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Pet Hair Removal Rollers – Mighty Paw

I recently tested out the new Pet Hair Removal Rollers from Mighty Paw.

I’m sharing my feedback below, along with some additional feedback from some of That Mutt’s readers who also tested out the rollers. 

This article is sponsored by Mighty Paw.

… Enter our purebred Labrador, Rip!!

We got Rip as a puppy last summer and now that he’s full grown, OH MY LORD, does he shed! It’s unbelievable.

He’s a good boy!

I thought my black Lab mix Ace was the King of shedding. We called him “Pig Pen” because he left black “tumbleweeds” of hair everywhere.

But Rip seriously sheds way more than all of my past dogs, even Ace, which I didn’t think was possible. 

I don’t know how this dog manages to have any hair left on his body.

I should be vacuuming every day (I don’t). 

Keeping pet hair removal rollers on hand is a wise choice if we want to go anywhere without looking like we slept in a nest of Labradors.

I also have a new baby, and putting him on the floor means he will also be covered in dog hair instantly!

The baby drools and puts his hands in his mouth and you can only imagine how much dog hair sticks to his face, clothes and hands! 

It really is disgusting! 

Not to mention the gross pet dander and germs. My poor baby.

So …

Here are some features of Mighty Paw’s pet hair removal rollers:

  • Small, compact rollers – meant for keeping on hand for your clothing, furniture or car seats
  • Comes with two handles – keep one at home and one in your car or office
  • Fits in a purse, small backpack or briefcase
  • Comes with 450 sheets total
  • 5 rolls with 90 sheets each
  • BPA free, no chemicals – safe for use directly on your pet for grooming or to use on your kid’s clothes

Check out the lint rollers on Amazon HERE

Pros of the Mighty Paw pet hair removal rollers

There are a LOT of pet hair lint rollers on the market and here are three reasons I would consider Mighty Paw over the others:

1. Value of these pet hair rollers

With all of Mighty Paw’s products, you’re getting good value for the price.

In this case, you get two handles and 450 sheets for around $12.99 depending where you buy. I think that’s a great deal.

Click here to view on

Click here to view on Amazon

2. Stickiness of these lint rollers!

I worked as a dog walker for years, and during that time I always kept a lint roller in my car. Sometimes I ended up with a generic brand that was definitely not very sticky.

Mighty Paw says on the packaging that their rollers are “extra sticky!” and I agree the sheets do a great job picking up Lab hair, dander, crumbs and God knows what else.

One reviewer on Amazon wrote:

“I’ve used them in my car and this actually worked to get hair off the seat that the vacuum didn’t.”

Another wrote: “This roller does a great job of picking up pet hair. I used it on a seat cover in the back of the car and it picked up most of the hair.”

(I chose not post any images of hair on the rollers. I think you can imagine.)

3. Family owned small business

I personally prefer to buy from a small business like Mighty Paw vs. a huge brand. 

Mighty Paw has great customer service and either the founder or a member of the team will personally respond when you reach out with questions. 

The company also offers a 100% money back guarantee on all of its products. So if you’re not happy with the product for any reason whatsoever, they will refund your money, no questions asked.

Like I mentioned earlier, several of That Mutt’s readers were also able to review this product. Email me at if you’d like to join the group and review products too. 

Here is some feedback from another reviewer:

“The rollers are really compact for how many sheets are on it. It’s a little difficult to figure out how to remove 1 sheet at first (it comes off in a spiral), but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy. 

“My dog sheds enough to create another dog every few days, so I don’t use sticky rollers often (I’ve learned to live with lots of dog hair), but when I really need to get his hair off of something, I will definitely use these.”

Additional feedback on the pet hair removal rollers:

One reviewer said the rollers are too small in general, and I agree.

I like how compact the rollers are. This is convenient for storing in a drawer, purse or backpack. 

But the small size means you sometimes need several sheets in order to collect all the hair off the couch, your pants or a blanket if you have a big dog.

If each sheet had a larger surface area, I wouldn’t have to stop to get a new sheet every 30 seconds. 

Difficult to remove the sheets

Another comment from reviewers is the sheets don’t tear off easily enough. 

I agree. It was confusing at first to tear off a sheet because they’re in a “spiral” pattern and you have to find the little corner piece to tear off.

Once you know where to look, it’s not a big deal.

It’s also difficult to get your fingernail under the sheet to tear it off, in my opinion.  

Roller slides off the handle

The roll tends to slide part way off the handle when you’re using it (not all the way off, though). 

I tried both handles and putting different rolls on to make sure it wasn’t just one of the handles that had this problem – it happened with both.

When you make sure to slide the roll on tight, it doesn’t slide as easily but still does.

I’m sure Mighty Paw will get plenty of comments on this from their customers and they will likely find a way to fix this issue in the next model.

When you’re getting 450 sheets at a great price, this is something most people should be able to put up with.

Other pet hair removal products:

If you need some serious hair removal, you might want to look into a Swiffer Sweeper to use between vacuum sessions. I also like our handheld Dyson vacuum because it’s compact and easy to store.

There are also huge, mega pet hair removal rollers available if you need them. 

But in general, Mighty Paw’s pet hair removal rollers are great for all pet owners to have on hand in addition to other products. I would keep one at home and one in your car or office.

Dog grooming tools to consider:

Where to order Mighty Paw’s pet hair rollers

Mighty Paw’s pet hair removal rollers get the job done, and it’s nice you can easily tuck these away in a drawer or bag.

Click HERE to view them on

Click HERE to view on Amazon

Here’s a video from Mighty Paw showing the roller in action:

If you’ve tried this product, let me know your feedback in the comments!