I wrote about how I volunteered to help walk and socialize two very shy puppies at my local humane society. This brother-and-sister pair was transferred from a shelter in Mississippi to my area along with 13 other dogs. Since they are only six months old, I assume they grew up in the shelter system. Regardless, they are extremely shy around new people. They are scared of every little noise, every new thing.

cute spaniel/basset hound mix

So naturally I feel sorry for the puppies and I want to help them. Out of all the dogs at the shelter, these two stand out to me because they are so fearful. The fact that they are not at all aggressive makes them even more “sweet.” When they are scared, they huddle up in their blankets or flatten to the ground.

What is it about a dog’s rescue story that makes her so attractive? Why does it make many of us feel better to adopt a dog with a sad story vs. a dog who’s had a great life? There are plenty of dogs at the shelter who do not have fear issues. There are plenty of dogs who are very friendly and who practically do back flips just to get attention.

Why would I want a little dog who hides in the back of her cage? Who is scared to go for walks? Who closes her eyes in fear when you reach to put on her leash?

I don’t know.

Probably because I have a deep desire to help animals in need (like many of us). Probably because it makes me feel important. Probably because it’s a way to help myself.

Do any of you react the same way to the more ‘needy’ dogs?

There is a solid black puppy and a black, brown and white puppy. The black one is the braver of the two. Check them out here.