Adult cats just $5 in San Diego

I love cats!

A great way to get more cats into homes and out of shelters is to offer reduced adoption fees.

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA is offering a cat adoption special for the entire month of September. Approved adopters can take home a cat for only $5.

I don't expect you all to flock to San Diego to adopt $5 Felines (although I want to hear about it if you do!). The point of this post is to show that a cat adoption special can make a big difference for the cats, the adopters and the shelter overall no matter where you live.

cat adoption special


For example:

  • Saving animals is good for public relations. I'm far more likely to donate to shelters that get their animals out the door alive. How about you?
  • “Free” or “reduced fee” is a marketing strategy that is attractive to everyone. We all like to save money, regardless of how much of it we have.
  • Increased adoptions means more people are having positive experiences at the shelter, which leads to more volunteers, more donations and more positive word of mouth.
  • More adoptions means more resources are available for the animals that truly need more time at the shelter.

Many high-profile shelters in the United States have implemented free or reduced-fee cat adoptions very successfully, according to Maddie's Fund, a group with the mission of revolutionizing the status and well-being of companion animals.

One of these shelters is the Wisconsin Humane Society, which currently offers a “pick your price” adoption fee for its cats, according to its web site.

I love hearing all this!

As for San Diego, the purpose of this campaign is to encourage people to consider adoption when looking for a new pet, according to Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, in a press release.

“Every animal adopted makes space for another animal that’s in need of care, so our goal is to help all animals find a home as quickly as possible.”

Pictured is Torta (above) and Abby. How cute are they? Available now for just $5 each with San Diego Humane Society.

cat adoption special

Photos by San Diego Humane Society


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