Does Rescue Remedy really calm a dog during fireworks and thunder?

I’m thankful I do not have a dog that’s scared of fireworks or thunder, but I know these are real fears many dogs deal with.

There is no quick fix for helping a dog with fireworks, but two products that keep coming up in my discussions are Rescue Remedy and Canine Calm.

I’ve heard enough dog owners recommend these products that I thought it was worth starting a discussion about them.

Both Rescue Remedy and Canine Calm are marketed as natural products designed to help a dog relax during stressful situations. I’m sure there are dozens of similar brands out there that claim the same.

I’m highly skeptical that any of these really do much to calm a dog.

However, other dog owners tell me otherwise, and maybe these products could help your dog as well. If you think your dog might need a prescription medication for fireworks, see this post. You can also try giving your dog Benadryl for fireworks anxiety.

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Does Rescue Remedy really calm a dog?

I’d really like to hear from you about your experiences.

Do you have a dog that is fearful of thunder or fireworks? Or maybe fearful of the vet, car rides or being alone? Have you tried any products containing essential oils to help calm your dog? Did they work? Let me know in the comments!

A bit more about Rescue Remedy and Canine Calm:

Does Rescue Remedy calm a dog scared of fireworks and thunder?

Rescue Remedy to keep dogs calm around fireworks and thunder

Bach Rescue Remedy (affiliate link) is advertised as a natural stress reliever for dogs made from flower material, according to its web site. You just put a few drops on your dog’s food or in his water. It’s also available for humans.

Rescue Remedy will help a dog handle stressful situations such as storms or fireworks, according to its web site. The product has an “immediate calming effect.”

You can purchase 20 ml for $20.95 directly from the site. I found it for less on Amazon.

I purchased the product a few years ago when trying to help a foster dog deal with separation anxiety. It did not help at all, from what I could tell. I also gave Rescue Remedy to my dog Ace while traveling, and it did not seem to calm him either. (Maybe in both cases, I should’ve just taken the Rescue Remedy myself!)

Others swear by it though, so it might be worth a shot. If you’ve used this product, let me know if it helped your dog.

Ace - Does Rescue Remedy really calm a dog around fireworks?

Canine Calm by Earth Heart for helping a dog deal with fireworks and thunder

Canine Calm to help dogs with storm anxiety

I’m really curious about this product because I know it’s made a difference for some of the dog owners I’ve talked to.

Canine Calm (affiliate link) uses pure, essential oils to help dogs relax, according to its web site. It says to gently mist your fingers and then massage your dog’s outer ears or abdomen.

You can also mist the dog’s blanket, bed, etc. If you don’t see results in 10 minutes, it says to repeat as needed.

Ingredients include “pure essential oils” of bergamot, tangerine, lavender, geranium, marjoram and ylang ylang, according to the web site.

You can buy 2 ounces of Canine Calm in the mist form for $12.98 off its site or on Amazon.

*Get my tips on how to help a dog who’s scared of fireworks. Click Here.

Now I want to hear from you.

Have you ever used Rescue Remedy for your dog?

Let us know in the comments!

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There’s also a great post over at Lola the Pitty on essential oil blends to help dogs with storm anxiety.

Does Rescue Remedy really calm a dog?

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33 thoughts on “Does Rescue Remedy really calm a dog during fireworks and thunder?”

  1. I’ve never used Rescue Remedy, but for a long time I thought it was a product for rats and other small animals. People are always talking about giving it to their rats on a forum I frequent. Everyone seems to swear by it. They use it for things like introducing rats to each other or new rescue rats that are frightened.

    I’m kinda skeptical about products like this, although I try to be open-minded as well. One person on the rat forums even mentioned it may work mainly due to the alcohol in it. :/ So maybe it works so well for rats and not dogs is they are tiny and get sloshed quicker? Actually, that reminds me of a very strange anatomy class I took in college in which the professor advised the class as a whole to give their dogs beer on 4th of July. I’m not sure I want to get my dog drunk, but it sounds a lot cheaper than other options!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I know it’s used for many different animals, so I guess it makes sense that rats could potentially benefit as well. And that’s funny about the beer!

    2. annette sanders

      Yes Rescue Remedy works wonderfully for my Catahoula mix who is a service dog and only reacts to fireworks & thunderstorms. I just give him 2 dropperfuls on his tongue and within minutes he is quietly resting as he knows when mom grabs the brown bottle his peace & quiet is coming. I highly recommend Rescue Remedy as it truly does what it says. Walmart has it for around 11-15.00 a bottle.

  2. I have only one dog with the phobia for noise (not a Poodle) and none of the products I’ve used has helped. I got them all free to review and couldn’t give a good review. They may help other dogs, but not mine,

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Too bad they didn’t help for your dog 🙁 I haven’t seen any of them make a real difference either.

  3. Thanks for sharing our post :). I might have to try these oils to use on Rio for ‘calming’, but it may be something he will outgrow as well. I wish I had the time to try the calming oils on Enoch for the kennel anxiety but we found a lot of other things that truly helped him begin to overcome his anxiety. And like you said, I’m very thankful that neither of our dogs have thunder/fireworks anxiety.

  4. I have used Rescue Remedy with both Jack and Maggie on the recommendation of our dog trainer. It does seem to help calm them both down from mild anxiety although neither have severe fears to fireworks or thunder so it’s hard to tell. I use the Through a Dog’s Ear music to calm them too and that does seem to help – noticeably.

  5. I have used Rescue Remedy for both thunder and traveling (we had a dog who could not deal with any sort of rumble strip-gravel noise in the car). I agree about the alcohol being one of the main ingredients and probably the most potent one. I completely agree, most of them time I noticed no effect and would have been better off drinking it myself for the calming effect of the alcohol! I think it made me feel slightly better because I was at least making an effort to help the situation but in all honesty I think it is completely placebo on the human side of things.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      It’s interesting to hear how it’s helped or hasn’t helped for others, so thanks for sharing your experience with it.

  6. I just purchased the Canine Calm and I can’t wait to try it out. I’d be happy if it helped our golden feel even just a little bit less anxious during storms and fireworks. I must admit, I am skeptical. We’ll see!

  7. My dog loves the thundershirt to keep her calm, but I have never used it on her during fireworks. Anyone know if canine calm works better than thundershirt?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I’ve heard mixed opinions about both so I think a lot depends on each individual dog and the level of anxiety the dog has.

  8. EverythingPom

    Those are very interesting products, I will need to take a look at them. I know some people swear by the Thundershirt. Thanks for the review!

    Also, I’d like to remind everyone to keep your dog inside during 4th of July! Be careful!

  9. What worked really well for me with thunder phobia – finally finding a spot in the flat where Donna can feel secure enough to want to stay in the flat, rather than wanting to get out of it. That is critical and supported by desensitisation tactics to make her gradually feel calmer when in her chosen spot. I can finally get a good night’s sleep even when it storms!

  10. I used Rescue Remedy on my older rescue dog Carli, she was terrified of thunder storms. I never noticed a difference! She would run from room to room looking for a safe place to hide. The only thing that seemed to calm her was putting her in her crate, covering it with a blanket and putting a fan on her.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Some stores have it. I saw it at a local petstore that carries a lot of natural food & products.

  11. Mary Alice Stevens

    Our rescue is very scared of fireworks. She is a Jack Russell mix and the best dog, except for fireworks – she begins to shake and pant. We gave her children’s Benadryl an it seemed to work. She is our baby and we do not have a crate, but I think this is the route we will take.

  12. I have used a classical homeopath who has helped with my dog and her thunder phobia. After working with the symptoms and different remedies, she can now go lay down and sleep through it as before she would pace and pant and make herself all nervous. I have also used rescue remedy with success on other dogs along with lavender essential oil on a rag with others and composure by Vetriscience with others. All my dogs have been different and something different works with all of them. I just keep trying things until I can find that perfect one for each of them.

  13. Jeri M Kastner

    Rescue remedy helps my small dog with vet visits & toenail trims, but not fireworks or thunderstorms.

    I own a fireworks store & offer this item as samples to my customers: — developed by a vet.

    I have had lots of first-person success stories from my customers that their dog just lays down and/or goes to sleep! And for MY pup? It helps with visits from the granddaughter & holidays busy with lots of people/activity, but again, not for fireworks.

  14. Rescue Remedy has never worked for any of my dogs. I now use cbd oil and it works great for any anxiety. Make sure where you get it from is reputable. I use bluebird botanicals.

  15. My dog isn’t afraid of fireworks or storms, but I have used it preemptively to keep her chilled out in a situation I know will be stressful. We went to camp together in May, and I was required to crate her for a good portion of the day with intermittent breaks. That was going to be stressful for a dog who is no longer crated at home, so I put Rescue Remedy in her drinking water.

    I have also used it to take the edge off a situation that has escalated quickly, like when she was recently attacked by a visiting dog in our living room. (We were not told the dog had aggression issues, so that was fun.) I separated the dogs and dosed her with Rescue Remedy.

    I’ve also found it works on me; I dose myself with it before Nosework trials. The trial nerves are really tough for me before that first element of the day. Once we get through that, I’m fine, but Rescue Remedy and mint tea are my go-tos for staying even keeled before and during that first search.

  16. I stockpile products like these and I swear by them (Yes, Amazon, definitely has the best price on Rescue Remedy!). I recommend them often when fielding questions from folks who adopt dogs from the rescue with which I volunteer. I no longer have a noise/storm phobic dog, but when I did, a combination of Rescue Remedy plus Feel Bach’s “Thunderstorm” formula worked quite well. Often times, Rescue Remedy can help enhance whatever other products one chooses to use.

    My parents’ current thunderstorm-phobic dog does better with Animal Essentials’ Tranquility blend- it knocks him right out. Whereas their previous dog did quite well on the Feel Bach Thunderstorm remedy.

    Another dog of mine suffered from extreme travel anxiety when in vehicles for the first 2-3 years of her life (it took that long to get her over it, plus getting a vehicle that wobbled less probably also helped). For her, filling out Feel Bach’s pet questionnaire and having her own personalized formula made was what helped the most. I haven’t given her anything when we get in the car anymore, for many years, now and she’s almost 9 years old. Though I will say, in her case, the use of Rescue Remedy/Feel Bach products early on has given her kind of an aversion to them, and, at times, appeared to set off her anxiety when I would administer them, as she began to associate them with car travel. It’s definitely important to apply products like these BEFORE the dog begins to experience any sort of stress/anxiety. Much like Benadryl and other medications, which don’t work if the dog is already escalating, the same can be said for these.

    The Comfort Zone DAP diffuser or Adaptil Diffuser is also another thing I keep on hand. I’ve used it for everything from moving house, to new fosters, to treating severe Separation Anxiety (paired with a behavior modification program). The Feliway diffuser is also helpful for many cat stress/anxiety issues.

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