually when they get wet it is bad. Smell and such. It is nice they are visible in dim light and to vehicles.

  4. Shelby Garrigan

    Would love a water proof odor proof collar and leash set. Especially a bright green (my favorite color) reflective one. Otis and I do a lot of night walking. He’s not a real social guy and prefers walking at night when less people are out and less is going on. Zen on the other hand is a social butterfly. She is also high energy and we do a lot of walking. Were from Illinois hot summers and cold snowy winters. So we walk sometimes during thunderstorms lbs. It would be great to have a leash and collar that towel dries and don’t smell for both summer and winter.
    I’d love to win this and try it out and eventually buy another. Right now one will be great cause Zen still pulls something awful so I very seldom walk them at the same time.
    I also would love to win this contest cause I’ve got a bit of an obsession with collar and leash sets. My dogs have a whole wall full of different style and color of collars and matching leashes. If I find a collar and leash that has a matching harness I buy it to and neither of them wear a harness. None of them are as needed as this one.

  5. My Dobie, Jaxson and I go in all weather and if I need a jacket or coat he wears his too. The visibility feature is icing! Thanks!

  6. We live in the Pacific Northwest so this would be perfect for us, we go on hikes at a farm near our house almost daily.

  7. Love them. Would certainly love to give them a try. Would also like to know the name of the harness Remy is wearing?

  8. We would love to win this set! We are planning to go on tons of muddy hikes soon, and anything waterproof that doesn’t get completely disgusting is awesome!

  9. Smell-Proof That’s the most important one.
    Especially after a day at the dog beach Gus’ current collar needs to be aired for at least 2 days….
    Both colors would fit my white lab perfect..

  10. I have 2 of these collars on my dogs. My old Labrador like to hide in the bushes in the yard at night and not come back inside. It’s like a game of hide and seek. But that reflective stripe makes her easy to see. I guess I’ve been winning the game a lot lately – lol. But seriously, these are quality collars. I had been through about 11 collars on my other Lab, Max. This one is holding up so well it almost looks like new. Very pleased.

  11. The waterproof (stink proof) collar I use for my Newfie is awesome with his thick fur. We would love a leash and collar combo!

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