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PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain Review + Giveaway!

I’ve been enjoying the relaxing sound of the PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain for a few weeks now, and I’ll preface this review by telling you that it’s already become one of my favorite interior doggie accessories I have ever owned!

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased a PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain and wanted to share it with you! You can order one on Amazon here.

PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain Review

I’ll let you in on a little secret about me – I’m a sucker for ceramic dog water bowls and have been using one for 6+ years before putting the ceramic PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain to the test.

The reason I like ceramic bowls so much besides their pleasing aesthetics is the weight of the material. They’re very hard to be knocked over or pushed across the floor. Lindsay’s dog Remy uses ceramic bowls as well!

Features of the Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain

Like I mentioned above, this Pet Water Fountain is made of ceramic, which means that it’s a solid material pets can’t move without substantial effort. Despite its weight, I still manage to carry the filled fountain to and from my kitchen sink without breaking a sweat, and I’m definitely not the strongest person.

Wally and doggie friend Houston rehydrating at my ceramic water stations

Besides the ceramic material, the following are its main features:

  • Indoor watering station best suited for small to medium size dogs (& cats)
  • 2-level ceramic dishes
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Holds 70 oz of filtered water
  • 2 drinking areas
  • Dual free-falling streams
  • 4 different color options – Himalayan blue, red, taupe, or white
  • Low-voltage 12V system with submersible pump for safety and quiet operation
  • Retails for $89.99


How to assemble and fill the Pet Water Fountain

I had read a few reviews about the Pet Water Fountain before getting it and have to say that I expected the assembly to be a pain. But surprisingly enough, it didn’t take long at all thanks to the clear instructions it came with.

It only took me about 20 minutes to figure out how the individual components work together AND take below pictures. That’s an acceptable time frame for me personally.

Assembling the Pet Water Fountain

Once the fountain was ready to be filled with water, I made sure to use filtered water from my fridge. Partly because I’m a water snob and so is my pup, but the manufacturer also recommends using filtered water when filling the fountain to avoid hard-water buildup.

It’s important to make sure to leave at least half an inch of space between the water level and the rim of the dish to help control spills and splashing. It’s ok to simply add water while the fountain’s plugged in once you notice the level getting lower. Don’t let it fall below 1 inch in height to avoid burning out the pump.

While it’s designed to run continuously, it doesn’t need to run non-stop when you know it won’t be in use. I personally unplug it at night, as well as when I’m watching a movie.

Since the fountain is in close proximity to my TV in the living room, the water sound becomes a distraction at that point. Besides that obvious sound, it doesn’t make any operating noise at all!

Benefits of the Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain

I believe that by now we’ve established that this doggie water feature is a cool accessory, but there are also actual benefits to using a pet water fountain:

  • The ceramic design is hygienic
  • It entices dogs to drink more, especially kibble-fed dogs
  • It helps prevent urinary and kidney diseases by keeping dogs well hydrated
  • The elevated drinking dish offers relief for senior or arthritic dogs
  • It offers a convenient supply of fresh, filtered water
  • The constant water circulation inhibits bacteria growth

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How to get your dog used to drinking out of the Pet Water Fountain

The box the fountain came in suggested that pets are attracted by moving water, so I simply plugged the pet water fountain into electricity and went ahead and enjoyed the sound of the dual free-falling streams, ready to watch my pup Wally drink out of his cool new water dish.

Wally, however, wasn’t too keen on exploring that new flowy “toy” and instead just laid down next to it. He stayed there until I brought out his treat bag and tossed some edible goodies into the lower dish of the fountain.

He ended up fishing them out of it, but let his visiting doggie friends Lila & Rocky test the waters first, pun intended. Both Rocky & Lila didn’t hesitate to drink out of the fountain right away (both are kibble-fed).

Rocky drinking out of the Pet Water Fountain
Lila drinking out of the Pet Water Fountain

I will say that Wally has been drinking less water ever since I switched him over to a raw diet, and that’s perfectly normal as raw meat is a lot more moist than dry and even canned dog food.

So he probably just wasn’t overly thirsty when I had finished putting the fountain together. He’s been drinking out of it a few times per day since, and usually drinks from the top level.

Wally about to fish out the treats I tossed into the Pet Water Fountain

Rather than plugging the fountain into electricity right away, you could also just let it sit without the water being in motion. That way, your pup can get used to drinking out of his new water dish before you add the movement and the sound of the falling water to it.

How to clean the Pet Water Fountain

The Pet Water Fountain’s manufacturer recommends cleaning it once a week. As mentioned before, the two porcelain dishes are top-rack dishwasher safe and passed my dishwasher test with flying colors. It only takes a few minutes to disassemble the fountain, and the same applies to putting it back together.

The 2 porcelain dishes are top-rack dishwasher safe

The fountain comes with two filters that need to be replaced on a regular basis, the charcoal filter and the foam filter.

The charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors, and keeps the water fresh. It needs to be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how many pets drink out of it and whether or not any breeds prone to slobbering use the fountain.

The foam filter collects hair and debris and prevents it from reaching the pump, providing optimal filtration. It needs to be replaced every 4-8 weeks, again depending on how many pets share the fountain.

Both filters can be purchased on the Drinkwell Pet Fountain website or on Amazon. A 4 pack of the carbon charcoal filters costs $9.95, and a 2 pack of the foam pre-filters costs $5.99.

The fountain’s pump also needs to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure the water’s cleanliness and the fountain’s functionality. It needs to be cleaned every 2 weeks by disassembling it and cleaning the parts with warm soapy water, and its cavity with a cotton swab or bottle brush.

PetSafe Drinkwell pet water fountain

Final thoughts about the Pet Water Fountain

A few final thoughts, and don’t forget to enter our giveaway by leaving a comment below!

The Pet Water Fountain is quick to assemble, makes no noise besides the falling water sound, and is made of easy to clean ceramic.

I love its stylish look as much as the calming water sound, and get a little kick out of watching Wally drink from it. It’s really cute!

In my opinion, the fountain’s maintenance isn’t overly complicated, mainly because the instructions provided are excellent and easy to follow. I haven’t needed to purchase any replacement parts yet, but the brand makes it easy to find and order them.

Cost of PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain

The one downside of this particular fountain is its price point with just shy of $90. But, according to several Amazon reviews it’s a long lasting product, so it seems like a good investment overall.

We also hope you’ll enter our giveaway below!

Giveaway – Win a PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain for your dog!

That Mutt is giving away a PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Water Fountain to one lucky reader!

*The giveaway has ended. Congrats to Selena W.!

To enter, just leave a comment below so we know your dog or cat would like in on the drawing! Why are you interested in this fountain?

Lindsay will choose a winner at random on Tuesday March 19. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

Would your pet like a water fountain?

Let us know in the comments!

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Sandy Weinstein

Sunday 17th of March 2019

i think this would be great because my girls wont drink the water if it is the least bit dirty. they just look at me. i have to refill their water bowl several times a day as well as clean it out because of their beards. they get their beards dirty when eating, so that gets the water dirty. i also like that it is pleasing to look at. i like that you can stick it in the dishwasher.


Sunday 17th of March 2019

My dogs would love this as they love fresh water, especially running water this would replicate that perfectly.

Kimberly French

Saturday 16th of March 2019

Love the fact that it's ceramic, and I know Lena the Hyena would love running water where she doesn't have to get her feet wet! Thanks for reviewing.


Friday 15th of March 2019

I've never tried any type of water fountain for my pups. My Weimaraner likes to dunk her whole nose into her bowl. I say she's snorkeling, not drinking. I wonder if she would like to snorkel in this Petsafe Drinkwell?


Wednesday 13th of March 2019

Nice idea! I have water bowls everywhere!