Merry Christmas to Beamer, the cat who eats everything in sight!

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He’s eaten Ibuprofen, an aloe plant and a whole corn cob

Recently my cat Beamer got into the garbage (my fault) and ate an entire leftover chicken breast and several bites of steak.

I had just cleaned the fridge.

This cat never fails to amaze me. He will eat anything.

He does this quickly and quietly – a true hunter – so we often don’t notice what’s stolen until it’s simply gone.

You know the material raw chicken comes in? Like, the clear plastic wrap plus that foam material? Yeah, he’s eaten part of that.

Didn’t faze’m.

One Christmas, he took off with an entire loaf of pumpkin bread wrapped in a bag. We caught him as he tried to make a mad dash under the bed.

He takes anything off the counters: fortune cookies, bacon, a sandwich.

My cat Beamer will eat anythingA corn cob? He ate the whole thing. The. Whole. Cob.

Avocados? Chomped away on those.

Part of an aloe plant? Gone. That plant’s dead.

Bananas, used paper towels, carpet threads and dog-hair “dust bunnies?” … check, check, check and check!

He ate an unknown amount of Ibuprofen (my fault again), and while he was very sick for a few days, he lived.

If you accidentally drop any type of medication … birth control … a foster dog’s pain medication … he runs over in a near panic to swallow it.

He killed and ate an entire bunny, not to mention the other creatures he managed to catch and murder.

Oh, Beamer. Such a terror.

We love you, and we’ve learned to manage you really well by now, for your safety and our sanity.

Always an opportunist. What will you get into next?

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18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to Beamer, the cat who eats everything in sight!”

  1. OMG!! Too Funny!!! Missy is a ice cube bandit. We have an ice machine on our fridge and if she hears you at it, she’s right there! Even if she has to run downstairs!! And if you drop a cube, she’s slurping it up and taking it to her bed to eat! Which is also interesting in itself has she has very little teeth left, yet she loves to chew ice cubes!

  2. Congratulations on learning how to manage Beamer. Bert just keeps getting worse and worse! He chews on purses, shoe laces, anything leather, plus eating his toys, and anything else he can find. He even tries to steal dog food out of our dog bowls WHILE we are eating! It is insane. We love him, but he is so naughty. Now we have to lock him up if we have guests as he jumps on the table during meals in an attempt to steal anything edible and run.

  3. Any tips on how to manage this? Enzo is the exact same way. He recently learned how to open the trash can, so we had to put a baby lock on it. Plus, the dog is basically a cat and can get on the 4 foot high counter no problem, so nothing seems to be safe!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Well, manage it is what I do. I haven’t figured out a way to actually stop him. He has to stay in our spare bedroom when home alone and usually when we are making food or eating. He also has to be away from the other pets when they eat. We are careful about what plants we have and where we have them. We use a lot of childlocks as well and we have a heavy duty trash bin that Beamer learned how to open just this week! We’ve had it almost a year and a half but he figured it out. So now we have to set something heavy on top of that. We even have a weight sitting in front of one of our closets so he won’t open that and eat stuff in there. Sigh …

  4. My sister keeps telling me all orange cats are insane, and I’m starting to think she’s right. My Fred is only 4 months old and I am typing on a keyboard with two missing keys thanks to him. He eats the dog’s food, and the dog is too scared of him to do anything about it. He chewed holes in both my and my husband’s sweat pants, my socks, ruined shirts . . . Just this morning I gasped in the bathroom and ran out into the living room wailing to my husband, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” I had this gaping, perfectly circular hole in the center of my favorite sweater and had just noticed. I looked like Iron Man (er, woman). I think the little monster is teething. Gonna get him a rawhide!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I haven’t known many other orange cats, but ours is sure nuts! 🙂 Yours sounds like he has been taking lessons from his long lost uncle Beamer 🙂 I need to see a new pic of your little guy!

  5. Greedy kitty! But that is a whole other level of greedy! Lol! Gina’s greedy too but not quite that bad. This morning I found myself tearing off bits of almond butter on toast when she insisted I had to share.

    Sometimes she sits by my plate on the coffee table & sneaks her paw around my water glass, trying to snatch things off the plate as if I won’t notice. It’s too funny to make her stop. But unlike Beamer, she is fairly picky so she turns down most of what I offer her. And she has a tiny appetite so she’s over it after a few bites. I wish I had that problem!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Gina is adorable! I’m glad she tries to sneak a few bites of your food here and there as well. Scout will sit and beg for my food but then he doesn’t actually want anything. It’s like he just does it because Beamer does. Or he just wants attention.

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