Bitter apple spray for dog training

Bitter apple spray works to stop a dog’s chewing and other bad habits.

Bitter apple spray is a bad tasting liquid you can spray on furniture, leashes, your hands and dogs’ bodies to get them to stop licking or chewing that area. It tastes bad, so they avoid it.

There are different brands of the spray, and it comes in a gel form, too. I have only tried the spray.

The first brand I tried about 20 years ago was Grannick’s Bitter Apple. I got it for my golden retriever puppy, Brittni, to prevent her from chewing objects, especially her leather leash during walks. It worked.

Of course, there are other, better ways to teach a dog not to chew something, but the spray is a quick fix. Brittni did not chew her leash again after she got a taste of the bitter apple spray.

Puppies need to be taught limits, like what they can and cannot chew, whether or not they are allowed on the furniture and not to bite hands.

Obviously, a dog owner can’t spray everything in the house with bitter apple. But for an especially difficult puppy that keeps chewing something in particular, or if you need to put a stop to something right away, this spray really does do the trick.

Bitter apple spray on Amazon


Another plus: Humans can’t see it or smell it, and it will not stain furniture or clothes. So, in my opinion, why not have a bottle around? It can’t hurt. Oh, and an 8-ounce bottle only costs about $10. Order yours here.

Have you ever used bitter apple? Did it work?