Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Beds – Review & Giveaway!

My pets Remy and Scout love lounging around on their Memory Foam Orthopedic dog bed from Treat A Dog.

We have the Faux Fur version, now available in a “giant” size for big dogs or for multiple dogs (and cats) to share!

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Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Beds from Treat A Dog

Remy with his PupRug bed

Best Orthopedic dog beds

Why I recommend the Memory Foam beds from Treat A Dog:

1. Plenty of room for BIG dogs! Now available in a “giant” size that will fit almost any large breed! My dog is only 62 pounds and he could easily share the bed with another weimaraner. (Designed to fit dogs up to 150 pounds or more.)

2. High quality! These orthopedic dog beds are guaranteed to hold their shape for at least 10 years!

They’re made in three parts:

  • high-quality Memory Foam Orthopedic dog bed
  • water resistant Memory Foam cover (removable + washable)
  • Faux Fur bed cover (also removable + washable)

3. Soft and cozy. My pets LOVE the soft Faux Fur feel and the comfortable Memory Foam pad! They’re constantly “claiming” this bed from each other or trying to steal it from each other … even though there’s plenty of room for two!

4. Helps a dog’s joints. If you have a dog with arthritis, an athletic dog or a breed prone to joint problems, the Memory Foam Orthopedic dog bed will offer them some comfort. Remy is a young dog but we run long distance and he loves the comfort the bed offers.

5. Modern style. The beds look attractive in your home. I love how the Faux Fur looks on our wood floors.


The Memory Foam dog beds are on sale for $119 on Treat A Dog’s website.

You can take an additional 10% off with code: THATMUTT10

Order your dog a bed here!

The 10% off code is good for all products on Treat A Dog’s site. There is also free shipping on all orders $50 and over. View all products here.

Any cons to these beds?

  • The beds come in lighter colors, so they might show off some dirt or dark hair. However, they are also easy to wash.
  • Not available in extra small sizes
  • Cost. These beds are a good quality, but they might be out of some people’s budgets. For a limited time, you can use code THATMUTT10 for 10% off the sales price. Click here.

For extra small dogs or for cats, you might like Treat A Dog’s faux fur bed toppers. These are really cute and you can put them on your furniture or over an existing dog bed.

Best orthopedic dog beds for large breeds

The new “giant” size Orthopedic dog bed is now available for big dogs or for multiple dogs to stretch out and share. It’s designed to fit a dog up to 150+ pounds.

Here are the three size options:

  • Small/medium: 40″ by 25″
  • Large/Extra Large: 50″ by 30″
  • Giant: 60″ by 35″

I recommend the Extra Large or giant size so there’s lots of room to stretch out or share!

View the bed options here

They are also available in two styles:

  • Curved (white color with a hint of brown)
  • Rectangular (light grey color)

I personally prefer the curved style simply because the Faux Fur is slightly more plush.

Here’s a video of my dog and cat “fighting” over their Treat A Dog bed:

Memory Foam dog beds to help senior dogs

If you read reviews of the beds, common comments include people writing about how the Memory Foam helps their older dogs’ joints:

“The perfect amount of cushion for my big dog with joint problems.”

“… as they are older dogs, appreciate the cushion that molds to their body …”

“We wanted a little extra comfort for our old dog …”

I know my old guy Ace would’ve LOVED these Memory Foam beds! My 14-year-old cat sure does!

My senior cat loves these beds too!

Giveaway! Win an Orthopedic Memory Foam bed for your dog!

Update: The winner has been chosen. Congrats to Candice W.!

Treat A Dog is giving away one Memory Foam dog bed to one lucky reader of That Mutt! The winner will receive the giant sized curved bed.

To enter: all you have to do is leave a comment below so I know your dog wants IN on the drawing. Let me know, why would your dog love a new bed?

I’ll choose the winner at random. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

Remy on Treat A Dog's bed

Would your dog love a new bed?

Let me know in the comments!

And please share this post with any friends who might be interested! Thank you!

Learn more about Treat A Dog’s beds here

I wrote a review of Treat A Dog’s dog beds last fall. You can read that review here: Faux fur dog beds

-Lindsay & Remy


104 thoughts on “Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Beds – Review & Giveaway!”

    1. Jackie Snitcher

      I am sure that my Remi would love a bed like this. She is in her puppy stage and still likes to chew.
      When she gets a little older I’m going to get one of these befs

    2. Scott Wollins

      We’ve been looking for beds lately because one of my dog’s got a terrible sore on her elbow and the doctor is saying to try to get them to spend more time on the bed x

    3. Shannon Straney

      I would love a dog bed for a senior hospice hound I am permanently fostering I also have two other foster coonhounds too

  1. Deborah Palmer

    My doodle would love a new bed that would help comfort aching joints. He would love sharing it with his sister and cousin who frequently visits.

  2. karen m gismondi

    My old pup, Titan, would love to snuggle up on this bed:) He is beginning to have some knee issues and can’t jump up on the couch as well as he used to!

  3. Roseanne Coggan

    My 121/2 yr.old girl that’s severly arthritic due to a herding accident where her lower back and pelvis were broken along with a few ribs and 2 legs. She was paralyzed in her back legs and her 2 front legs broken needed multiple surgeries to fix, she was in a wheelchair for 6 months and had months more of physical therapy before she finally started walking on her own at the 1 year mark after her accident. She would really benefit from winning this bed. It would make her life quite a bit better.

      1. Lenni McCauley

        My Sam Pete would love one of these. At age ten he has some knee trouble. I am 62 so I kinda figure we are about the same age right now! Please we sure would love to win!!! I love reading your posts. Thanks for all of the great information. Your pals, Lenni and Sam Pete

    1. She is so lucky to have you, Roseanne. Very glad to hear your pup is walking again, and so sorry you two had to go through all this.

  4. Aubrey Daniels

    This bed would be perfect for my dog Jake. He’s about the size of your dog, but with a lot of white curly hair. I’ve been looking to find him a new bed, something big enough for him to relax. Last Thursday he was hit by car, and has had a metal plate and screws put in each leg. Hopefully he comes home tomorrow. (Between the animal ER at night, and the ortho surgeon every day, his bed has just about had it! That’s how we’ve been getting him in and out of the car for his appointments). We are on the road to recovery, with 8-10 weeks of therapy. But he will need a new bed soon. He’s literally worn the other bed completely out. Thank you so much for the chance! Jake thanks you as well!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear that Jake was hurt. I hope he is recovering quickly. Hang in there, Jake! Good boy!

  5. karen m gismondi

    My old rescue pup, Titan would love to snuggle up on this bed. He is beginning to have knee issues and can’t jump up on the couch as well as he used to.

  6. LizaJane Johnston

    My Cooper would love this bed, he made a fort under my elevated boxspring and currently drags a blanket under there with him to nap.

  7. Motown Haffner

    My name is Motown The Wonder Dog and I approve of this bed. I would even let the humans at Treat A Dog pet me. They are Good Boys! Now, about myself: I have been seeking something soft to loll on for many a dog year. Although I am too couth to jump on furniture, I have mastered the art of divesting every surface of its duvet, blanket, and cushions. My human’s lady-friend thinks the purple blanket is hers, but I am (slowly) training her. The point is, I know SOFT. And Treat A Dog’s memory foam and fur bed is the bomb! It’s never easy to know what humans are thinking, but hopefully they will think they should send me this bed. Nothing around here at Kenny’s place comes close in comfort to this fluffy fiesta of foamy bliss. Thank you. And go walk your dog.

  8. This bed sounds great for my 16 yo dog with arthritis, my year old large dog and my new puppy. Sounds like they could all fit on this bed comfortably. Cool!

  9. Honey my rescue golden could use such a cushy bed! She’s 13 1/2 and retired from Agility and after 2 championships she deserves one. And my Papillion will snuggle up too. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one!!!!

  10. My rescue pup would love this bed. Especially since we have recently re-floored the house and replaced carpet with porcelain tile. Cooler for the summer months, but not nearly as soft and cozy for afternoon naps after playtime at the dog park.

  11. My Lola a Border Collie injured her hind leg and has a limp. She can’t jump up on my bed to sleep with me so she sleeps near the bed on the floor or under the bed , she is so sad. I think she would like her own soft bed very much!

  12. My Plott Hound Mix would love to have a big bed for his 75 pound body. He is a rescue dog and is about 4 years old. Thanks for the information about this orthopedic bed.

  13. Grace Kieffer

    I just rescued a boxer/pittie mix, named Jed, who has effectively taken over my bed!! I know he’d love to have a comfy bed of his own when we move back to my college town in August!! He can share my full size bed at home but the twin size bed at the apartment might be a no-go lol

  14. dying to try this for my two large German shepards they always want to share and that’s a lot of weight on a bed and everyone we have had looses shape and comfyness pretty quickly I think this is exactly what we need to do the trick and support those hip and leg joints!

  15. My Chessie loves her beds, I’m sure she would enjoy a deluxe napping experience on one of these Memory foam beds!

  16. I have several doggies 1 1/2-13 years old. We all love being active, running, playing and competing in dog agility competitions 🙂 Afterwards everyone is “dog tired” and we love to snuggle up in a comfy, cozy spot. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small Papillon, Pomeranian, or Border Collie. A new bed is everyones favorite!!! Especially a big, comfy one like the faux fur pup lounger with memory foam! Wee- doggie!!!!!!!! A little piece of heaven 🙂

  17. I would love to win that for my two dogs. Even though they are not old, they work and play hard and I would like to be able to protect their joints as much as possible to prevent future problems, as well as provide them the most comfortable bed as possible.

    1. I would love to win a bed for my two cockers ,Dryfus & Finn.they know they deserve comfort and I might get my bed back

  18. Ubi would love this bed! She has joint problems and this memory foam bed would feel comfy for her. She has tried other beds that she gets tired of. I’m sure she would let her little sister share it with her too!

  19. Sherry Waldrum

    My dog, “Lucy”, would love the bed. She is thirteen years old now. She has problems with stiff joints and decreased mobility. She used to be my frisbee dog. She has had to make some adjustments and learn to slow down. She does love extra TLC.

  20. My rescue pit, Rubes would love this bed! She’s getting older and has a hard time getting comfy due to her joint pain. She would sleep like a dream on this awesome bed! Plus, I would feel better knowing she was sleeping on the best bed for her!

  21. This bed looks awesome! I have four pets – 3 dogs and a cat who would all make great use out of this bed. Thanks for all the great pup tips to help me manage my full house!

  22. Great looking bed and comfortable. A winning combo for some lucky dog! I know that my rescue, Hani would love this one.

  23. Donna Laborde

    How fun this would be! Mollie Our Aussiedoodle would love this. I can just see her rolling around on it.

  24. Our new dog is a big guy, and while we got him a huge crate, we haven’t yet replaced our beloved old dog’s bed (not in the crate, just another place to lay). I typically get a loud, disgruntled sigh and lots of side-eye when the the new pup mushes himself into the old dog’s bed. So, he certainly would appreciate this lovely, large, floofy bed! 😉

  25. Candice R Warrington

    Gus would absolutely love this bed! Since being diagnosed with thyroid disease he seems to want to be in his crate or on the floor instead of on the furniture. This would be comfy for him.

  26. Brenda Jessen

    My goofy would love a bed he likes to sleep by the fire and it would be great for him to have a comfortable bed to use

  27. Leah freeland

    This bed is beautiful, I’d love either size.
    I’ve been thru a lot of dog beds, and this one seems easy to wash.
    Thank you!

  28. Zeus Dog would love to trade in his pink floral quilt (leftover from my youngest daughter) for one of these really wonderful looking beds.

  29. Tammy Wygmans

    I would love to try this bed. Sadly even with the discount it’s out of my league. I have 2 dogs of my own and I foster for a rescue so all my money goes into these dogs. If I win a bed it would be put to great use as some of my fosters have never had a comfortable bed to sleep on until they get here.

  30. My pointer Alfred would love to lay on this after one of our runs 🙂 he tends to chew fluff filled beds so this would be perfect!

  31. My dog would be all over this, literally! I’ve never had a dog who likes dog beds until this guy. He’s a giant Newfoundland, so maybe it feels better on his joints.

  32. Shanne & Riley

    We love your blog and Riley (my 110lb Berner Girl) would love a new bed! (We are rearranging “her” room, mommy’s office…)

  33. I know my 88 lb Staffordshire would love a bed like this. but after reading the other posts of dogs who have gone through so much pain from injuries and maladies, I just don’t want to compete with them. I hope one of the more deserving dogs get one of these. Breaks my heart to read of their trials.

  34. Wish I’d had this bed when my Gator was alive. (He was a 95 lb Weimaraner (and not overweight). This would have been so nice for his joints. Our Murphy would really enjoy it as he gets older. I also have a tabby cat that looks just like yours. Lucy is 14 and does suffer from sore joints and arthritis, so the bed would be wonderful for her.

  35. I was all set to comment on how wonderful this bed would be for our 3 dogs..Karli, German Shepard, Maddie, Maltese, and Amigo our new Havanese puppy…but after reading the other comments about injured and arthritic babies- I would love to see them win this awesome bed..

  36. Our dog Shamira would love the fur, I’m not sure how well it would hold up if she decided to use it as a chew toy though as she is a super chewer, she goes through so many toys even the ones designed for heavy chewers. The rug looks nice though, great article!

  37. Randy Daniher

    I would love to have a bed like this to use at home and on trips to the hospital or wherever we would have to wait on a concrete floor !

  38. My babies have arthritis. They would benefit from this Memory Foam Orthopedic dog bed. It looks wonderful and of great quality as you have said.

  39. Wow! These beds look amazing! My babies Korra & Kalli would love to have one of these soft , comfortable & beautiful beds to sleep on! Can’t imagine how soft they are!

  40. The more beds the merrier! Moo just turned 10 and she loves a cozy bed. I’m waiting for her to want to cuddle up with my cat, Minnow, so we can all become internet famous for their adorableness. 😀

  41. Shanna L Johnson

    My one-eyed terrier mutt, Jack would absolutely love this bed! (And so would his sister, a 14 lbs cat!) He spends most of the day alone when we’re at work lounging around the apartment– in particular his kitchen bed. Over the past year the bed has gotten a ton of use and is no longer as fluffy and comfy as it once was. It would be awesome to be able to give him a new, fancy orthopedic bed like this one to doze on.

  42. Lynn Stulberg

    I have three dogs and a cat – all rescues – of course! I am constantly looking for the right bed that all four will enjoy and perhaps, they will stop sleeping on my bed and my couch! Maybe too much to ask, but one can always hope!

  43. Wow! That’s amazing that a dog bed can keep it’s shape for 10 years!! Never do dog beds last that long! My Giant schnauzer and my bouvier would love that bed! I think I would, too!

  44. Latayna Sikes

    I think this rug would be great for Sophie. It would keep her off of my fluffy area rug in the living room.

  45. Sandy Weinstein

    i loved this bed previously when you spoke about it. i love the cover, especially the light gray. my girls need a new bed because they like to dig in their bed sometimes. this cover is thicker than the one i have now, it is an orthopedic as well. i got a large one so the 2 girls could share it. they are small dogs. never enough beds in the house, one in every room.

  46. My dog, and I, would love this bed! It sounds like exactly what we need…comfortable for his old body, washable in case of messes, big enough to share with friends and even big enough for me to snuggle with him, and not too bulky so easy to move to another spot/room so my Velcro boy can be comfortable and next to me at all times. It looks like an amazing bed!

  47. J. A. Zeigler

    Oh my goodness – my therapy dog needs this so much!
    She works so hard and a good night’s rest is very important to her overall well being.

  48. Joni Rommesmo

    I would have a very hard time deciding whether to keep for my own dog or give to a friend for their senior dog. Either way I would be thrilled to win this!

  49. Hi my name is Coco I am almost 12 years old. I would love to stretch out on one of these beds. I am sure this would help my sore bones from old age I am willing to be one of your bed tester

  50. We have a small curved bed that my younger dog loves. We keep it in a bay window and she will lie there for hours staring out the window. I’d love one of the extra large for my senior dog who we’ve noticed is getting stiffer as he ages. Thank you.

  51. My 55 lb shepherd hound mix would love this bed – he doesn’t like super fluffy or thick beds but loves soft, furry material.

  52. Pamela Shaffer

    My 2 little dogs Max and Sebastian would love to share one of these beds. IT would be great on the hardwood floor.

  53. Big Paws Up to Lindsey, Remy and Scout for sharing this bed with me. I would love to chill on this comfy bed.
    Lots of Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Great Dane

  54. Michelle Roedel

    Would like to get my young Weimaraner on one of these. He is 11 months old and so far 65 pounds. When he lays down it sounds like he dropped from the rafters with a loud thud. Concerned that he will become arthritic just because he does not seem to know how to gently lay down………….. Thanks for the chance to win one and also for all your spot on information with the personality of these very smart grey ghosts.

  55. Our Aussie/Border Collie mix has bad hips and this cushioned dog bed would be perfect to make her more comfortable. She is the light of our lives!

  56. this looks & sounds like a great bed for my dog. it will last a long time!! was awesome to run across this article. TY

  57. Lola and Willow would love this bed because Willow hogs the sofa and all 4 pounds of her currently stretches under the sofa on a cold hardwood floor.

  58. My dog Gracie would love a cosy bed, we live in the snow and have hardwood floors. She would lay on it and never move. I hope you are still giving them away

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