Best Food Puzzles for Dogs

Whoever invented food puzzles for dogs deserves a medal, in my humble opinion!

That’s because dog food puzzles keep dogs busy and entertained when I can’t. Food puzzles are one of my favorite mental enrichment accessories.

As a result, I’m currently the proud owner of seven different food puzzles, several of which I’ve had for a few years. I recently added more to my collection because it’s a good idea to rotate the food puzzles to keep my pup interested.

This brings me to today’s blog post where I’ll be telling you all about my different dog food puzzles. Three of my favorites include:

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Food puzzles for dogs range in difficulty from easy to more challenging, but before I go into more detail, let’s first take a look at the specific benefits of dog food puzzles in general.

5 enrichment benefits of dog food puzzles

1. Dogs are home alone and in need of mental stimulation. The latter can also help alleviate mild separation anxiety because it keeps dogs busy and less focused on the fact that their human isn’t home with them.

2. We can’t be outside as much due to weather or other reasons. Fun boredom busters are welcome on those days spent inside due to below freezing temperatures, torrential downpours and similar severe weather, the summer heat and humidity. 

See our post: Tips for exercising your dog indoors.

3. A dog’s physical activity is restricted due to age or recovery from sickness. Older dogs will benefit from a little entertainment that keeps them alert and thinking in-between their senior naps.

Younger pups who are battling illnesses like heartworm disease or a broken limb are severely restricted in their physical activities. As a result, they’ll need an outlet for their pent-up energy.

4. Entertainment in the crate. Dog food puzzles combine a little playtime with food rewards and mental stimulation, which will be particularly helpful when a dog or puppy is crated. 

5. We’re in need of some uninterrupted time. Especially when many of us are working from home these days and might have several calls scheduled.

If you have a high-energy dog, you want to make sure you’re providing plenty of physical AND mental exercise, as we wrote about in this post.

Safety recommendation for dog food puzzles

I do have to add that some supervision might be necessary with strong chewers around certain dog food puzzles. In other words, not all food puzzles are designed to be left home alone with your dog.

I’ll add my safety recommendation to each dog food puzzle, but ultimately you’re the one who knows your dog best and it’ll be up to you to gauge whether or not he’ll need supervision around it. 

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7 best food puzzles for dogs

These are some of my favorite food puzzles for dogs. Please add your own favorites in the comments for others to try!

1. KONG Treat Toy

Order a KONG here

  • Can be filled with dry, wet, or raw dog food
  • Freeze for a longer chewing session
  • Made with natural rubber that makes the toy bounce erratically
  • Made in the USA 
  • Comes in 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

Safety recommendation: We have the black large size Extreme KONG toy that’s made for power chewers and it has withstood Wally’s chewing attacks! I bought it after he destroyed a puppy and a classic (red) KONG toy.

You should be able to leave the Extreme version alone with your strong chewer. (It holds up to Lindsay’s dog Remy as well!)

2. Nylabone Busy-Time Stuffable Dog Toy

Order the Nylabone Busy-Time toy here – just $12.99 on Chewy

  • Can be filled with dry, wet, or raw dog food
  • Freeze for a longer-lasting chew session
  • Made of natural rubber that bounces and rolls for exciting playtime
  • Bacon flavored
  • Textured nubs to help clean teeth
  • Comes in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large)
  • Hand wash only

I have the large Nylabone stuffable toy for Wally, and he hasn’t destroyed it yet after using it for months!

Safety recommendation: Made for strong chewers. Your pup should be fine home alone with this stuffable toy. Nylabone also carries stuffable toys for power chewers if your pup falls into that category.

3. Outward Hound Fun Feeder

Order an Outward Hound fun feeder – just $12 on Chewy

  • Helps dogs eat up to 10x slower
  • Encourages natural foraging skills through fun patterns and mazes
  • Non-slip base
  • Made from food-safe materials that are BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free
  • Works great for dry, wet, and raw dog food diets
  • Comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

I can even put my dog’s raw dog food in this bowl. It looks gross, but it’s a great puzzle for him!

I have the medium size Fun Feeder, and that one holds 2 cups of dry or wet dog food.

The brand claims that their feeder bowl will slow eating habits down tenfold. Surprisingly enough, it took Wally 5 minutes to eat his 6 ounces of raw dog food out of the fun feeder. It usually takes him a minute only for meals consisting of individual cuts of meat. The brand’s claim was correct in Wally’s case!

It slowed his little doggie friend Lila down some when she ate her dry dog food out of it, but the difference wasn’t as drastic as with Wally.

Wally’s raw meal above includes:

2 duck wings, duck tenders, duck gizzards, a secreting organ blend, kefir, and homemade pumpkin purée. 

Safety recommendation: This feeder is made of hard plastic and not intended to be a chew toy. I wouldn’t leave your dog alone with it if he’s a happy-go-lucky chewer!

Simply pick it up after your dog has eaten, and that will do the trick. As it is, I recommend washing dog bowls after each use to prevent bacteria buildup and to prevent any insects like flies, ants or roaches from getting attracted by it. 

4. Paw 5 Wooly Snuffle Mat for Dogs 

Order a Wooly Snuffle Mat here

  • Encourages natural foraging skills
  • Easy to fill
  • Machine washable
  • Sustainably handmade in Thailand and Ghana from a combination of virgin & upcycled materials
  • Rubber mat on bottom 
  • Great for all size dogs
  • Available in one size 12″ x 18″ 

Safety recommendation: Not for aggressive chewers. If your dog is known to chew up blankets and doggie bedding, I probably wouldn’t leave him alone with the snuffle mat. I can see it being an invitation to rip out the individual pieces of gray “grass.”

My pup Wally and my roommate’s dog Lila don’t chew up their bedding, so they’re fine when left alone with the mat, and so were my previous dogs Missy & Buzz.

I also found that the Snuffle Mat has been great at teaching Wally and Lila to politely share treats within a confined space. What I would do is have each pup “sit-stay” on one end of the mat with me sitting in the middle while putting some treats on their respective side of the mat. Then I released them one after the other with an “ok” to sniff out their treats.

They’ve made a lot of progress, but note that I’ve been supervising all dog treat interaction on the mat with the pups, and that I wouldn’t leave any treats out on it when they’re home alone, unsupervised. I shake it out after each use to make sure there’s no treats left in it, and then put it back on the floor in the living room. 

5. KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Toy

Order a Kong Wobbler here

Kong Wobbler
  • Great for dry dog food & treats
  • Unscrews easily for filling
  • Wobbles, spins, and rolls
  • Available in small (5″) and large (8″)
  • Made in the USA
  • Top-shelf dishwasher safe

Wally has the 8″ Wobbler which holds up to 1 cup of dry food or treats. Out of all the treat dispensing toys, this one is his favorite!

Safety recommendation: Made for medium chewers. Power chewers shouldn’t be left alone with the Wobbler. As a matter of fact, the KONG packaging also recommends supervised use only.

Check out our post on the most durable dog toys if you have a power chewer!

6. West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Puzzle Toy

Order the West Paw Quizl here

The Zogoflex Qwizl claims to “extend the life of expensive dog treats,” and it’s true! It’s great for holding bully sticks or other longer chews such as duck wings.

  • Floats in water
  • Available in 2 sizes, small and large
  • 3 color choices: Aqua blue, granny smith, tangerine
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • Made in USA
  • Recyclable
  • Durable and built for tough chewers – 100% guaranteed against dog damage by manufacturer

Safety recommendation: Made for tough chewers. This puzzle toy is designed with strong chewers in mind and consists of thick bendable rubber, therefore it should be fairly safe to leave your dog (home) alone with it. 

7. Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball

Order a Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball here – just $12.45 on Chewy

  • Interactive dog toy ball
  • Difficulty level can be adjusted with the ball’s interior adjustable disc
  • Ball disassembles for easy cleaning with hot, soapy water
  • Available in 2 sizes, small (3″) and large (4″)
  • Durable and made of non-toxic materials (made in China)

Safety recommendation: Not for aggressive chewers. The walls of the ball aren’t made of thick plastic or rubber, so they would be a quick victim for tough chewers. I recommend using the Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball only under supervision if your dog has strong chewing tendencies.

Health benefits of dog food puzzles

Besides providing the obvious mental enrichment, dog food puzzles can also have a positive impact on our dog’s physical health. For instance, they can help decrease the risk of bloat. That’s a potentially fatal condition where the stomach twists on itself and cuts off the dog’s airways.

Dogs who inhale their meals have a higher risk of suffering from bloat, and gulpers who need to be slowed down can eat their food out of manipulated bowls shaped like a maze or out of hollow dog toys. 

There are a few puzzles that can indeed be filled with a decent amount of your dog’s dry, wet, or raw food. You’ll add at least a few minutes to his dinner time if you’re feeding him the puzzle route. Go ahead and freeze it for an even longer lasting session!

Now, I’d like to hear from you!

If your dog has a favorite puzzle toy or if you think she’d like one of these puzzles, let me know in the comments!

As a recap, here are three of our favorite puzzle toys:

If you have any questions about puzzle toys, let me know in the comments!

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Barbara Rivers writes regularly for That Mutt. She is a blogger, raw feeder and dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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102 thoughts on “Best Food Puzzles for Dogs”

  1. My border terrier has been having recurring issues from a cruciate ligament surgery last year. Arthritis is starting to kick in so we have had to official retire from ball throwing etc. Ive recently purchased a couple of puzzles for her and she loves them. I bring her for a walk and her dinner is usually given to her in a puzzle. I absolutely love the idea!

  2. Our 4 month old mutt (part Border Collie we know and we think part mini-Australian Shepherd and who knows) has #1 and I got a Fun Feeder last week. I put peanut butter in the Kong and freeze it – that takes care of 10 minutes in the evening. LOL. The feeder really slowed down his eating – he went from less than a minute to close to 5. I have discovered antler chews which give me time for a cup of coffee in the morning. 🙂 He has a treat dispensing ball but we have to supervise that as he rolls it under the couch a lot.

    And I am getting really great tips and information from thatmutt!

    1. My New best friend Ruger a 3 yo Boxer would love these prizes. They would help keep her busy and out of “ trouble” by giving her fun things to do when mom can’t play anymore due to a long list of health issues that prevent me from playing with her for long periods of time. She’s absolutely a beautiful loving creature I’m so lucky to have.

      1. I am getting a Scottie puppy. Lulu will be here next week. I am getting my things in order and finding out where to put her crate and playpen when she comes home. I would like to know about the toys for feeding raw to her. Are antlers a good chew toy for a puppy?

  3. Chessey Kristoff

    My doggo is a 120# mastiff, Pitt, Dane mix rescue. I have had him since he was a few months old. I have bought him several puzzle bowls and toys, the bowls he outsmarts with a swipe of his otter like clodhoppers, the king toys work well though! He is very smart and I love to watch him figure things out, well except for the puzzle dish that made a huge mess.

      1. My dog spends HOURS interested in his puzzles! They’re so great for keeping their minds busy and attention 🙂

  4. Puzzle toys are a life saver for my 10 month old Brittany!! The problem is she is so smart that some of the ones we have now barely challenge her anymore!

  5. Shari Danielson

    My 1 year Silky Terrier LOVES doing nose work! She has a wobble treat dispenser and a snuffle mat that she goes bonkers for! Looking for some new ones since she’s aced these now

    1. Have you done any classes with her? I don’t feel right giving you instructions on how to start her, but a certified instructor could.

      A different trainer also once suggested putting stinky treats in a teaball and hiding that. I stopped doing that when I decided I wanted to trial with my dog, but if you don’t any goals for competing, then it won’t hurt anything.

  6. My 1-year-old Lab mix Jack LOVES snuffle
    mats and puzzle toys! They are great for mentally wearing him out and help channel his energy, which his older fur sisters really appreciate. I also recommend several of these items to foster homes with the rescue I work with.

  7. My dog has limited mobility due to recently diagnosed intervertebral disc disease. He’s used to off leash hikes but is now confined to short leash walks and house ‘arrest’. It never occurred to me to get him a treat puzzle. What great idea to!

    1. Im in the same boat with my dog (cruciate ligament and arthritis). I find Puzzles are a lifesaver on the really hyper days!

  8. Kathleen Leitch

    Puzzle toys are crucial to keeping my Bichon Frise’s mind sharp. Since we’ve been out of agility classes due to Covid we have had to find alternate sources of brain teases for him. The outward hound puzzles are fantastic! We recently started to introduce buttons he can talk with(check out Hungerforwords). My boy thinks his job is learning and at 7, he still wants to learn more!!

  9. I love treat disoensing toys. I love to give my dog treats but I certainly think it is good for her to work for them. These would be fun to use.

  10. My dog definitely needs toys! She’s a boredom chewer and has eaten my dining table and chairs when I left the room for a few minutes!

  11. Puzzle toys are a lifesaver for my energetic 4 year old mix breed, Doc especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. I’m a big fan of the refillable Kongs that I freeze with PB and sweet potatoes. He also plays a game with tennis balls on a cupcake tray. People that walk into my house think I’m crazy! Doc loves it tho!

  12. I have a 2 year old Belgian Malinois. Puzzle toys are a staple in my house. I used a sniff matt and puzzle toys as a precursor to Nosework. I still use a frozen Kong daily so I can enjoy my coffee in the morning since my pooch is always “ready”. LOL.

  13. We have two dogs and also foster dogs. We love the wooden dog puzzles, the kong and the Our Pets IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy. One of my dogs absolutely loves the treat ball and could play with it for hours. Our dogs need supervision as they are labs and like to chew. They will start to chew the puzzles if they’re finished finding the treats!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Haha, yes my weim Remy will start to chew everything up as well. The only thing he can be trusted alone with is the black Kong toys! haha.

  14. Wow! I only really knew about the kong wobblers for keeping dogs entertained. I have three fur babies and thought that they would be enough company for each other. I would really appreciate having new toys for them and it would help out tremendously for their boredom when humans are not at home

  15. Abby who is two loves her puzzle bowl it slowed her gobbling and we now even float peas and apple pieces in it as an extra enrichment time for her. Dash is 9 and has bilateral hip dysplasia and has some days where he isn’t up to the huge walks that his sister Abby needs so we are looking for new puzzle toys for him when he gets left behind on his low energy/ high pain days. A snuffle mat may be great for him because it can both be used in the down position and standing and we could incorporate it into his physiology therapy exercises!!
    We need new toys!!
    Ann, Dash and Abby The Labby

  16. I would like to get these for Otto, our 5-mo old puppy-mill reject. He is a purebred miniature dachshund who grew too large to sell as a miniature. We obtained him from a local shelter. He has a huge, happy, and stubborn personality. These would be great entertainment for him on week days.

  17. I have very strong chewers and can only use Kong or nylabone items. I’ve always wanted to try the puzzles for I do have one pup that eats fast and I’ve wondered if it would really help him. Great give-a-ways to check some different items out!!!! Thanks Lindsay

  18. Our dogs love puzzle toys, and we do too! It means they are entertaining themselves and enjoying it. We haven’t tried the snuffle mat but it would work great for introducing scent and scent commands.

  19. One use I have found for puzzle toys is keeping my 2 dogs occupied during our many thunderstorms here in Florida. My 11-year-old Corgi has always had a mild fear and seems to predict bad weather is coming even before the clouds build up. Our 6-year-old mixed breed didn’t have an issue with storms until his brother seemed to tell him they are scary. I often keep client’s dogs in my home so it is nice to have multiple toys to keep all of the dogs happy (with supervision) and my dog’s minds off of an impending storm. Sometimes giving affection at the time they are nervous creates more anxiety but I have found the puzzle toys work amazingly well. The right one can keep them busy for a long time, especially when I add a peanut butter “plug” to the opening and freeze it ahead of time.

  20. Always trying to find creative ways to keep my 7-month old golden doodle active. Bella is so full of energy that zooming is A natural for her. She would play 24/7 and loves tug of war and retrieving! So some quiet time with puzzles would be a lifesaver for me!! Thanks for good quality, timely tips for us furparents!

  21. My dog gets all his meals in his KONG wobbler! he loves it and it helps with slowing down his eating! 🙂 he had a snuffle mat too that was lots of fun for him! its a great way to get his brain working and tired!

  22. Great Tips! My 10 month old Border Collie loves his ordinary Kong when it’s stuffed with yogurt and peanut butter. We’ve tried freezing it with food and chicken broth to slow down his eating. It’s funny because he tries to bark at the dispenser toys when they don’t dispense quickly enough, so we have to keep a close eye on him to make sure barking inappropriately doesn’t become a habit.

  23. My dog loves puzzle toys when he has to spend time in his crate. He looks forward to them and will go running to his crate when he sees me get them out.

  24. Samantha fisher

    Thank you for taking the time to inform the rest of us about these toys . although my mini schnauzer (Escruffier) is spolied and gets plenty of excersize. Im very curious about the snuffel mat. Please enter my best buddy in your contest to possibly win a few new toys . and let me be the first to congradulate who ever wins, best of luck to everyone .

  25. I have two heavy chewers, so these are some great ideas for them both. My English Bulldog Walter and my French Bulldog Blanche can’t take the summer heat here in Texas, so I have to get creative on their exercise inside and these would definitely help in that regard. Thanks for the opportunity to maybe win these.

  26. Yes! We are in the process of ditching the bowl and looking for more things and ideas on serving his food via Kongs and lickimats and other such things. He inhales food otherwise and keeping him occupied via alternative feedings means a calmer household as well.

  27. I can attest to the effectiveness of the fun feeder. While not the exact model I started using a similar product after my extra large Weimaraner suffered from bloat. ( he survived with the help of the emergency vet). It slowed his eating substantially.

  28. Briley, Rebecca

    I love your training comments and photos of your 2 pups ! My 5 year old black mouth cut has jaws of steal and the focus and will power of a hunter so she’s been tough to train to walk on leash past cows, deer and other joys of nature. She also is sweetness itself ! So learning is on going and I welcome every boot of encouragement!

  29. My senior Chihuahua would benefit from these puzzles. He has done some nose work in the past by searching for a caged rat hidden in hay bales. He loves to eat and i think he’d like the snuffle mat along with the others.

  30. I’d love to have a snuffle mat for my dogs. They like searching around for treats but find them too easily when I just throw them around. I think a snuffle mat would keep them busy for a while.

  31. I haven’t ever needed to use a puzzle toy with my other dogs, though I’ve recommended many to other people, and had my sister using them for one of her dogs for a while. My current busy pup,however, could definitely benefit from some puzzle toy time.

  32. Due to the extremely hot weather combined with heavy smoke from several fires in California we can’t go for walks right now. I try to find ways of exercising him but am running out of ideas.

  33. Getting ready to move into a Senior Independent Living situation. I will be taking my dogs but they will no longer have a backyard to run in. They will need additional stimulation.

  34. Both my Australian cattle dogs, Maxwell and Nakita, love brain games. I have a double sided disk that I hide treats in as well as their Kong. I’m always looking for new brain games For my dogs to keep them active. Maxwell is a very fast eater and would do extremely well with a puzzle dish in order to slow his eating down. Nakita can’t get enough of brain games. You always have such wonderful things going on on your site. I have gained a lot of information as far as training and exercising my dogs from you. Thank you so much for all the useful information and please consider Max and Nakita to be winners of this wonderful gift section.

  35. I’d love the mat for my dog, Kobe, he is so energetic and loves sniffing for things. I have a puzzle dish for him since he is fast eater. I know he would love the kong wobbler puzzle!

  36. I love giving Sasha puzzle toys! They make her brain work and she enjoys working them out. They’re so helpful to tire her out on days that are too hot to walk.

  37. My dogs really need new tuff toys. I have two big dog. The American Bulldog is extremely hard on his toys and chew toys.

  38. Diane Verishine

    My border collie is, shall we say, “lively”. The more toys I can give her to keep her occupied the better. Otherwise, I have to walk all day to wear her out.

  39. Henderson shelter have at least 30 stray dogs that would love to win this prize. Gone are the days of the pounds where dogs are left in concrete kennels and put down after 7 days. Henderson shelter have training plans, behavior improvement plans, enrichment daily plans and work with rescues throughout Auckland to find dogs foster homes and adoptions. Please consider this prize for the shelter dogs.

  40. We have two rescue dogs that would love some new puzzles. Burgess in 4 months old and he is starting to teethe, so some puzzles would keep him happy.

  41. I have an mini Aussiepoo Puppy. He needs so much stimulation! He loves toys and has chewed many up already with his shark teeth! I could use all the toys I can get!!)

  42. My dog Mr K needs a new puzzle toy! He has extreme anxiety during thunderstorms and heavy rains storms and both have been happening very frequently this summer. He’s a very smart dog (a Japanese hunting dog cross, rescued from the streets of China!) and I think having a puzzle toy to distract him during the storms would be super helpful.

  43. My chocolate lab loves toys, the more the better. He especially loves Kong toys — and so do I, cause he can’t destroy them!

  44. Deacon Dee Root

    You have given me some great ideas to ponder. My 11 year old Queensland is blind, but she loves to fetch. I have a tire ball with an enclosed bell so that can she hear where it goes. I have to leave her in the kennel three mornings a week, and she really needs something to keep her occupied while she waits. I keep buying stupid rawhide chews, which don’t last her very long. She would absolutely love all those puzzles that you are giving away. Thank you for the great article, and all your helpful emails.

  45. This is awesome! Jaxon and Nacho would both love to win, they both are extremely food and treated motivated. Jaxon currently uses a slow feeder bowl for eating and these would help slow Nacho down tremendou, and engage on thinking. Thank you for the opportunity!

  46. Denise Dimauro Lugo

    My Gracie Mae and my Scarlett O’Hara need Big toy puzzles because there mamma is to busy kissing them.

  47. My Poodle/pomeranian, Coala would love some new challenges. He has a couple of Outward hound games, but none of these.

  48. My little guy would love to win! Mum and Dad have both just started working full time and he needs to be kept busy throughout the day. Great ideas I will definiyely be looking to buy if we don’t win

  49. I have two all white Jack Russell Terriers. Boo & Itsy. Semi-famous on TikTok! We live in Nebraska & are outside all summer long. With winter being pretty harsh in Nebraska & right around the corner I can definitely see the value in puzzle toys to do indoors. Jack Russells are full of energy and mischief! I’m always on the look out for entertaining new ideas! Thanks

  50. Poppi, Australian Cattle Dog, Red Healer is almost 2 years old and is bored with eating this summer. I have to make her find her kibble or stuff it in a toy. Her favorite treat toy is so old, it is falling apart. It is an unstuffed tiger and you put the treats in its mouth. She shakes it and the treats fly out. Our cat, Poppi’s best friend also likes the kibble when it comes out. I have tried everything to find another one of these toys with no luck. The original one has to be getting germs in it after a year.

  51. I have two rescues… A lab/pitbull mix and a “chug” (Chihuahua/pug mix). My chug is still fairly active and eats like he hasn’t been fed for weeks. Any one of the puzzles would be great to slow his eating down. The lab/pit was either hit by a car or beaten by prior owner so she has arthritis and isn’t very active… she would rather sit in the sun. Since she isn’t very active the puzzles would keep her mind stimulated. She is an aggressive chewer so I monitor any toys I give her.

  52. I have a Bernouvier puppy who is 10 weeks old and already chewing on everything. She’s also a fast eater so these would definitely benefit her!

  53. Jeannie O'Connor

    My two mutts love the kong toy with peanut butter. It would be nice to have more puzzle toys that they could play with and challenge their mind.

  54. I adopted Mabel as the pandemic hit feeling I had enough income to handle the expense and I truly have the time to be patient. Now I’m out of work as of July and could use any help with Mabel supplies. As a beagle bulldog, she requires a special diet and since she was abused, she doesn’t know how to play with toys. I would love the opportunity to help her learn to play with these. Much appreciation. Best of luck to all of us

  55. My shepherd mix loves puzzle toys. We have one with sliding doors that hide a treat. She zips through this so fast! I also save peanut butter jars when they are mostly empty and let both dogs (have to have 2 jars of course) go at them. They lick and lick and carry around the jars for hours.

  56. Hi we just adopted anew pup a couple of months ago. He’s a mix of Jack Russel and many other breeds. He’s got crazy energy and eats so very fast. He’s also deaf which makes it hard for him to understand us. We’ve tried a lot of toys with him and he live his treats in his Kong holder but gets them out to fast. I love the idea of theMaze food dish I know that will help him slow down. My other dog is 8 and a sharpie lab mix she just tolerates him but I know she misses him when he’s gone. When he comes home she runs to the car and they touch noses to cute! So I believe those puzzles would actually help with both of my dogs! Thanks

  57. I have been researching food toys for awhile and found this article very helpful. I believe my dog needs the “play” stimulation due to my being retired and she does not have to be bored all day. I have a red kong and she enjoys using it. I would like other toys because she is very intelligent and gets bored and is gaining weight. She is an aggressive chewer and enjoys her chew bones. If I win the toys i would definitely buy more. thank you. Deb

  58. Lindsay Licwinko

    I bought a soft puzzle toy for my Boston Terrier Freddy. He is 2 yo and it’s a log with 3 squirrels inside. He cannot figure out how to get the squirrels out lol. He enjoys chewing on the log part more than anything. It just unfortunately, does not keep him busy for very long.

  59. As the work from home life may be coming to an end, I’d love to keep my black lab/old English sheepdog, Lindy, busy while I work with preparing her for the changes to come. I’m so concerned about her having separation anxiety and I know a good chew or food “game” would make her happy!

  60. Hi I Have A Border Collie mix Named Kobe. He is 1yrs old and would love to win some puzzle toys. He is very active to active with so much built up energy that I can not keep up with. He gets very board with all the toys he has and he has a lot of them. He also has very bad anxiety. Afraid of fireworks Thunderstorms and the car rides. We have one puzzle toy and yes it does help a bit. We would love to and need to add more to the collections.
    Thank you

  61. My hound girls would love some new toys! they have boxs full of shredded toys and good to know about the snuffle mat! I would be picking up that outside!

  62. My boy Tally No-Tail is a very bright, curious treat hound, and the more ways I can find to occupy his clever mind, the better off we both are. He lights up when he sees me retrieving one of his treat puzzles for a fill-up, because he knows he’s in for at least a few minutes of entertainment (he’s a canine MacGyver). More puzzles would be fantastic!

  63. My 2yr old blood hound would surely benefit from New puzzle toys. I’ve recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my lower back which makes walking long distance intolerable.

  64. I have four dogs and this past summer I worked from home and my pups got LAZY! My pups need more interaction to keep them motivated, especially my older dog. She is getting older and is always eating her meals too fast, even her treats. She ends up choking and coughing because of her gulping her food down. I know these types of toys will slow pace her fast eating and keep her brain sharp.

  65. My girl LOVES her Xtreme XXL Kong, she carries it around like a pacifier. We used to get her 1 per year, because she’d slowly destroy it – she’s a super (super) chewer and these toys are legit. Now she’s got a buddy and she still has the one we bought almost 4 years ago. The Wobble Kong on the other hand, she had a great time with but figured out how to bite the side of it where it screws together to open the toy and eat all the snacks/kibbles at once. LOL We got something similar to the puzzle feeder and she just flipped it over and ate all the food. She’s a brat! 🙂

  66. My daughter’s dog has a lot of separation anxiety when she’s at work. Puzzle toys would be a great way to keep him busy & happier until she gets home & spends 1 on 1 time with him. It would be wonderful for her to have a happier pooch!

  67. My dog is young and spends too much time alone. She is smart and needs to be engaged a lot more than she is. She loves the Kong we have and now that I’ve read this article and see some other great options, I will be purchasing some of them for her! Perfect for her birthday in October!

  68. My youngest Husky, Snow, is having some major issues with aggression towards my older Husky. We are having to keep them completely separated now and train them intensively. Since she’s been separated from the rest of the pack we are having a hard time keeping her occupied. These toys would be wonderful for her. Will definitely be looking into them.

  69. My dog could definitely use some fun toys! He’s a Lab so anything food related is automatically a great toy lol.

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