30-day challenge: Walk your dog every day (Days 19-21)

Today is day 21 of my challenge to walk my dog every day.

I failed my own challenge though, because when I started it I forgot I had planned a week-long trip without Ace. Oh well, we picked up where we left off when I got back Friday.

Actually, I think the break helped Ace because he has been heeling better in the last two days. Plus, my parents walked Ace while I was gone, and they said he heeled well while wearing the Gentle Leader. It is nice to know my dog walks decently with someone other than me.

Today in Fargo we are in the middle of a snowstorm. Yes, it is April 6 and we are getting several inches of snow and the wind chill is around 15 degrees right now. Walking this morning was not pleasant. Gotta love this state.

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  1. I wouldnt look at it as a failure Lindsay… because thats what happens, we all have to account for things interupting our routines…the fact that you started straight back into it shows committment..I think your doing brilliantly…x

    Abbey’s last blog post..Walking Challenge, Day 7-11

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