Van Halen is my favorite dog right now at the shelter I volunteer at.

Yes, his name is Van Halen.

He probably won’t be there for long. Dogs get adopted fast at Rancho Coastal Humane Society. I was surprised to see Halen two weeks in a row.

Like my dog Ace, Halen seems to have the right level of energy for me. Athletic enough (I can picture him hiking with a dog backpack), yet easygoing. I got to visit him right after another volunteer took him for a walk. So, lucky me, he was happy to lounge around seeking belly rubs.

Van Halen showed me his “tricks,” sit and down. He doesn’t mind if you touch his paws or his ears or his teeth. He likes to play tug and fetch, and doesn’t mind if you take the toy away.

Cute Vizsla mix for adoption

Van Halen is 4 years old, knows basic commands, loves other dogs and seems very gentle. Although, I’ve only met him twice and haven’t taken him on a walk yet. He’s about 50 pounds, and of course neutered and vaccinated. He has a short, smooth coat, not quite as smooth as a purebred Vizsla. His coat texture is the same as Ace’s.

He’s an all around awesome dog! I’m secretly hoping my husband will say, let’s go see him!

The cost to adopt Van Halen is a reasonable $145, and the application process is also reasonable. You don’t have to mess around with background checks or home visits.

More info on Van Halen here (while he’s still there!).

What dog do you wish you could adopt right now?

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