30-day challenge: Teach your dog five new commands (day 24)

While training my dog, I have learned to set up situations where he is likely to be successful. Ace has been working on “roll over” for the past week or two, with little success. The only time he rolled over on command before today was outside in the grass.

So I took Ace out for a run today and stopped three times to tell him to roll over in the grass. He did it all three times. This is a huge step for Ace, because before today he wouldn’t roll over on his own at all. Hours later, Ace rolled over on command on the kitchen floor before I gave him his dinner. I don’t think he would’ve done this had he not practiced in the grass earlier.

When Ace is really hungry, he does not normally focus and perform new tricks well. So I was surprised he actually rolled over when food was involved. This was another sign he is making progress with this command. It’s about time!

Today was day 24 of my 30-day challenge to teach my dog five new commands: bang, roll over, go long, crawl and bucket. Click here to see my other 30-day challenge posts.

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