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I am nowhere near an expert on cats. I have no idea how to train them. I don’t think anyone does. But I love cats, and my two challenge me in ways my mutt Ace doesn’t. Cats are just so darn smart. Although I don’t believe all cats are smarter than all dogs, my two …

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My cat Scout has an attitude and never gets too festive. But check out this yellow Labrador we saw during the Jamestown, N.D., Runnin O’ the Green last Saturday. His name is Hayduke, and he is owned by Jennifer Kross. I hope to see you at the Jamestown St.Patty’s run 2010! March miles: 25

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For someone who always tells people not to let their dogs rule the house, I have to admit something. My cats totally rule mine. Or at least they think they do. When my gray tabby, Scout, wants something, he scratches my couch or slams my kitchen cupboards. Out of nowhere he casually lets his claws …

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