Would you ever buy an indoor potty for your dog?

I don't see any reason to ever have to train a dog to pee in the house. If I am going to be gone so often that my dog has to pee on fake grass in my living room, then I should own cats and not dogs.

I understand that older dogs and puppies have accidents in the house, but that is not what this product is marketed for.

This artificial grass is for people who live in apartments or condos and are too lazy to take ten minutes to let their dog outside on a leash.

It is also for people who work long hours and can't get home to let their dogs out often enough. By the way, these tables sell for as much as $400, plus another $100 for shipping. There are smaller versions such as the Potty Patch that are less expensive.

I just find the whole concept gross. Then again, people will do anything to own a dog and having artificial grass for dogs is better than the dog peeing on the rug.

What do you think about fake indoor grass for dogs?

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