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10 reasons to buy a dog from a breeder

Last week I wrote about 10 reasons to adopt a dog from a shelter. I realize that no matter how many homeless dogs there are, some people will always buy a dog from a breeder.

For this post, I talked with owners of purebred dogs in order to get their opinions on why they bought from breeders. Here are 10 reasons:

1. You know everything about the pup from day one.

A good breeder will tell you everything about the pup’s life up until that point. She will tell you how it was raised, if it had any health issues at birth, if it is a more dominant puppy, etc.

Then, once you bring the puppy home, you have control over how the puppy will be raised from the start. You can continue training and socialization on your terms.

Buy a dog from a breeder - English springer spaniel puppy

2. You can meet the pup’s parents.

The puppy’s parents will tell you a lot about how your puppy will turn out, as far as health, appearance and temperament. With a mixed-breed dog from a shelter, you do not have this option.

3. You know the pup hasn’t had a troubled life.

When adopting from a good breeder, there are no uncertainties about the pup’s past. You know your puppy hasn’t been abused or neglected, resulting in behavioral issues. There are no questions about how it was treated before. With a shelter dog, you often will have no idea about the dog’s past.

4. You are not encouraging irresponsibility.

Mixed-breed puppies are often the result of irresponsible owners who did not have their dogs spayed or neutered. Then they try to make money off of an accidental litter by selling the puppies to anyone.

On the other hand, most breeders take pride in the dogs they are breeding. The will spend time researching the lineage of the parents and grandparents in order to produce the best puppies.

They plan ahead so they can offer the mother dog and puppies the best care and find the best homes. They know they will not make a profit off the litter.

5. The breeder will have references.

At your request, a breeder will offer you references of dog owners who are happy with the dogs they purchased. This gives you another opportunity to ask any questions you have.

6. You can get another similar dog.

If you really like the dog, you know where it came from in order to get another dog just like it. If you have a mutt, you probably have no idea where it came from, let alone what breed it is.

7. There is endless information on your specific breed.

A breeder of Jack Russell terriers will tell you everything you want to know about Jack Russell terriers. There are also hundreds of others who own the breed and books written on the breed. Your resources are unlimited.

8. A breeder can recommend a good vet for your breed.

A breeder can give you recommendations on vets in your area. Especially if you have a rare breed, the breeder will know of vets who are knowledgeable on that specific kind of dog.

9.  Mixed-breed dogs might develop new health issues.

Certain breeds are prone to certain health issues and sometimes this can be avoided by adopting a mixed-breed dog.

Other times, a mixed-breed dog will just develop different health issues, or the health issues it inherited from its purebred parents of two different breeds. For example, a dachshund/pit bull mix might have back issues because of its long, stocky body.

10. A breeder will be available to you throughout your dog’s life.

Many breeders like to stay in touch with the owners they sell puppies to. This is good because you will always have someone to turn to if you have a question about your dog. The breeder has probably experienced similar issues at one time or another.

If you got your dog from a breeder, why did you decide to do so?

Lindsay Stordahl is the founder of That Mutt. She writes about dog training and behavior, healthy raw food for pets and running with dogs.

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