Featured adoptable pet: Matty the pit bull

This is Matty. I have never featured a homeless pet before, mostly because I know there are thousands out there. How could it do any good if I post a cute photo and notes about just one dog? I’m not sure if this will help Matty or not. What I do know is this: There are hundreds of homeless pets just like him in your area. You can help those dogs by adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating. Just because you can’t adopt another pet doesn’t mean you can’t do something to help.

As for Matty, he is lucky enough to be staying at 4luvofdog in Fargo, a rescue that saves local animals from death row. Matty has needed a foster home for a long time, but he still remains positive. He is full of energy, because he needs a home with someone who will take him for long walks and runs, according to the shelter web site. Matty is unsure of how to play with other dogs and can’t be trusted around cats. But he loves people! He is house and crate trained. He is about 18 months old, up to date on shots and neutered.

If you’d like more information about Matty, email me at Lindsay@thatmutt.com.

Black and white pitbull
Black and white pitbull giving kisses

5 thoughts on “Featured adoptable pet: Matty the pit bull”

  1. Ohio is trying to outlaw pitbulls outright. There is a bill that has been introduced that will basically irradiate them and any dog that resembles a pittie. It will require all pit owners to surrender their dogs to be euthanized w/in 10 days of impoundment. It will also grant law enforcement officers probable cause for search warrants to enter your home if they suspect there is a pit there. They will then be required to remove the dog and take it to the dog warden who will destroy the dog with in 10 days. There will be no appeal process. Thousands of dogs which will be mistaken for pits will be euthanized if this bill is passed.

    Its disgusting! Dogs like Matty won’t even have a chance here in Ohio.

    Lora’s last blog post..V is for Victory!

  2. Good God… I was going to comment on Matty and how heartbreaking that a dog hasnt ‘learnt’ to play, when I read the comment above!

    What the hell is going on with a state that they would consider passing such a bill… Im absolutely gob-smaked…

    I don’t care what the breed is, its down to the owner not the dog when it comes to agression…bit it a chiuahua to a great dane…I hope it doesnt get passed…

    abbey’s last blog post..God Damn!

  3. I agree – Pitts get a bad name from bad owners. They need to not kill these beautiful animals, but give bad owners more than a slap on the wrist. This is a great breed that deserves more. The public should be educated about them, not made to fear them.

    Apryl DeLancey’s last blog post..Are Pigs Flying?

  4. Lora, I wasn’t aware of this law against pitbulls, though I often read about other dogs being attacked by pitbulls in parks.

    Lindsay, I think it’s great to try to help this dog. That’s the only way to make this world a little better, and to help animals–one little step at a time, one little kind act at a time.

    I hope he finds a home. There are so many homeless dogs out there, it really breaks my heart.


    Mayra Calvani’s last blog post..The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing — The Launch!

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