“Ace is a kind soul.”

That’s what Josh said about him in November when I asked for the 800th time when we could get another dog.

He said we could get another dog if he’s like Ace – gentle and “kind.”

I’m not even sure if a dog can be “kind.”

Ace could never be unkind.

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  1. Jana Rade on January 15, 2012

    I’m not sure whether the word “kind” is the best one, but yes, I believe that dogs can have kind souls. Caring, gentle bit hearts. Jasmine has one also.

    That doesn’t mean she’s a push-over and it doesn’t mean she won’t voice her opinion. But she cares about everybody and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  2. Christie Lindemann on January 15, 2012

    Yes, Ace is definitely a kind soul. People tell me that Buddy has a kind soul, too.

  3. Nancy's Point on January 16, 2012

    Can a dog be truly kind? I don’t know, but Ace is one special dog that’s for sure.

  4. Dawn on January 16, 2012

    This is the exact same issue we were concerned about when getting another dog. Our dog Maya is so sweet and gentle that we didn’t want to get a dog who was going to bully her like our dog Sephi had. We recently found a good dog in Pierson. I’m sure you will find a good dog who will be ‘kind’ to Ace. :0)

    • Lindsay Stordahl Author on January 16, 2012

      Ace prefers extremely mellow dogs that are gentle and lazy just like him. I’m sure there’s one out there for us!