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Strive for what you love

Dogs have it easy. They adapt well to whatever environment they’re in. The first year of my mutt’s life was not ideal. He lived with a family that kept him in a kennel nine hours a day, never walked him (not once) and never trained him. Even so, when I met Ace for the first …

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Breed profile: Great dane

People always ask if my mutt is part great dane. I was at a dog show in Fargo last weekend and saw black great danes that looked exactly like a large version of my mutt, and now I’m convinced he is part dane. It explains his smooth, shiny coat and long legs. Although klutz is …

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Tips for better blog writing

Since a lot of writers read my blog, I thought I’d share some ways to write better, from an editor’s perspective. 1. Get to the point right away. When I’m writing for my blog, I make my focus clear in the first sentence or paragraph. People are not going to read halfway through a cute …

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