Win $500 For Your Favorite Rescue Group Or Shelter

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Help rescue dogs in your area by making a nomination

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Nominate your favorite U.S. shelter or rescue group in the “Best Friend’s Friend” contest and that group could win $500.

Click here to make your nomination.

(It only takes 3 mins.)

The nomination form is located at

All you have to do is put in the name and website of the group you want to nominate, plus your own email address for contact purposes and a sentence or two about why you’re nominating that group. It’s easy! I nominated my favorite rescue group in San Diego.

Important info to remember:


  • Nominations are open now through Dec. 31.
  • Voting will take place in January and February on You can vote up to once per day.
  • The winners will be announced after that!


Prizes – $900 total:

First place: $500 donation to the shelter you nominated. The donation will be made in YOUR name.

Second place: $300 donation.

Third place: $100 donation.

All three winners will also receive a permanent link to the shelter/rescue’s website from and a gold, silver or bronze medal to display on their own sites.

Win $500 for your favorite shelter

More details on the Best Friend’s Friend Contest

The Best Friend’s Friend Contest is a contest where you can win a $500 donation for your favorite shelter or rescue group. The winner is chosen through a voting process taking place in January and February.

headerThe contest was created by Rodney Blow, owner of, a website with information on dog training, dog care, dog health and more.

Rodney and his wife have three rescue dogs of their own: a 16-year-old Dalmatian named Roxy, a boxer mix named Sunshine and a boxer/mastiff mix named Rebel.

Rodney had the idea to start the Best Friend’s Friend Contest because he is dedicated to helping dogs in need but wasn’t familiar with the rescue groups in his area at the time. The company he used to work for would match all the contributions he gave to their local shelter, but since his retirement he has moved to a different state.

“I still wanted to help the rescues but decided to let others who knew their shelters make the determination on which,” he said.

[quote_right]”I still wanted to help the rescues but decided to let others who knew their shelters make the determination on which.”[/quote_right]

Rodney and his wife are clearly passionate about helping dogs in need. For example, he said their dog Roxy was kept chained outside in her previous home with little interaction. The original owner was going to take Roxy to the pound, but Rodney and his wife offered to take Roxy home instead.

“Thankfully, the lady accepted,” he said.

Their boxer/mastiff mix Rebel also has a serious rescue story.

“Rebel came from an unwanted litter, and the owner was just going to take them all out and shoot them in the head,” Rodney said. “My wife intervened and convinced him to wait until they were old enough and she would find them all homes. She was successful getting all four adopted – one by us.”

So as you can see, Rodney is committed to helping dogs in need. He said he plans to always use at least 10 percent of his website’s proceeds to go towards this contest, and he hopes that means the amount he’s able to donate will grow with time.

This is what the Best Friend’s Friend contest is all about.

Click here to make your nomination

Rodney hopes the Best Friend’s Friend Contest will continue to be a creative way to let his readers decide which groups are the most deserving of donations. Think of it as an annual shelter or rescue of the year award.

Quick reminders:

1. Nominations are open now through Dec. 31.

2. Voting takes place in January and February. You can vote up to once per day, so encourage all your friends to vote too.

3. The winners will be announced in early March.

Win $500 for your favorite shelter

I nominated my favorite rescue group in San Diego.

Which group will you nominate?

Take a minute to let me know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Win $500 For Your Favorite Rescue Group Or Shelter”

  1. Our small Town rescue shelter
    Montrose Colo.Animal shelter
    3383 N Townsend Ave,
    Montrose, CO 81401 · (970) 240-1487

    They could really use $500 with all the animals they have and not that large a community to rescue them.
    Thank You
    Isaiah Knott

  2. I nominate the North Fork Animal Welfare League as they are such a dedicated team of people, who care for not just dogs and cats, but all wildlife, owls, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, birds, reptiles – they won’t turn away any animal. They take in and care for the dogs that private funded rescues don’t want as they are not easily adopted. They are a no kill shelter and have dogs that will be there for life, giving them love, attention, medical care, training. they also have over 100 cats. They educate the public and also run free neuter clinics. They are a fantastic group of people. I’ve adopted 2 dogs from them so far.

  3. Lindsey, your readers are fantastic! I have received many more nominations from people I recognize from this site than have posted here.

    This year’s competition has definitely grown from last year, thanks in large part to your help. Thanks a lot!

      1. Same here! I just finished validating the voting page to make sure it was still working, and everything is working well. I did notice a couple people who put in bad website addresses, so my website images did not come through, but I corrected those addresses. Please, if you are entering the website url, copy it from the page so you know it is right!

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