Dog Walking Business Ebook – $17


I quit my job in 2008 to start a successful dog running and dog walking business. I haven’t looked back.

Since then, people have been contacting me for advice on starting their own dog walking businesses, which is why I decided to write this ebook. If you’re looking for dog walking business forms or some serious business consulting with me, scroll down for those options.

I really want you to be successful! If I can help you start your own business, that means I am also helping dozens of additional dogs get out for some serious fun and exercise with you! That means the world to me.

The cost of my dog walking business ebook is just $17.

What does the dog walking ebook include?

Ebook or book on how to start a dog walking business, starting a dog running business or how to start a pet sitting companyMy ebook on how to start a dog walking business includes information on:

  • How I quit my job and started walking dogs full time
  • How you can realistically become a full-time dog walker
  • How you can make $40K or more per year walking dogs
  • What to charge for dog walking
  • How many appointments or clients you need
  • Advertising methods that work
  • Dog walking insurance
  • How to set up a web site and build traffic
  • How to build a brand
  • Handling “problem” dogs
  • The best gear

How do I buy the dog walking ebook?

Click the Buy Now button above. This will take you to a secure payment page through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, just click “Pay with debit or credit card.” The cost is $17. After you complete your PayPal purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download your ebook. If you have questions, email

Reviews of my ebook:

“This book gives a very detailed guide to starting your own Dog Walking/Pet Sitting business. Lindsay guides you every step of the way. Run that Mutt is easy to read and understand. I found it inspiring and motivating. This book got me excited and off the ground and running 4 Legs and a Leash in Darien, IL. This book is all the information you will need to being successful. She covers setting up your website to business cards, effective advertising methods, insurance and how to handle problems when they arise and much more. Run that Mutt is the only book you will need!”
Sharon Wollenberg, 4 Legs and a Leash
“Lindsay’s book is the best resource out there for anyone aspiring to become a professional dog runner, dog walker, and/or pet sitter. She details in a very readable fashion each step she took to turn her passion for dogs into a sustainable business that allowed her to quit her day job. Lindsay’s story is extremely inspiring to anybody stuck in a cubicle farm who dreams of turning their hobby into a functioning business that can pay the bills (and then some!) Her expertise is on full display as she explains the best marketing strategies, customer satisfaction techniques, and big-picture information that you’ll need to get your own dog walking/running or pet sitting business off the ground.”
Highly, highly recommended.”
Derek A., Derek’s Dog Days
When I wanted to start a Dog Waking/Pet Sitting business I looked everywhere for information. After a lot of research I came across Lindsay’s ebook on starting your own dog walking business, it has all the information I could have ever wanted. I follow Run That Mutt on Facebook and Twitter and I love her website cause I still learn so much from her. Thank you Lindsay!
Miriam K., Wiggle, Waggle, Walk


Dog Walking Business Forms and Ebook – $47

What dog walking business forms will I receive?

These are the exact forms I have used for my dog walking business for six years.

My dog walking business forms include:

1. A copy of my ebook: “Run That Mutt: A step-by-step guide on how to start a dog running or dog walking business”
2. Editable liability contract
3. Editable contact information form

After you complete your PayPal purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download your ebook and forms.

*Buy the forms without the ebook for $30

 *use this buy-now button to purchase just the forms without the ebook for $30

More reviews of my ebook:

“Lindsay, your e-book was a wonderful resource for me! It helped me feel confident and motivated to get my business off the ground. I loved how it was written in a very easy to understand and ‘to the point’ style. The information presented in your book was very useful without being overwhelming. I was able to apply it right away. It’s really easy to get bogged down in all the steps you could be taking starting this kind of business, but Lindsay’s book kept me focused on the essential steps to take just to get my company started. I couldn’t be more pleased … I highly recommend it!”
Eve W., Run Around Hound
“A must read for anyone seriously considering starting a dog running business. Eight months after starting my dog running service, I was financially able to leave my job. Now, with over 30 dogs in my program, I’m looking to bring on help. Lindsay’s advice is golden, because it comes through real experience. I’m grateful for Lindsay, and am fortunate that I came across Run That Mutt!”
Dustin Metzler, Pooch Fit – Maui Dog Running
“Lindsay’s step-by-step guide on how to start a dog running or dog walking business is Awesome! ‘Paws Down’ the best easy to use hassle free guide there is out there. You can tell her passion for dogs is second to none. Looking forward to also taking advantage of her one-on-one consultation. By signing up for the e-book, business templates, and consultation the sky is the limit. Thanks Lindsay for everything!”
David S.


Dog Walking Business Starter Kit (consulting) – $247

I really want you to be successful with your own dog walking business.

Why buy the dog walking starter kit/consulting?

Think of this as a dog walking business starter kit. It’s guaranteed to be the best resource available for starting a dog walking business. I guarantee I can help you make $40K per year walking dogs in just 18 months, or I will refund your money. My dog walking consulting costs $247, and all transactions are safe and secure through PayPal.

The consulting kit on how to start a dog walking business includes:

  • A copy of my ebook: “Run That Mutt: A step-by-step guide on how to start a dog running or dog walking business”
  • 60 minutes of consulting over the phone with me
  • Unlimited questions answered by email
  • Editable liability contract
  • Editable contact information form

What does the 60 minutes of consulting include?

This is your chance to ask me whatever questions you have about starting a dog walking business. I’d love to help you come up with a plan for success. We can talk about marketing your dog walking business, how to compete against other dog walkers, what to charge for dog walking in your area, how to obtain dog walking insurance, how to build traffic to your web site, etc. After our consulting session, you are welcome to email me with further questions any time.

What is not included in the consulting?

I am not willing to discuss information on taxes, business licenses, franchising or trademarks. These questions should be directed to your accountant or lawyer.

How do I buy the dog walking starter kit?

Click the Buy Now button above. This will take you to a secure payment page through PayPal. After you complete your PayPal purchase, you will receive an instant automated email with a link to download your ebook and business forms. I will contact you in the next day or so, and from there we can schedule your consulting session at your convenience.

*Already bought the ebook? Buy the consulting without the book and forms for $197

*use this buy-now button to purchase just the forms without the ebook for $197

Reviews on my consulting service:

“Lindsay’s dog walking starter kit was easily the most affirming and inspiring part of quitting my job to start a dog walking business. Not only does she prove it’s feasible, she also makes you excited to get started now! Lindsay covers all the bases you’ll need to know. And, if you think of something she didn’t cover, the hour-long phone conversation that’s included will get your questions answered. I’ve gone back to her e-book for random questions that have arisen, which I know she covered. Even just for moments of reassurance, her dog walking starter kit is invaluable. I started my dog walking business, officially, in March, 2012. Now, in July, 2012, I have two full time clients two days a week (I work Mondays and Fridays), and I feel like my business is truly going to succeed, with more business in the works. This dream would never have been possible without Lindsay’s knowledge and guidance. If this is really what you want to do, it’s more than worth the investment. I would recommend her starter kit to anyone interested in started a dog walking business in a heartbeat. Good luck!”
Sarah Ladwig, Paws & Go (Marin County)
“I have for a long time enjoyed Lindsay’s blog That Mutt but was thrilled to discover her ebook on starting a dog walking business. It felt right kismet to discover it when I did because I’m newly starting my own dog walking business. The book was easy to read and I devoured it. The advice Lindsay gives throughout the book is perfect and it’s full of gems of wisdom that a newbie might not think of. I then signed up for Lindsay’s phone consulting to discuss a couple of my biggest challenges in starting my business. I was able to ask every question I had on my mind and Lindsay’s answers were clear and encouraging. She gave me several action points that I couldn’t wait to move on right away, and I’m so glad I did! The call was wonderful because Lindsay is such an amazing person. She not only answered all of my questions based on her vast experience but she gave me continuous encouragement that inspired me to keep going and pushing through the challenges. Buying Lindsay’s book and talking with her were two of the best investments I could have made in starting my business. Thank you Lindsay!”
Mahogany Gamble, The Balanced K9