Southern California shelters have a lot of Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes. I wish I could bus them all to North Dakota, because people there always seemed to be looking for Chihuahuas to adopt.

These 25 dogs were all listed for adoption with the County of San Diego as of Wednesday afternoon. I want to point out what a great job the County does as far as getting decent photos of the dogs. The shelter also makes it easy to adopt – just fill out a basic application, pay a reasonable fee of $65 or so and pick out your dog. Visit the shelter’s web site here.

1 – Poppy
Chi dog wearing a sweater

2 – Dasher
Tan chi

3 – Bella
Tan small dog adopt

4 – Teller
Tan and black dog for adoption

5 – Dingo
Black small dog for adoption

6 – Panama
Senior Chihuahua dog

7 – Oreo
Black and white dog

8 – Monty

9 – Alley

10 – Rusty

11 – Unnamed dog

12 – Herbie

13 – Unnamed dog (pornographic image alert!)

14 – Paco

15 – Shane

16 – Lacy

17 – Loretta

18 – Antoine

19 – Kermit
Kermit the Chi mix

20 – Niko
Niko the white Chi mix

21 – Baby
Baby the chihuahua mix

22 – Marvin
Marvin the Chi mix - black and tan

23 – Rocky
Rocky the Chihuahua mix

24 – Jarvis
Pug/Chihuahua mix

25 – Nemo
Chi mix wearing cone collar

Seriously, any one of these dogs would love to put up with you. Adoption info here.


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