30-day challenge: Take your dog to 30 places (car ride)

Ace tagged along on a car ride for day 11 of my 30-day challengeto take him to 30 new places. Since we were visiting family, we were in a new town Ace was unfamiliar with. My brother and I drove to a Chinese restaurant with Ace in the back seat for about a 30-minute round trip.

Ace was tired from traveling the day before, so he showed little interest at all (until we picked up the food). Since I started the challenge, he seems to be staying a little more relaxed in the car. The hardest part of this challenge is finding time.

I still try to walk Ace for at least a half-hour every day, so it is hard to also find the time to bring him somewhere new. Letting him tag along on an errand is an easy way to accomplish this.

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