One big dog on a little, kitty bed

This is the seating arrangement at our house:

Two little kitties on a big-dog bed.

One big dog on a little, kitty bed.

Sometimes there is just one kitty on the big-dog bed.

And sometimes there are two kitties on the big-dog bed.

“Oh, well.”

18 thoughts on “One big dog on a little, kitty bed”

  1. You know when I was reading this post and looking at the pictures, I thought wow, this would make a terrific children’s picture book!! Seriously, it would. Think about it. Even your title is perfect.

    This kind of thing goes on at my house too! So funny!

  2. Looks like my house too! Our cat makes his home in our 85 lbs Golden RetreiverXPyranees’ XL kennel. Then the kennel shuffle begins… the big dog goes to sleep in the medium sized kennel and our small dog goes to sleep in the cat sized kennel.

    Once and a while the dogs will decide that the cat taking up residence in the big kennel is “unacceptable” so they’ll try to get him out by pulling the blanket out from underneath him… 🙂 Our cat usually wins though!

  3. I love it! Does Ace ever get to use his own bed or does he always have to try and squeeze himself onto the little cat bed? Thanks for helping me start the week off right!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      He uses his own bed at night when the kitties sleep on the human bed! Or, sometimes the cats go in the laundry room at night. Other than that, Ace seems to get screwed.

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