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Most Durable Dog Toys 2022

This is a LONG list of some of the most durable dog toys we tested out with our tough chewers, Remy and Wally!

Remy is a 3-year-old, 60-pound weimaraner. Wally is a 1.5-year-old, 40-pound Feist mix.

We rated the toys on a durability scale of 1-5 with 5 as the best/toughest rating.

Both our dogs are very tough on toys and we figured if a toy can last a few days with these guys then it must be a pretty solid toy!

We hope you’ll add some suggestions in the comments section because there’s no way we can test out every toy. Plus, every dog is different.

If you have a tough toy to recommend, please leave a comment and let us know:

  • your dog’s breed, age and weight
  • the durability rating you would give the toy out of 5 (5 as the toughest)

Thank you!

-Barbara & Lindsay

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. We ordered these toys with our own money unless otherwise noted. This post contains affiliate links.

Most durable dog toys

Most Durable Dog Toys 2021

We divided this post into five sections:

Best indestructible dog chew toys for the toughest chewers

This section is focused on the most durable and “indestructible” dog toys, but no dog toy is truly indestructible.

These are our favorite toys that lasted Remy and Wally the longest. Both our dogs are tough chewers who destroy most toys!

The 6 “indestructible” chew toys that made our list:

Because this is the “indestructible” category, we had high standards with our ratings.

1. Black Kong Extreme, $13.89

Durability rating: 5/5

Order on Amazon here

The black Kong Extreme is by far the most durable dog toy that exists! If your dog destroys all toys, get him the XXL black Kong Extreme.

Remy and Wally can’t destroy the black Kong Extreme. In fact, it’s the only toy Remy can’t ruin!

Barbara has been a huge fan of Kong toys in general for over 6 years and she bought a variety of different strength toys from the company. It wasn’t until Wally came into her life that she had to up the ante and purchase their strongest rubber toy yet – the black Kong Extreme.

She made that investment after Wally ever so nonchalantly destroyed her former dogs’ softer pink Kong with just a few bites! The company rates its toys by color, with black as the toughest.

Features of the black Kong Extreme:

  • Designed for power chewers
  • Made of tough, natural, non-toxic rubber
  • Bounces
  • Can be stuffed with treats and/or food
  • Made in the USA
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Available in 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

We recommend the XXL size for the strongest chewers!

Wally’s favorite way of entertaining himself with the black Kong Extreme is by getting his raw food out of it.

Barbara stuffs the Kongs with pre-made raw food from companies like Darwin’s, places them in the freezer overnight, and then offers them to Wally. It takes him about 45 minutes to get the frozen raw food out of the Large sized Kong.

The large black Kong Extreme holds about 4 ounces of food. Clean up is a breeze since the Kongs are top rack dishwasher safe.

Get the Kong Extreme here.

Other Kong Extreme toys

Durability rating: 3/5

Remy has tried many of the other black Kong Extreme toys such as the Extreme Ball, the Extreme Tire and the Extreme Goodie Bone.

While these would be great for moderate or even strong chewers, he was able to destroy all of them within a few minutes. We still recommend them for the average dog, but they are not as durable as the standard shaped black Kong for whatever reason.

Our verdict on Kong Extreme toys: We highly recommend the Kong Extreme (in the original “Kong” shape) for the toughest chewers. For large and giant breeds, get the XXL size.

2. Nylabone toys

Nylabone makes a variety of durable chew toys that can hold up longterm to strong chewers like Remy and Wally.

Nylabone offers four varieties of chew toys:

  • Puppy teething
  • Moderate chewers
  • Strong chewers
  • Power chewers

Nylabone DuraChew BIG Chew Chicken Flavor Bone, $16.24

Durability rating: 5/5

Get it here.

This Nylabone toy is from the “‘power chewers” category. It is made out of extra tough nylon, and it sure is tough!

Lindsay used to buy one every few months for Remy, especially when he was younger and naughtier! It was always nice to have one or two of these chew toys lying around at all times, and Remy would chew on them instead of shoes or furniture! (Good boy!)

Each DuraChew BIG Chew bone would last Remy for about a month, which was better than almost any other chew toy besides the black Kong Extreme.

That being said, Lindsay does worry a bit about giving Remy Nylabone toys because he is such a strong chewer she worries he could crack a tooth (he never actually has, she just worries).

They are definitely a great option if you have a more moderate chewer or a teething puppy!

Nylabone Busy-Time Stuffable Dog Chew, $4.99

Durability rating: 4/5

Order on Amazon here.

This toy is from Nylabone’s “strong chewers” category. Toys in this category are made of rubber and are not as hard as the toys in their “power chewers” category.

Barbara’s dog walking client Maximus has this toy and it has lasted him several months already. Maximus is an 80 lb Labrador/German shepherd mix (pictured above).

Wally got to test the Nylabone Busy-Time Stuffable toy as well. He had fun chewing on the largest sized toy (Maximus is featured with the medium size).

Features of the Nylabone Busy-Time Stuffable toy:

  • Stuff it with treats, raw or canned food or peanut butter
  • Made of durable, natural rubber
  • Available in three sizes
  • Bounces and rolls
  • Features raised dental nubs to help clean dog teeth
  • Comes with artificial bacon flavor made with non-animal ingredients
  • Hand-wash only (not dishwasher safe)

Wally’s favorite way of entertaining himself with this Nylabone stuffable toy is by eating his raw food and peanut butter out of it, which keeps him busy for about 45 minutes. He’s had it for about a week now and has yet to do any damage to the toy!

Our verdict on Nylabone toys: Nylabone makes a variety of durable toys and there are many options for different dogs.

We highly recommend the brand because you should be able to find a toy that works well for your unique dog. Their toys for “power chewers” are definitely very durable and hard, so it’s important to understand your dog’s chewing style.

3. Virtually Indestructible Ball Toy, $16.79

Durability rating: 5/5

Order on

Lindsay ordered the “Virtually Indestructible Ball Toy” from because of the name. We wanted to find out just how “indestructible” it is.

Remy is obsessed with pushing this toy around and it lives up to the name. It’s made of strong plastic, and he can’t pick it up or puncture it. This actually really frustrates him! He will grab onto this ball with his front paws and growl at it as he tries to bite it.

He’s managed to scratch it up pretty good with his teeth and nails but it is not destroyed and not even punctured after about 6 weeks.

This is an awesome, very durable toy, and we didn’t even order the largest size. We went with the medium, 10” size.

We recommend the Virtually Indestructible ball if you have a fenced yard because it’s too hard and noisy to be pushed around the house. It tends to slam into the walls and furniture and could easily break things! Lindsay doesn’t have a yard so she took Remy to a big, open park to play with this toy.

Features of the Virtually Indestructible ball:

  • Dogs can’t puncture it, even really big dogs
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to clean with a hose
  • Possessive dogs like Remy can’t pick it up and “keep it away” from you
  • Keeps dogs entertained as they push it around
  • Provides good exercise
  • Good option for herding breeds
  • Comes in 3 sizes (6”, 10” and 14”)

Our verdict: This is a very durable toy that Remy has not been able to destroy after several weeks of play. We highly recommend it as an outdoor toy for big and tough dogs. It’s great to kick around and use it to interact and play with your dog. However, note that some dogs might be frustrated that they can’t pick it up.

4. West Paw Design toys

West Paw Design sent us some of their toughest toys to test out at no cost.

We like that West Paw Design’s toys are categorized for tough chewers, moderate chewers and light chewers. Here are a few examples of West Paw Design toys that our dogs tested. Extra points for West Paw because they are headquartered in Bozeman, Mont., where Lindsay and Remy live.

West Paw Hurley Dog Bone, $15.95

Durability rating: 4/5

Order the Hurley bone on Amazon.

West Paw’s Hurley bone is made with the company’s “Zogoflex” material and is designed to last for long chewing sessions. This toy is solid (not hollow in the middle) and fits into West Paw’s “tough chewers” category. They call it the “ultra-durable bone.”

While Remy was able to damage this toy, we think it is pretty tough, one of the strongest toys we tested. Our only wish is that the company would make a larger version of this toy. The large Hurley bone is 8” long and we think if it were larger it would last big dogs a lot longer.

Features of the Hurley Bone toy:

  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Floats
  • One of West Paw’s toughest toys
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-toxic, free of BPA and latex

Remy chewed on the Hurley bone for a solid 30 minutes. Lindsay fully expected the toy to be shredded by that point, but it wasn’t! Remy REALLY gets into chewing, and he was biting the Hurley bone as hard as he could with so much focus he was in a “trance.”

After about 30 more minutes, Remy punctured the ends of the toy, but because the toy is solid (not hollow) he was barely getting it apart.

With another half-hour of chewing, we think Remy could rip pieces of the toy, but we are impressed that it lasted as long as it did. For that reason, we’re giving it a 4/5.

West Paw Zwig toy, $16.95

Durability rating: 4/5

Get the Zwig toy on Amazon.

We had three dogs test the Zwig toy and they all loved it!

It’s part of West Paw’s “moderate chewer” toy selection and survived 2 weeks of intense chewing without any holes or missing parts from both Wally and his 50-pound goldendoodle friend Lulu.

Features of the Zwig toy:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy (it’s blow molded with a hollow center)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Floats
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-toxic, free of BPA, latex, phthalates
  • FDA compliant (safe to eat off of)
  • Comes in 3 different colors (orange, purple, and green)

Remy was our third tester of this toy and after 30 minutes of strong chewing he was able to puncture it and start to damage the ends of the Zwig. Still, we think anything that lasts over 30 minutes with Remy is strong indeed!

If you have an average or moderate chewer, the Zwig toy is definitely worth your money!

West Paw Skamp toy, $17.95

Durability rating: 3/5 (Note that it’s meant for “moderate” chewers)

Order the Skamp toy.

We had the same three dogs test out the Skamp toy, and it was another big hit!

Wally and Lulu thoroughly enjoyed testing the orange version of the Skamp toy. It’s also part of the company’s “moderate” chewer selection, and although both pups did exactly that for 2 weeks – chewed it, tugged on it, played fetch with it – their Skamp toy is still intact!

Remy, on the other hand, was able to rip off small pieces on the ends of this toy but it took him longer than we thought! It didn’t last him quite as long as the Zwig or the Hurley bone, so that’s why we gave it a slightly lower rating.

If you have a tough chewer like Remy, the Skamp toy is great for playing fetch or interacting with your dog vs. letting him chew/destroy it right away.

Features of the Skamp toy:

  • Flyer inspired with 3 arms
  • Floats & flies far
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-toxic, free of BPA, latex, phthalates
  • FDA compliant (safe to eat off of)
  • Comes in 3 different colors (orange, purple, and green)

Our verdict on West Paw Design: It surprised us that West Paw Design’s toys were among the most durable toys we tested, simply because of how lightweight they are.

We love their durable Zogoflex material, which is the company’s proprietary plastic blend! They also make a wide variety of toys so you’re likely to find something that works well for your dog.

See more on West Paw’s Zisc Disc and Jive Ball in our fetch section.

5. Jolly Pets toys

Jolly Pets makes a variety of tough interactive toys designed for large, rough dogs! We recommend you check them out to find the best fit for your pup.

Most of their toys come in four sizes, including an XL size for dogs over 90 pounds. If you have a Rottie or a great dane, we highly recommend you look into the Jolly Pets brand!

Romp and Roll ball, $8.49

Durability rating: 4/5

Order on Amazon here.

Remy tested out the Jolly Pets “Romp and Roll” ball. This toy can be kicked or thrown. It floats, even if punctured, and it can be used for playing tug.

Remy was obsessed with this toy right away. His eyes bugged out when he first saw it!

It’s fun to play tug with this toy because the big ball in the middle protects your hands and acts as a shield from crazy dogs like Remy.

Features of the Romp and Roll ball:

  • Available in three sizes (4.5”, 6” or 8”)
  • Puncture resistant
  • Interactive toy & great for tug
  • Non-toxic
  • Floats

The only problem with this particular toy is the rope is a little too thin and flimsy for a tough chewer. We wish it were a thicker, heavy-duty rope.

The Romp and Roll ball is great when you’re playing and interacting with your dog but the second Remy had this toy all to himself he was able to chew through the rope. Remy thought this was great while the rope lasted because he could pick this toy up and carry it around.

While Remy loved the rope piece to this toy, we highly recommend you go with a similar Jolly Pets product that doesn’t have the rope option such as the:

We haven’t tested out these two toys yet, but both are made with seriously strong material designed for dogs to push and roll the ball around the yard. The Tug-N-Toss has a large handle on the ball so you can grab it away from dogs who like to play “keep away.” We predict they would receive a 5/5 rating from us.

Our verdict on Jolly Pets: While we found the rope material too easy for dogs to chew through on the Romp and Roll ball, most of the company’s other toys do not have a rope. We recommend these toys for tough chewers, including giant breeds, as an outdoor toy to push and kick around the yard.

6. Bionic Bone by Outward Hound, $10.32

Durability rating: 4/5

Order on Amazon.

Wally tested Outward Hound’s large green Bionic Bone. It’s best for dogs weighing 30-60 lbs. It’s also available in orange and purple and comes in 3 different sizes overall (small, medium and large).

Features of the Bionic Bone:

  • Floats
  • Bounces
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Holds treats and can be filled with treats on both ends
  • Made of FDA food grade bionic rubber (no lead, no phthalates, no BPA)

We liked that it’s an interactive toy that holds treats, but noticed that regular treats fall out of the Bionic Bone very easily so there’s no challenge in getting to them.

However, it worked very well when filled with peanut butter and kept Wally busy for a while, especially when placed in the freezer overnight. Cleanup was easy peasy too since the toy is dishwasher safe.

Our verdict: The Bionic Bone lived up to the expectations we had and truly is a super strong toy that held up 100% to Wally’s toy destructiveness. Bonus points for being top rack dishwasher safe for an easy clean up.

That’s the end of our “indestructible” toy section. If you have any other suggestions or opinions about the toys we listed, please let us know in the comments.

What about bones and antlers?

With tough chewers, sometimes the only thing that will last more than a few minutes is an actual bone or antler.

Generally, we do not recommend cooked or smoked bones such as the smoked beef bones you can find at grocery stores. Both Remy and Wally are HARD chewers, and we worry the density of these bones could harm our dogs’ teeth.

Barbara’s Boxer mix Buzz (70 lbs) once broke a molar on an extra large smoked bone for dogs that local grocery stores carry. It resulted in a $500+ dental surgery expense and served as an excellent lesson that not all bones are created equally.

That being said, we do recommend smaller raw meaty bones that are soft and pliable such as raw chicken quarters.

Barbara feeds Wally a raw food diet that includes edible raw, non-weight bearing bones such as chicken quarters. The main difference between “raw meaty bones” and the smoked recreational bones is their respective bone density.

Buzz and his sister Missy never had any trouble eating raw meaty bones and did so for many years, much like Wally and Remy do now. That’s because non-weight bearing raw bones are soft and pliable, and no problem at all for a dog’s highly acidic stomach environment to digest.

Smoked recreational bones however are extremely hard, to the point of being able to break a determined chewer’s teeth!

See our post: Which bones are safe for dogs?


We generally do not recommend antlers for strong chewers, but every dog is different.

Antlers are a lot softer than smoked recreational bones but still harder than raw meaty bones. Since Remy is such a hard chewer, Lindsay does not offer antlers to him, either.

That being said, antlers can be great for teething puppies, and should generally be ok to offer adult dogs. If antlers work well for your dog, we see no reason for you to stop offering them.

It essentially comes down to knowing your dog’s chewing habits and making your choice of toys and bones accordingly. We strongly recommend to always supervise your dog’s chewing sessions, regardless of which type of toy or bone you’re offering.

Related post: Are rawhides safe for dogs?

Most durable dog toys for fetch

Here are the fetch toys that made our list:

We rated each fetch toy on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the toughest.

We looked for toys that could hold up to many, many outdoor fetch sessions in all weather with the ability to stand up to punctures and dogs that like to bite down hard or shake the toy. The toys should also stand up to some moderate chewing.

1. ChuckIt toys

ChuckIt offers a variety of different size balls and several toys in other shapes that are all great for fetch. We tested several and listed out many of their toys because of the very durable material they’re made of.

ChuckIt toy features:

  • Most are available in different sizes (S, M, L, XL)
  • Most are made of easy-to-clean, resilient and bouncy natural rubber
  • There is one tennis ball option with an extra thick core
  • Many balls are launcher compatible
  • All are tougher than regular tennis balls

Here are a few of our favorites:

ChuckIt Ultra ball, $4.80

Fetch durability rating: 5/5

Get it on Amazon.

Remy with the Ultra Ball

Our favorite ChuckIt ball is the Ultra ball. Barbara’s Boxer mix Buzz is a huge fan of this toy. As a matter of fact, it is his all time favorite toy EVER!

He plays fetch with it, carries it in his mouth on walks, and sometimes even sleeps with it. One ball will last him about 6 months before needing to be replaced.

Remy has also tested the Ultra ball and it is also his favorite ball! It holds up to his strong jaws and after playing fetch and chewing on it for several weeks, it is not damaged or punctured at all. It’s so durable we considered including it in our “Indestructible” toy category.

ChuckIt Whistler ball, $5

Fetch durability rating: 4/5

Order on Amazon.

Wally occasionally plays fetch with the Chuckit Whistler ball and has yet to puncture or otherwise damage it.

A few of the other natural rubber ball options from ChuckIt include:

ChuckIt Kick fetch ball, $16.52

Fetch durability rating: 5/5

Get it on Amazon here.

Buzz with the Kick Fetch ball

Buzz also loves playing with the ChuckIt Kick fetch ball. This ball is made from canvas, rubber and foam and features an anti-burst design. It lasts him about 2 months of rough playtime before needing to be replaced.

Other ChuckIt toys ideal for chasing, kicking, and rolling on the ground:

  • Kick cube, provides erratic bounce and has reinforced rubber corners for extra durability
  • Fetch Wheel, made from rubber and canvas. Bounces, floats, and rolls. Encourages natural chasing and herding instinct
  • Fumble fetch, rugby shaped ball. Made of canvas, rubber, and foam. Bounces randomly.

ChuckIt water specific toys – designed to hold and release water during play to cool dogs off on hot days:

Our verdict on ChuckIt toys: We highly recommend this brand due to the wide variety of durable toys it offers for fetch and playing with your dog. Note that some of their toys are not as tough as others so that’s why we highlighted some of our favorites.

2. Hyperflite Jawz discs, $15

Fetch durability rating: 4/5

Order on Amazon.

Lindsay first learned about the Hyperflite Jawz discs when she took a disc dog class for fun with her Lab mix Ace several summers ago. The trainer competed in disc dog competitions with her dogs and Hyperflite was one of the brands she recommended.

The Hyperflite Jawz discs are made of durable plastic while remaining easy on the dog’s mouth. The company also makes other disc varieties that are a bit softer. The “Jawz” discs are the toughest.

Features of the Jawz discs:

  • 5 colors available
  • Used in disc dog competitions
  • Created by Canine Disc World Champions
  • Puncture resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Easy to throw – these things fly!

Because the Jawz discs are made of strong plastic, some dogs will be able to chew them up if given the chance. For this reason, we only use them for playing fetch. Remy has not punctured or damaged these discs even after several play sessions.

Our verdict: These are the best plastic frisbees you will find and they’re easy on the dog’s mouth. We highly recommend them if you have a dog who loves to chase and catch discs. It’s fun to have more than one on hand so as your dog drops one disc, you can send the second one flying!

3. West Paw Design

We’ve already mentioned West Paw in our indestructible chew toy section above, but we wanted to include two of their toys specifically in our fetch section, the Zisc Disc and the Jive Ball. West Paw Design sent us these toys at no cost.

West Paw Zisc Disc, $16.95

Fetch durability rating: 4/5

Order on Amazon

The Zisc Disc is durable and long lasting because it is more pliable than a hard-shell frisbee or a fabric frisbee. It’s difficult for most dogs to chew and is able to withstand rough and tough play from Remy! He likes that due to the pliable material he can hold it like a “taco.”

Barbara’s Buzz and Missy also loved playing with this toy and it lasted them a long time.

Remy had this toy for several weeks and he wasn’t able to damage it until he was allowed to play with it on his own (and he ripped it up). So, it’s best used as it was designed – as a toy for fetch.

Its features:

  • Two sizes (6.5” diameter or 8.5”)
  • Multiple colors available
  • Easy on doggy mouths
  • BPA free
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in Montana

This Zisc Disc doesn’t “fly” as far or as easily as some of the lighter discs due to the heavier rubber material, but that didn’t matter much to us. We highly recommend this toy for dogs who love to play fetch!

West Paw Jive Ball, $15.95

Fetch durability rating: 4/5

Order on Amazon.

Remy with his Jive Ball

This ball can withstand some natural chomping from strong jaws during fetch!

Remy has had two large Jive Balls so far, and he was able to puncture and chew up the first ball when allowed to play with it on his own. For that reason, Lindsay has reserved the second Jive Ball for fetch only, and it is ideal for that type of play!

Features of the Jive Ball:

  • Three sizes (mini, small and large)
  • Multiple colors available
  • Gentle on the mouth
  • Bounces randomly due to its grooves
  • 100% recyclable
  • BPA free
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in Montana with U.S.-sourced materials
  • Rinses off easily (unlike a tennis ball)

The Jive Ball is pretty dense and heavy, so it is best as an outdoor toy. You don’t want it to slam into your walls in the house.

Below are Barbara’s dog walking clients Labrador Macy and American Bulldog Chester with the large Jive ball.

Macy with the Jive Ball

Macy loves playing fetch with it, while Chester prefers to play keep away with it/chew on it. They’ve been using it every day for 6 weeks and the ball is still intact.

Chester with the Jive Ball

We highly recommend the Jive Ball as a good fetch toy for any dog.

Our verdict: West Paw’s Zisc Disc and Jive Ball are high-quality and durable toys for fetch that should hold up to almost any dog. They’re not ideal as chew toys, so save them for when you and your dog play fetch together.

3. Kong Extreme Flyer, $9.99 – $14.99

Durability for fetch rating: 4/5

Get it on Amazon.

Remy with the black Extreme Flyer

Features of this toy:

  • Comes in 3 different strengths (Puppy Flyer, Flyer, Extreme Flyer)
  • Made of natural, durable rubber
  • Soft catch for safe playtime
  • Made in the USA
  • Encourages interactive play

Barbara’s Boxer mix Buzz (70 lbs) loved the Kong Flyer and had the regular, red Flyer for many years without ever destroying it.

One of Barbara’s dog walking clients Bailey (Lab mix, also 70 lbs) loves it too. Bailey’s owners purchased the pink Puppy Flyer for her. It survived 5 months of daily playtime before she finally chewed it up. Her owners have since then upgraded her to a regular red Flyer that’s much tougher.

Bailey with the red Kong Flyer

Remy has the black Extreme Flyer. This is the toughest version of the flyer and it is very durable. After several weeks of play, it shows no damage. We recommend this version for dogs who try to chew, tug and shake toys during fetch.

Our verdict: The Kong Extreme Flyer is an awesome toy for fetch and very durable. Just not meant as a chew toy. Use it for interactive play.

*To get a list of our favorite toys emailed to you as a pdf, Click Here.

That is the end of our fetch section. Please leave your suggestions in the comments!

Most Durable tug toys

Here are the tug toys that stood up to our pups:

We rated each toy on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the toughest toys for tug. We looked for toys that could stand up to some serious biting, shaking and pulling and even some moderate chewing.

1. Mammoth SnakeBiter, $11.99

Tug durability rating: 5/5

Get it on Amazon.

Wally tested the large Mammoth SnakeBiter rope toy. It’s 42 inches long and weighs just shy of 2 lbs. We feel that both measurements are appropriate for medium to larger dogs and strong chewers. Although Wally has been using it for tug games for several weeks, he has yet to unravel it.

Features of this toy:

  • Made from premium quality poly-cotton yarns
  • Woven tightly
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Mexico
  • Available in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large)

The Mammoth SnakeBiter rope toy is great for interactive playing, tossing, and tugging. We can also see it being great for teething puppies and helping in maintaining a good oral routine in general as it flosses our dog’s teeth while they chew and pull on it.

Our verdict: The SnakeBiter is a thick and sturdy rope toy that’s great for strong chewers.

2. Leaps & Bounds Toss and Tug 5 Knot Rope Toy, $7.99

Tug durability rating: 5/5

Order on Amazon here.

Barbara has had this particular 5 knot rope toy in XL for 7 years, ever since her previous dogs were puppies! 3 of the 5 knots are still intact, and only 2 have unraveled. It still works great as a tug toy for her and Wally!

Features of this toy:

  • Colorful braid with 5 knots
  • Rope fibers rub and massage gums and teeth
  • Comes in 2 different sizes (12” L & 29” XL)

Our verdict: Very durable, long lasting tug-toy for medium to large breeds.

3. Leaps & Bounds Rope Tug Braided 3 Ring, $22.99

Tug durability rating: 4/5

Order it here.

Features of this toy:

  • “Durable” on the brand’s Tough-O-Meter
  • 3 intertwined, braided rings
  • Great for tugging, yanking, and chewing
  • Flies well

Wally tested this tug toy for about a week, and the rings did a really good job withstanding his chewing and pulling on them both inside and outside.

Our verdict: Durable tug toy for small to medium sized dogs.

That is the end of our tug toy section. If you have any additional tug toys you’d recommend, please list them in the comments at the end of this post.

Best stuffed toys for dogs

There is no such thing as an “indestructible” stuffy toy. However, we know how much most dogs love stuffed toys so we did our best to find some soft toys that would last at least 30 minutes with Wally.

We rated the stuffed toys on a durability scale of 1 to 5 with much, much lower standards than toys in the other categories because … well, they’re soft!

Here are some of the toys that made our list:

1. Tuffy toys – “The World’s Most Durable Soft Dog Toy”

Tuffy toys are interactive plush dog toys that come in varying degrees of toughness. The brand itself refers to them as “the world’s most durable soft dog toys.”

It’s important to note that they’re not chew toys and won’t stand up to truly toy destructive dogs, but they’re far longer lasting than regular stuffed toys and great to play fetch or tug-o-war with.

They feature:

  • Up to 7 rows of stitching
  • 4 layers of material
  • Protective webbing
  • Squeaker safety pockets

Bonus: All Tuffy toys are machine washable (air dry only) and they float.

All of Tuffy’s toys are ranked according to their durability. Wally tested a number 8 and 9 ranked Tuffy toy. Interestingly enough, the toy marked 8 on the Tuff scale lasted him longer than the one marked 9.

Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring, $16.70

Our soft toy durability rating: 5/5

(Ranked 9/10 on Tuffy’s own “Tuff” scale)

Get it here.

It took Wally about 30 minutes to break through the skin of the red Tuffy ring toy, ranked 9 on the Tuff scale, and create the first real hole, and he gave it his all!

From biting into it to having it between his paws and gnawing at it, to jerking at it while standing over it! Given the amount of effort he put into tearing it up, we’re surprised that it resisted his teeth and paws for that long! This toy comes with 4 squeakers.

The Ultimate Boomerang, $16.70

Our soft toy durability rating: 5/5

(Ranked 8/10 on Tuffy’s own “Tuff scale”

Order on Amazon here.

The Boomerang toy is best for medium to large dogs and was a match for Wally’s toy destructiveness. He actually didn’t do any major damage to it on day one of playing with it! It comes with 3 squeakers.

Our verdict: Tuffy toys are amongst the most durable plush dog toys we’ve ever tested!

2. Outward Hound – Invincibles, $18.99

Our soft toy durability rating: 5/5

Order on here.

Wally tested the invincible, ginormous green snake in size XXL that comes with 12 squeakers. It’s also available in smaller sizes featuring 3 and 6 squeakers, and in uber large with 32 squeakers!

Wally tugged, pulled, and bit at his ginormous snake for weeks without causing major damage, and the squeakers are still squeaking!

Features of this toy:

  • Durable seams and tough lining
  • Chew Shield Technology
  • Invincible squeakers that keep squeaking if punctured
  • Designed for rough play
  • No stuffing

Our verdict: Outward Hound’s Invincible toys stand up to their promise of being designed for rough play and are a great choice for strong chewers.

3. Hear Doggy toys, $10

Our soft toy durability rating: 2/5

These toys made our list due to their uniqueness!

Order on Amazon here.

The premise behind the Hear Doggy plush toy is that it contains an ultrasonic squeaker that only dogs can hear, but that we as humans can’t because it’s out of our hearing range.

Features of these toys:

  • Chew Guard Technology with reinforced seams and tough, durable liner
  • Ultrasonic frequency squeaker

Note that the company also says it has “no messy stuffing in the body.” However, Wally clearly pulled out white stuff(ing?) from both toys we tested.

Wally tested the green dragon and the brown beaver, and sure enough, although we could feel the squeaker being pressed down on, it didn’t make any annoying sound that was within our human hearing range.

Bonus points for that! Wally however heard it…

…and as expected, the soft Hear Doggy toys didn’t last long at all once they were in his paws!

He thoroughly enjoyed ripping them apart within 5 minutes (green dragon) and 10 minutes (brown beaver), respectively.

He was very interested in both from the moment he saw them to the moment he found and removed the squeakers. Once he had accomplished his mission of silencing them, he lost complete interest in the toys’ shells.

Our verdict: Hear Doggy toys are pleasantly quiet, but didn’t hold up to the brand’s promise of “standing up to the toughest play,” which Wally definitely demonstrated!

We feel they’re best for older or less energetic dogs with a minor desire to chew and rip toys apart. We wanted to include them on our list because they are a unique toy for the right dogs.

See That Mutt’s full review of Hear Doggy!

4. Tearribles toys, $19.99 – $29.99

Our soft toy durability rating: 3/5

Order from here.

These toys also made our list due to their uniqueness. They’re interactive plush toys with detachable limbs that come in 3 different sizes (tiny, medium, XL) and colors (yellow, green blue).

Wally tested the blue Tearrible in XL. It’s 14” tall and has the following features:

  • Squeaks
  • Reinforced with durable mesh
  • 4 detachable limbs that can be reattached by the dog’s human
  • Industrial strength velcro on limbs
  • Made for interactive games of fetch and tug
  • Machine washable (cold), air dry only
  • Designed to provide dogs with satisfaction of dismembering their “prey”

Wally certainly got a lot of satisfaction out of dismembering his “prey” toy, but unfortunately he also managed to rip a non-detachable ear off, followed by destuffing it and killing the squeaker.

Barbara was surprised that it took him 45 minutes to destroy it, given that he only needed 5-10 minutes to do so with the Hear Doggy toys.

Our verdict: Tearribles are cute interactive toys that took Wally longer to shred than expected. Just like the Hear Doggy toys we tested, we feel that they’re best for older or less energetic dogs with a minor desire to rip toys apart.

If you have a soft toy to recommend, please list it in the comments below! Thank you!

Best dog subscription boxes for tough chewers

We tested out two of the dog subscription boxes that are geared towards tough chewers.

We know there are many other dog subscription boxes available for tough chewers, so please leave a comment at the end of this post if there is a company you and your dog like! We could not realistically test them all!

Bark Box – Super Chewer, $29 to $39 per box

Durability rating: 4/5

Order Bark Box Super Chewer.

Super Chewer Bark Boxes are a step up from classic Bark Boxes which are designed for light to medium chewers. Both are customized according to your dog’s size (0-20 lbs, 20-50 lbs, 50+ lbs).

Wally tested several Super Chewer Bark Boxes. They’re unique subscription boxes that are mailed out once per month.

We like that you can test them beforehand by placing an order for a single box at a price that’s a little higher than if you were to commit to a 12 month subscription right away.

That being said, each Super Chewer Bark Box features:

  • 2 extra tough, fluff-free chew toys made with strong rubber and nylon
  • 2 edible meaty chews
  • 2 full size bags of treats made either in the US or Canada (without wheat, corn, or soy)
  • A fun theme the entire content is designed around
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – the company will replace toys that aren’t tough enough for your dog
  • Customizable content – the company takes allergies and personal content preferences into consideration

Barbara is a huge fan of all James Bond books and movies, which is why she couldn’t help but chuckle when opening a different box with a “spy gear” theme and saw the treat dispenser toy shaped like James Bond’s famous Aston Martin:

As mentioned above, the Super Chewer Bark Box toys are geared particularly towards strong chewers, and at least one of each box’s chew toys serves double duty as an interactive treat dispensing toy that can be filled with treats included in the box, or any other treats.

We received 3 different boxes and so far, Wally has only done some minor damage to one of the toys when working on getting to the treats Barbara stuffed it with:

We tested the company’s satisfaction guarantee and e-mailed them about the slightly damaged toy. We did a little happy dance after receiving a reply within 24 hours from their customer support team!

Hi there Barbara and Wally,

Thank you for barking in! I am so sorry that toy did not last for Wally. I would love to make this right for you both. I hope Wally loves the new toy we are sending to him! We are so thrilled to have you both in the Pack with us! Bre here with the Happy team at BARK- ready to lend a paw!

The replacement order takes 2-3 business days to process, and then you get an email once the new toy is ready to ship out.

Our verdict: Bark Box’s Super Chewer toys are truly made for destructive dogs and work well to keep them busy, especially when filled with treats. Bonus points for the satisfaction guarantee and willingness to replace chewed up toys very quickly!

2. BullyMake $31 to $39 per box

Durability rating: 4/5

Order a BullyMake box here.

Bullymake is also a monthly box designed for “power chewers.” Subscriptions are available in 1, 3, 6 or 12-month options. We wanted to test this company because it is specifically designed with tough chewers in mind.

Bullymake has some customizable options. You can choose if you want a combination of two toys + three bags of treats or if you’d like a box of four toys.

You can also choose the materials you’d like the toys to be made from such as:

  • nylon
  • rubber
  • rope or
  • canvas “ballistic” material

The first box Remy received contained two toys and three treats. Remy was able to destroy the rubber toy within 45 seconds, which was disappointing.

The nylon toy he received, however, is extremely durable and has lasted a few weeks of some serious power chewing so far! Here’s the link to order that particular toy. It’s pretty awesome, although it’s very hard material for their teeth!

Features of Bullymake:

  • 14-day durability guarantee
  • You pick the toy materials best for your dog (nylon, rubber, rope, etc.)
  • Choose between toys & treats or just toys
  • 1, 3, 6, or 12-month options
  • You can change your preferences at any time
  • Toys designed in U.S.

We tested out Bullymake’s replacement policy since Remy so easily chomped up their rubber toy. They have a 14-day guarantee on all of their toys. If your dog destroys any of the toys within that period, the company will send you a replacement.

You do need to send them a photo of the damaged toy, which was a bit of a pain. Lindsay had to dig the toy out of the trash!

Bullymake will also only send one replacement shipment per month. Meaning, they don’t want to send you multiple replacement shipments over a 30-day period.

So, if you think your pup might damage more than one toy from your box, it’s better to wait the full 14 days (length of the guarantee) and then request all the replacements at once.

Those are the two subscription boxes we have tested, and due to their replacement policies you really can’t go wrong with either one.

Now we’d love to hear your toy recommendations!

Our dogs are very tough on toys and we figured if a toy can last a few days with these guys then it must be a pretty solid toy!

We can’t possibly test out every toy, so we hope you’ll add some suggestions in the comments section if you have any recommendations for tough chewers.

Please leave a comment and let us know your dog’s breed, age and weight. That info will be helpful to others. Thank you!

-Barbara & Lindsay

Barbara Rivers writes regularly for That Mutt. She is a blogger, raw feeder and dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

Lindsay Stordahl started the blog That Mutt in 2008. She lives in Montana with her weimaraner Remy.


Thursday 24th of March 2022

I have a lab/pit mix (well, technically I don't know for certain, but I am pretty sure given her looks and characteristics) who loves to chew!!! We have found the benebone brand to be pretty reliable and she likes them a lot.

Anees Mansuri

Thursday 7th of November 2019

I was searching for this kind of toys for a very long time ... I think these toys can help me to keep my dog busy and keeping them active... some of them have nutritious things they required. I think my dog will love West Paw Design. okay, so I will definitely try that... Thank You for Sharing this Information.

Carol North

Sunday 23rd of June 2019

Very helpful article! Our late, Gator - a 95 lb giant Weimaraner, destroyed everything we gave him except for the black XL Kong. Even the smaller red Kong held up. So I swear by those toys! I found 2 in your article that we'll try for Murphy who, at only 38 lbs, also destroys most toys. Thanks for the thorough research. You saved many of us a ton of money.

M.A. Kropp

Monday 17th of June 2019

Thanks for this! Lambeau is super tough on toys so having a list of good ones when I go shopping is great. We love the Kong Extreme cone thingie, too. He has three and hasn't even chipped one. I mix yogurt and peanut butter with some of his kibble, stuff, and freeze. Keeps him occupied for a while.

Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 17th of June 2019

That's pretty much the only toy Remy can't destroy! Haha.


Thursday 13th of June 2019

I have a 100lb Rottie who loves to chew. I have tried most of the toys you tested (except stuffies because there is no hope there). I agree most West Paw is worth a shot, some have never broken apart. One surprising toy I love to share is the Kong crackle bone. My dog loves to chew on this and it has remained intact for years. It is shocking. I tried the stick shaped crackle and he had it in pieces within the day. But we now have two large bone shaped ones and although the “crackle” stuff is in a million pieces on the inside (more of a maraca now!) the bone itself is completely intact. Give it a try!

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 13th of June 2019

Thank you, Heather! I have not heard of this toy. Will look into it for my crazy weim!