Dog trainer radio show

Ty Brown over at Dog Behavior Online now hosts his own radio show on Voice America. The first show of “Ty the Dog Guy” airs…

How to lead a dominant dog

It’s been interesting living with a dominant pitbull. I’m used to my mutt Ace – a.k.a. the boy who pees like a girl and lets…

Is my dog dumb?

We have to remember dogs are dogs, and we love them because they are dogs. Don’t mistake your dog’s thoughts and emotions for human experiences….

15 things to consider before fostering a dog
Dog adoption

15 things to consider before fostering a dog

I encourage many people to foster adoptable dogs, but it isn’t for everyone. Last year I made the mistake of fostering a dog I wasn’t prepared…

Kennel train your dog to prevent behavioral issues

Before agreeing to foster Vixen, I was informed about her issues with being in a kennel and left home alone. I know that in order…

11 reasons to foster a dog
Dog adoption

11 reasons to foster a dog

This is Vixen, the pitbull we are fostering. Animal rescue programs often have limited space for dogs and depend on volunteers to provide temporary homes.

Top commenter for December

Congratulations to Apryl DeLancey for winning a copy of “The Ultimate Dog Lover” by Marty Becker, Gina Spadafori, Carol Kline and Mikkel Becker. Apryl was…

Win a DogPause bowl

The DogPause bowl is designed to make your dog eat slower because it is divided into four small compartments. The bowl should reduce vomiting, gagging,…

Best That Mutt photos of 2008

These are the best photos featured on my blog from 2008. There was no formal voting or traffic stats like I used to select the…

Top posts on That Mutt in 2008

I started blogging regularly in March 2008, although I’d written a few posts before that. Here are the posts that had the most traffic in…

Why are my dog’s eyes swollen?

My dog had a condition called extraocular myositis or polymyositis, where his eyes were very swollen due to an allergic reaction.

Top 10 ways to train your boyfriend … I mean, dog

I hear dogs are easier to train, but it’s the same concept. Works for husbands, too. Merry Christmas!

Where does your dog stay when you travel?
Boarding/pet sitting/daycare

Where does your dog stay when you travel?

There are a few types of dog owners: Those that would never leave their dogs at a kennel and those that would never trust a…